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No longer is having a website enough to draw visitors. Without being able to generate leads, a modern website, no matter how “sophisticated”, will accomplish only little in today’s crowded digital marketplace. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are still doing business as usual. They are still stuck with websites that grants them nothing less than some degree of online presence. But it’s obvious that most successful businesses that have emerged today are really those that were able (and are still able) to exploit the power of the web. Something they could never have achieved without effectively optimizing their websites.


As you may have discovered, your website is incredibly important, not just to make your business visible online but also to attract and convert customers. Unfortunately, not many business owners realize this which is why they get off the track when it comes designing a website that’s easy and simple to use.

But if you really want to generate leads and conversion, and ultimately boost your revenue, then your on-site optimization has to become a top priority to you.
Below are 6 powerful tips on web design optimization you must implement if you want to be on the frontline.

Plan effectively

Most business owners just set off creating their website without taking time to find out what their visitors want. To lead a successful business campaign online, you need to plan effectively before you design your site. Identify the needs of your potential customers and map out a strategy for meeting these needs right from the moment they open the first page on your site. Your goal is to convert every user that visits your site into a customer by providing the right information in the right way and at the right time.

Focus on simplicity

Do everything possible to make your website very simple for visitors by making it super-easy for them to access information. Reduce the number of pages to the barest minimum by posting only relevant content and making it easy for users to find them.

Go Responsive

Nowadays, most people access the internet through their mobile phones. So, it’s important to have a website that looks well on different devices especially those with smaller screens.

This is achieved by making your site responsive. Apart from making your website accessible to everyone, designing your website to be responsive is also good for SEO.

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Pay attention to speed

There is no limit to how fast your website can be, but there is a limit to how slow it can be if you don’t want to push visitors away. Most internet users are always in a hurry and so will likely close a page that takes too long to load.

So try everything you can to get a fast loading speed for your web pages. If possible, get rid of some of the stuffs in your web design that makes your page to load slowly. Ideally, you page shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load.

Use the Right Images

When using images on your website, make sure they fit your content. Adding a description to the images is also good for SEO.

Ideally stock photos are preferable but they should always be something that is peculiar to your brand. However, you shouldn’t use too many of them.

Using unique stock photos that relevant to you content helps to evoke trust in your company.

Add a Call to Action on Every Page

Make sure a call of action is included on every one of your web pages. This is undoubtedly the most effective way to gain leads and conversions.

In addition, avoid using pop-ups, complicated animation or long boring piece of text. These things tend to distract users from the real message.

Finally, keeping all these tips when working on your web design will help you take full advantage of the vast opportunity the internet offers.

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