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Choose the Best Template for Your Online Store – How to Go About the Selection Process November 8, 2017

You may not realize this but your web design is most often the determining factor for a number of customers. It is only through your design that your customer decides whether or not to buy from you. People may get scared by a broken web page and not only that, the trust and credibility of the website will also be tampered. When you have a faulty web design on your webpages, people may even think that you might as well process the orders with such similar errors.

You must have been wondering about how you could avoid these errors. Is it actually essential to invest too many dollars in designers and developers to make a unique design for your e-commerce website? While there are ready-made e-commerce web templates to choose from, you have to know how to make the perfect choice. Just as you need to edit product images through Lightroom presets, you also have to be careful about the apt template to choose for your site. Here are few things to consider.

Your e-commerce website’s layout

The foremost thing you have to think of is the layout that you would probably use on your e-commerce store. You must have seen many kinds of designs in the past and now is the time to remember them. You may even check out the various template stores online to check whether or not you have any of similar templates that you were thinking of. The template will be actually used for few months and hence it is vital for you to make the right choice. Though you should pick a template which you like yet you should remember the usability factor of the users as well.

Social, responsive and lightweight templates work better

When you’re choosing a responsive theme, you are actually trying to meet the needs of the mobile audience and this is extremely vital these days. When you choose templates which offer social integration, this means that the template will offer easy sharing on the social media. Lightweight means the best practices in coding which will make the template easily navigable.

Invest time in weighing your options

You would definitely wish that your store goes live as soon as possible. But you have to remember that anything that you do in a hurry will go in vain. The same is applicable with choosing a template. Choose the templates which you like and keep them in a specific file and once you’ve made a list of 10 templates, start analyzing them. Take into account their features, what you like about them and what you don’t. It is most likely that you’ll be left with 2-3 at the end. Choosing the final one would become easier.

If you’ve seen Amazon, do you think you like the old-school and cluttered design of Amazon? Bet you wouldn’t! However, by now most of them are habituated with the design of Amazon. Nevertheless, if you don’t want your e-commerce website to look and feel like Amazon and if you want all the modern features on it, you should carefully choose the best e-commerce templates from some reliable platform.

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