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5 SEO Tips For E-commerce Businesses In 2020 May 29, 2020

Search engine optimisation is one of the most important aspects of good website design. For e-commerce stores, good SEO practices ensure that people searching online for the kinds of products and services that you sell will find you before your competitors. Here are five tips for enhancing SEO for your e-commerce business.

Architecture Is Key

Google’s SEO algorithms are much more sophisticated than they once were. They are no longer solely interested in the prevalence of keywords and phrases on the page and now take into consideration the user experience. The underlying structure of your website will impact your SEO score, providing you with a couple of easy ways of boosting your score.

First of all, use breadcrumb navigation to enable your users to easily find their way back where they came from on your website. Next, ensure that your store is utilising clean and readable URLs that enable your business to discern your website structure from a simple glance at the URL bar.

Don’t Forget Your Keyword Research

Every fruitful SEO exercise begins with keyword research. In fact, the quality of the keyword research that you do beforehand can determine whether your efforts are worthwhile or whether they immediately sink. Getting your keyword research right at the beginning of the process will save you a lot of time down the line. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start your research.

Optimise Your Product Pages

Don’t just copy and paste your product descriptions from elsewhere, Google will penalise you for plagiarising. Instead, write your own unique product descriptions and supplement them with organic user reviews. You should keep the use of technical jargon to a minimum and try to make your descriptions as easy to scan as possible for users.

Use A Pro To Get You Started

If you don’t have much prior experience with formulating SEO strategies for an e-commerce website, then it might make sense to work with a professional digital marketing agency who can give you a much-needed kickstart. Digital marketing businesses like Vudu that have experience in providing both national and local SEO services can also enable you to take advantage of synergy opportunities. By helping you to develop a full well-rounded strategy, WSI Digital can ensure that your products and services are receiving maximum exposure.

Optimise Your Category Pages

Your category pages are almost as important as the product pages themselves. Just like your product pages, your category pages should be optimised and streamlined so that they are as quick and simple for your users to use as possible.

In order to optimise your category pages, you need to choose appropriate category names. Your categories shouldn’t be too specific, otherwise, you will end up with loads of them. However, if they are too broad then they aren’t going to be much use.

If you don’t give your SEO some TLC, your e-commerce store is soon going to slip down the results page until you are barely bringing in any traffic at all. On the other hand, with a proper SEO strategy in place, you can grow your e-commerce business as efficiently as possible.

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