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An Overview of Hytale’s Server Hosting October 20, 2020

RPG gaming has taken over the virtual world. More people are utilizing these role playing games than ever before and not only are they playing games produced by others, many avid gamers are turning from mere player to game creator with the help of Hytale’s Server Hosting. Hytale’s offers more than just a platform for building a game upon, but an overall experience of high end creativity and ultimate control. If you are on the cusp of creativity and looking for an outlet, Hytale’s Server is the place to find it.

Java and C# Language

A game creator has their fair share of choices when it comes to which servers to use for their platform. At Hytale’s Server, we use Java for our server running platform and our program is written in C#. This format has proven easier for our clientele to use without sacrificing on high end performance. Our team of experts is always working to improve our programming and language to help you get the most from your RPG game creation experience.

Ground Up Design

Certain RPG gaming platforms limit creator creativity and at Hytale’s Server, we do not ever want to limit your ability to get the game you have always wanted. Our creators are given license to be as creative as possible. Our base platform is merely a platform to build upon as we allow for maximum creativity throughout the process. We work on a shared source server format as well so the creator has full access to the server code and it is easily read by all creators. However, your players are barred from this activity as it could be a potential way for hackers to create back door cheats for your game and no one wants that.

With our programming, you start with a base program to build upon and are given license to be as creative as you desire. This ground up approach means that no matter how many RPG games a player plays on various Hytale’s Servers, each experience will be a unique one. Due to our level of bespoke design opportunities, no two Hytale’s Servers are ever exactly alike.

Server Browsing

Players can sometimes find it difficult to find an individual server to play the game they want to play, but at Hytales Server, we provide a server browser that categorizes everything to make it easier than ever before to find the ideal community to play within and the right server to play on. Our clients have the ability to sort games they like and categorize their games, minigames, and all their adventures according to various attributes of the game. The more a server is played on by a gamer, the higher in that gamer’s profile the server will rise.

Playing Together No Longer Difficult

Often, finding the right server and game option is difficult enough for an individual player, but when you choose to play in a group setting with other active gamers, getting together online can be a significant challenge. At Hytale’s Server, we have learned from the mistakes of others and understand what other servers have failed to provide. Instead of searching through endless games trying to locate your online friends, our server platform allows for a friends list conveniently available on your profile. That gives you the ability to see exactly where your friends are at within the server and jump to that game specifically, if you so choose. Additionally to smooth out the process, we use Universal Plug and Play protocols to bring everything together. In the event the UPnP is unavailable, we offer a backup NAT punchthrough which allows you to connect with friends if you are connected online through the server.

A Close Knit Community

Unfortunately, when servers become big names in the RPG gaming industry, they can lose their gamer focus approach. At Hytale’s Server, we never want to lose touch with our developers and our valued players. We have spent countless hours working through difficulties in our games and platforms to ensure all is running smoothly, but as time passes and games evolve, we know there will be a few bumps in the road. Instead of pushing aside the gamers and our developers and focusing on what we want, we provide an open ended community based platform designed for excellent communication. If you have a question, concern, or issue with the server at any time, you are welcomed to ask one of our experts and receive professional help. We are gamers as well and want to ensure that every game and development goes perfectly as planned by the creator.

Others have tried to mimic the success of Hytale’s Server and we believe if is our attention to every detail and ability to listen to our clients that sets us apart from other servers. Hytale’s Server is here for you, the creator and gamer to ensure your online RPG gaming experience is exactly what you want it to be. Happy Gaming!

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