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Beat The Odds With Managed Cloud Web Hosting Services For Your Enterprise April 17, 2019

Unless you are running an enterprise that is still stuck in the past century and has no plans for growth, the term cloud computing is not strange. Essentially, this technology seeks to break the limitation of relying on a specific computer or hard disk to access data, but it makes it available on the internet by using virtual servers.

This revolutionary technology has eliminated a lot of risks for any business as today there is the flexibility of gaining access to critical information from any location at any time. The best part is that with increased technology advancements, it has become more efficient and is a reliable measure for any futuristic individual or business.

One of the most critical ways that the implementation of this technology has become the standard for all enterprises today is through cloud hosting. Typically, every company with a website requires hosting services as it is the only way for the platform to be accessible by their clients regardless of location. The defining feature of cloud-based hosting is that it functions by relying on multiple servers across the world to host the website. This is unlike shared hosting which allocates resources in terms of disk space, storage, bandwidth and database from a single server to host a site.

Since in cloud hosting a website is not limited to a single server it provides an enterprise with the assurance of zero downtime in the event of any problems with in-house servers. At a time when clients rely on website 24-hours all year long to reach out to a company and access their products or services the last thing any management wants is being offline because of utility failures. Managed cloud VPS hosting services come as a disaster-proof system which provides 100% guarantee of always getting back online regardless of what might affect the physical servers.

It is not just the confidence of the best uptime that makes managed cloud VPS an irresistible solution but the fact that it comes with great flexibility and security. Besides having a team that is ever on standby to offer support each minute of the day all year long, leading service providers have gone the extra mile to solidify their security systems. There are a lot of threats that face websites today especially DDoS attacks, and with complementary DDoS protection included in the package, you never have to worry about hackers.

The other core pillar for fully managed and optimized cloud hosting services is that they are pre-tailored for enterprises that have established themselves as a force on the internet and have heavy traffic. The general rule is websites that use Magento, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which have become popular for most enterprises require a robust hosting solution that is resilient. Cloud servers provide this as they were purposefully created to offer a comprehensive package that can support these sites and high levels of traffic without affecting performance. As the company’s popularity grows and they have higher demands, the capacity of the cloud servers can easily be enhanced thanks to its rapid scalability which is done through simple configuration management without having any downtime.

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