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Choosing A Theme For Your Website Or Blog June 9, 2017

Whether you are starting a blog or website there are tons of different considerations that you have to make. However, one of the most important choices that you have to consider is the theme of the website or blog. If you are using software like WordPress then the overall look of your site is going to be based on the theme that your choose. You also have to consider the fact if you want to use premium WordPress themes or free WordPress themes. Below, you will learn some information about the best WordPress themes for websites and how to choose one that matches your blog or website.

Choosing Free Or Premium WordPress Themes

When it comes to choosing between free and premium business WordPress themes most people decide to go with the premium services, and the reason for this is because they get guaranteed support. Of course, there is nothing wrong with free WordPress themes, but you are not guaranteed support or updates, which can be troublesome if you are trying to run an active blog or website. Some premium services even go beyond just offering support and updates. In fact, some services even go as far to over video tutorials, and demo content that helps you set up your blog or website.

Matching Your Content

Once you have decided if you are going to use free or premium themes, you are now left with choosing the type of website or blog that you want to design. If you looking to build a children’s themed blog that debates the importance of teaching your kid row row row your boat lyrics, you want to make sure that your blog is properly themed to match your content. For instance, you might want to include child-friendly colors with cartoonish illustrations that clearly represents what your website is about.

Pleasing To The Eye

Another important concept to consider is the aesthetic appeal of your website. If your website uses bright colors that aren’t appealing to the eyes and users can’t easily navigate around the site they probably aren’t going to stay long or revisit the site. When it comes to choosing a theme that is aesthetically appealing there are certain factors that professional website designers consider like good color combination, clear and readable typography, great images, and clean layout.

When you combine all of these elements together, it creates a truly beautiful harmony that can be very appealing to eyes. Another great thing about premium themes is that most of them offer an unlimited amount of color and text options.

Considering Speed

The sad fact of the matter is that most designers don’t pay enough attention to the speed of their website or blog. Sure, you want you to site or blog to stand out will appealing images and offer features that can’t be found anywhere else, but with an insane amount of features and images it can really slow down your site. No one is going to spend a lot of time on a blog or website that takes 10 minutes to load. Adding Jingle Bells videos to your site is great, but make sure it doesn’t slow things down.

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