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5 Ways That Prove SEO is STILL Alive in 2020 March 26, 2020

Each year, Google makes numerous changes to its search algorithms, each of which has the potential to affect where your business ranks in search results.

Bearing these changes in mind, here are five trends that SEO companies are using in 2020 to help you rank high in Google, and that you should be aware of, too. Yes, SEO remains alive and well in 2020.

Video is taking over

You should make video a part of your SEO plans. A Forrester Research study found that video is 50x more likely to make SERP’s first page than a web page made up of just text. Furthermore, 62 per cent of universal searches on Google include video.

Make videos for YouTube that complement the content currently on your website. It won’t guarantee that you will rank on page one, but when Google indexes your video, you’ll benefit from increased traffic.

Mobile search will continue to dominate

A massive 87 per cent of online users are on mobile phones, and 40 per cent of online transactions are made through mobile. Last year saw Google make the move to mobile-first indexing to enhance mobile search.

If your site isn’t mobile optimised, you won’t make much profess in the search engines.

Influencers will be leveraged more

Working with influencers helps you to generate traffic, enhance your content reach, and increase online visibility.

To get the best ROI, work with influencers in your niche who have the audience you want. The links you gain from their sites will tell Google that you’re an authority, and will help your SEO.

Voice search and local SEO

As voice search continues to increase in popularity, more and more people will enter search queries just as they speak.

The majority of these queues are very specific and long-tail, and users want the most relevant answer to the question they asked.

Users who use long-tail searches are at a stage where they’re considering a transition, and there’s more chance that they convert that someone who is at the stage of just being aware.

Bullet lists help the odds of you ranking for voice queries, and the majority are local, which helps to make the argument for local SEO.

Content length has a greater say in your search rankings

To rank on the first page of Google, you will need to ensure your content is of high-quality. You will also need to consider quantity.

There’s been many a debate over a blog post’s ideal length. Studies show that the average length in the results on page one is a minimum of 2,000 words. That’s due to the fact that web pages with high-quality, long-form content achieve greater visibility.

Your content, however, must answer the user’s query in-depth, in addition to any questions related to the main query.

Longer articles increase dwell time, which indicates to Google that your content is popular. You build authority and see the search query’s ranking increase.


Just when you feel you’ve gotten to grips with SEO, Google goes and change its algorithm. Modern SEO is a process that calls for marketing strategies incorporating both online and offline methods. You should count SEO as a part of your long-term lead generation strategy and keep updated on the latest SEO trends in order to ensure you remain relevant.


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