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4 Ways That Video Marketing is Worth the Investment April 10, 2019

Conventionally, people avoided video marketing because of the expense that came with it. If you had to create a short advertising clip for your business, it meant that you had to spend a tremendous amount of money to get to the end of the project.

Shortage of media to place the ads would also become a problem, especially since the internet was not as accessible as it is now.

Nowadays, businesses, startups, and established ones as well have an opportunity to market their videos online through social media.

Video marketing comes with certain benefits that we are going to discuss in this article. Here are four reasons you should invest in video.

Critical for SEO

To succeed in SEO, you have to consider so many factors such as algorithms, fresh content, keywords, images, and of course of videos.

Have you ever noticed that when searching, a video explaining a concept or a clip related to the topic you are searching will appear? Yes, that is because video plays a massive role in your SEO journey.

You may not upload it on your website; however, uploading it on social media channels such as YouTube would ease the work especially for people who do not like reading huge chunks of content.

Use it for brand introduction

Sometimes clients want a quick way of getting to understand your product or service. With the current statistics showing that site visitors have at least five seconds to decide whether you are a worthy partner or not, then the video should sort your firm.

You can use it to give the visitors an introduction of what you do, a brief history of your company, and the benefits of working with you through a short marketing clip.

In social media platforms such as Facebook, you can place the video on the top image section to attract clients.

Use it to share information and to educate

Nowadays, content is critical for any brand. It helps visitors see you as an authority. However, you can use video to explain your content thoroughly.

For instance, a company that offers digital services can use video to explain social media strategies and their experiences while working for various customers. Webinars help to put a face to the people behind the brand as well.

Such live videos allow you to share free information, which could lead to conversions.

 Suitable for most social media platforms

Most people, before they buy anything, they will check several videos. The statistic should encourage firms to curate marketing clips.

The good thing about it is that posting is free in most social media platforms. However, note that you have to do in depth research to know your consumer behavior and learn their favorite social media spots.

Additionally, you could also use paid ads to engage more audience than you post it on your page only.

Final remarks

Companies using video for marketing record very high level of conversions. It is an investment worth taking as long as you have a creative team that can help you come up with

the content that will promote your brand in simplicity.

Note, it is also wise to have a calendar for posting the content. You do not want to be reckless in not following your set digital strategy.

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