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5 Ways to Make Your Casino Comparison Site More User-friendly June 12, 2023

If you are wondering, how to make your casino comparison site more user-friendly, you are in the right place! In this article, we provide you with our best 5 tips that have been proven useful. We hope that our tips help you make your good website even better.

And with a user-friendly website, you can expect that your users are more likely to come back to your site and also visit the casinos you are recommending. So, the user-friendly site can help you get more profit too.

1. Know your users

It is important to know what the users of your site are looking for. Let’s give an example. There is a Finnish casino comparison site called Kasinohai that is for Finnish casino players. So, on their website, they recommend online casinos that are suitable for Finnish players.

Important things can be for example that you can get customer service in Finnish, and there are payment methods that Finnish players typically use. In a website for Finnish users there is not any point to talk about casinos that don’t accept Finnish players, for example.

It can be worthwhile to know your users’ gender, age, and location, among other things. Then you can know better what things they could be looking for when visiting your site.

2. Easy to navigate

One of the most important things for a user-friendly website is, that it is easy to navigate. If a user does not find fast what (s)he is looking for, (s)he probably leaves your site very quickly. There are thousands of other casino comparison sites to go on the web. So, when you have a visitor on your site, you really want him/her to stay there.

First, the site structure should be straightforward and organized logically. Text size should be readable and contrasting colours make the text more readable too.

Another important thing is that links should be easily recognizable. If the text is a link, it should look clickable. Links should use descriptive anchor texts than just text like “click here”. It should be also obvious when the link directs to a completely different website.

Clear calls to action (CTAs) also make the website easier to navigate. CTA can be highlighted, a noticeable button or featured in a sidebar.

3. Enough information about casinos

As you have a casino comparison website, it should offer your readers enough information. If (s)he leaves your site to another site to find more information, (s)he probably doesn’t return to your site.

When comparing different casinos, think about what the most relevant things to your users are. Things that players are usually interested in are bonuses, licences, payment methods, and games, for example.

4. Informative but easy-to-read

As we mentioned earlier, the website must be informative. At the same time, the text should be also easy to read, and the amount of information should not be overwhelming. Like in website design: keep it simple!

Remember that nobody doesn’t want to read long paragraphs and see walls of text. It is easy to break things up by using small paragraphs, enough headings, and lists. That makes relevant things much easier to find.

On your page, you should offer the most important information first and tell the secondary details later. It is also wise to avoid jargon and too complicated words and sentences. Like paragraphs, the sentences should not be too long either. If you are not sure, if the text is easy to understand, you can read it aloud.

Another important thing is, that your site is responsive. Nowadays many use their mobile phones when visiting online casinos, but others still like to use computers. When you have a responsive site, the device doesn’t matter. Your site looks great and functions properly with different web browsers and on different screen sizes.

5. Choose your colours carefully

Do you think that colour doesn’t matter? Well, that is not true when it comes to websites. As we have mentioned before, contrast is good as it makes the text easier to read. You can also highlight things using colours.

But it is also important to choose the right colors as people automatically associate different colours with different characteristics. There is even a field of psychology called colour psychology that studies what people associate with different colours.

For example, red can be associated with power, excitement, and speed, and blue with high quality and reliability. On the other hand, white can be associated with sincerity and purity. So, when you are designing your site, choose your colours and colour combinations wisely.

So, here were our best 5 tips to make your casino comparison site more user-friendly. Although the content is what matters, by making your site user-friendly, your users really want to read all the information provided. Hopefully, you got some new ideas on how to make your website even better. And make your users want to return to your website repeatedly.

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