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5 Tips to Building Your SEO Strategy June 4, 2018

Every website owner understands the need to have an effective SEO strategy. This is what gives a website a sense of direction.  Building a SEO strategy is a way of making sure that you meet your target. Every action which you take in regard to SEO strategy should be geared towards meeting your business targets.  Every strategy has to be focused on a specific are for it to bear fruits. Here are five useful tips which you can use to build an effective SEO strategy.

  1.    Interactive Content

A good SEO strategy has to start with good content; this means that you need to create content that your target reader would want to read. Today readers want interactive content which they can read, share and interact with it. A good SEO strategy should begin by making sure that the website has quality interactive content which is regularly updated. The good thing about having content which is interactive means that visitors will spend more time on your website as the content will be relevant.

  1.    Long Form Content

A new tactic of building your SEO strategy is using the long form content; the reason for this is that it allows the site visitors to dwell deeper into the site content.  Another benefit of using the long form content is because they are rich in content and most of the time they provide comprehensive content which the user is looking for.

  1.    Enhance Keywords

This is another important aspect of building your SEO strategy; this is getting the right keyword on your webpages. The keywords are the words which search engines like google use to determine the relevance of your content and how it will rank it. Keywords are constantly updating and LD SEO Sydney is able to help you keep up to date with the keywords you need to keep your website relevant and visible in the search engine. One thing to note is that the goal is not to fill the page with keywords but strategic information which is relevant.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Today most people are using their portable devices like smartphone, and tablet to access content on the internet. Research has also shown that over 60% of the searches are done on mobile devices. The fact that people are accessing content on the internet using their mobile phone makes it imperative to make your content mobile compatible. This has to do with easier navigation and quicker load time.

  1. Increase Engagement

The search engine and social media site are basically looking for website where the users are engaging more with the content. The higher the engagement the higher the chances for the website to appear high in search engine result page. The aspect of engage should include responding to user comments, sharing content on social media sites like Facebook, offering incentive to users to get them commenting or engaging with the website.  Increase social media buttons and platform is one of the most effective ways of increasing engagement through sharing and commenting.

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