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5 Go Programming Tools To Maintain Enterprise Development Growth In 2020 November 23, 2020

There are several Go programming tools to maintain enterprise development growth in 2020. According to recent studies, Google’s Go programming language is one of the fastest-growing languages in the software industry. With high efficiency and simplicity, it’s quickly gaining momentum among the top software developers.

Certainly, the language’s structure allows them to code their projects faster. Of course, the right frameworks and IDEs are also essential for higher deployment speeds. In such a rapid-paced industry, enterprise managers need to use the latest innovative tools to gain a competitive advantage. This way, they can continue to grow in the rapidly changing industry. Read on to discover the top Go programming tools to maintain enterprise development growth in 2020.

Cloud-Based IDE

First, a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) is an essential tool to grow your enterprise in 2020. Cloud-based IDEs are even simpler to use and setup than typical development environments. Namely, all you need is a compatible web browser. Many of these developer tools also allow multiple developers to edit programs. With many companies shifting to remote work this year, this is essential to collaborate effectively. Fortunately, there are several web-based IDEs that support this collaboration as you and your team code apps in Go. Typically, they connect to various repositories and provide workspaces where you can share your programs. With a simple set up and strong collaborative support, cloud-based IDEs are essential to maintain development growth this year.

Sophisticated Text Editor

In addition, many software development managers are using sophisticated text editors in their enterprises. Typically, text editors offer advanced features, allowing you to code your applications efficiently. For example, some text editors are equipped with robust auto completion. By making content-aware code recommendations, you can write your Go programs faster. Typically, you can just click on the recommendation when it pops up, rather than typing out an entire line of code. Often, this auto completion tool highlights errors as you type as well. Naturally, sophisticated text editors allow you to achieve higher deployment speeds for your Go applications. In this way, they are crucial to grow with 2020’s rising market demands.

High-Security Centralized Repositories

In addition, a high-security centralized repository is an excellent Go programming tool to enhance your efficiency. Publicly available repositories host your open-sourced Go modules in VCS project storage systems. Many of these reliable solutions are offered to members of the Go development community free of charge. For example, Go Proxy can easily be accessed through the JFrog GoCenter. Of course, this popular centralized repository is available to experienced developers like yourself all over the world. At the same time, these systems improve access, security, visibility, and reactivity for your custom software projects.

High-Productivity Web Framework

Moreover, a high-productivity web framework is another tool that support software development growth. Many of these frameworks offer specific features designed to build applications as quickly and easily as possible. For example, some frameworks offer code reload tools. This built-in tool compiles your code and templates for you. Additionally, it provides an insightful description if it doesn’t compile. Because you don’t have to rebuild your project on every file change, you can significantly boost your development speed. When choosing your web framework, remember that Go is a relatively new development programming language. Therefore, you need to choose one with sufficient documentation of its advanced features. Surely, the right high-productivity web framework is a great tool to support software development growth.

Linting Tool

Furthermore, a Go linting tool is also essential for growing software enterpises. Using a linter, you can automatically check your source code for programming errors. Essentially, it performs static code analysis to find common issues. In addition, it can identify code style problems. Many of these tools even provide fixes that you can apply to your code. It’s important to implement your linting tool early in the development stages, before code reviews and testing. This will make those code review and test processes more efficient. In doing so, you can improve the overall quality of your code as you accelerate the process. By finding these errors earlier, you can also reduce your company costs. For this reason, a Go linting tool is essential to maintain enterprise development growth in 2020.

There are several Go programming tools to drive enterprise development growth in 2020. First, you need to utilize a cloud-based built-in IDE to maintain collaboration with your development team. In addition a sophisticated text editor is essential to boost your development efficiency. Go proxy also provides a secure centralized repository when coding your applications. Moreover, a high-productivity web framework can also accelerate your build process. Furthermore, a linting tool can conduct automatic code checks to streamline testing and code review, allowing you to deploy apps more efficiently. Implement these Go programming tools to maintain growth this year.

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