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5 Tips for Creating a User-Friendly Website December 20, 2018

In today’s digital age is vital to have a business website, as all information can be found online. Online presence gets more and more critical, and without a site, business can’t survive for a long time. It helps to generate an audience, attract potential clients and partners. However, a website won’t serve its primary purposes if it’s not designed in a user-friendly manner. If your site is too crowded, has a perplexing structure and is not customized for mobile phones, then it’s not a surprise if there are no visitors.

As most of the companies have their business website, it is important to make yours stand out and be able to resist high competition. If the site looks beautiful, it loads fast, and the information is easy to find, then you can be sure that customers will use it and come back again. In this article, we want to introduce five main points on how to make your website more user-friendly.

How to Make a User-Friendly Website

Appealing design

Design forms the way visitors approach the website, and you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a compelling design. It does not only make a site look more appealing but at the same time creates a particular mood. Moreover, smart design can increase your sales and speed up the ordering process. For example, if you run an e-shop business and sell women apparel, then using high-quality photos and colorful details represent the central concept of the brand. On the other hand, if you have a legal consulting firm, designing the website briefly and delicately will display it more appropriately.

Speed quality

Every second on a website is essential because people aren’t that patient to wait until information loads. If they can’t access a page, then there is a big chance they will close the window and won’t come back. Therefore, you should always be cautious about your website’s performance. You can check it by using different analytics tools, most of them can show a bounce rate of specific pages which indicates if visitors stay on the page or leave it immediately. Ensure fast information flow and increase visitors’ satisfaction rates.

Knowledge base

A knowledge base is necessary to assist customers in case of misconceptions or urgent questions. To make it more comprehensive, you can implement the different option the site could have a standard knowledge base with questions and answers, and comment section. Additionally, to ensure the best service possible you can use chatbots as the second option. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software is gaining more popularity and public approach. Implementing it for your business enhances technological improvement and makes your website more user-friendly.

If you run your website on WordPress content management system, then a great solution of knowledge base implementation is HeroThemes. HeroThemes is a WordPress knowledge base to get less support tickets from customers, by using it you will ensure a user-friendly experience for the visitors.

Comment section

Reviews and feedback are what makes a business move forward. If you pay attention to your customers’ needs, you will get valuable business insights and can improve your brand accordingly. Also, it shows for the visitors that you care about them and gives easy access to express their thoughts and ideas.

Implement analytics

Analytic tools give professional insights on your site’s performance, consumer behavior, demographic and geographic data, and conversion rates. If you want to run a successful enterprise and have a high-quality website, it is vital to follow its metrics continually. With this information, you can change your point of concentration and pay more attention to areas which need improvement.

To rock your business and run a prosperous website, you have to invest a lot of time and effort. Currently almost all companies have their sites, however, not all of them are performing well enough to generate profit. To make your business website stand out and avoid an unfortunate scenario it is necessary to design it in a user-friendly manner. User-friendly websites get more engagement and publicity which makes the whole brand flourish. If you are interested in making your site more appealing for clients, take note of the tips mentioned in this article and make your website outstanding.

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