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4 Tips To Running a Successful Blog December 27, 2016

Running a blog used to just be for teenagers with quite a bit of angst and a MySpace or other archaic form of sharing content. The blogging stratosphere has developed immensely over the years and has turned into some people’s career. Blogging for a living allows the blogger to have more freedom professionally than ever before as they can blog from anywhere with an internet connection. This doesn’t mean that anyone with a blog will be able to do this, but those with a successful blog can have this option. The following are a few tips in order to help your blog become successful or more successful than it already is.


Create a Content Bank

The content that you push out on a weekly or daily basis is something that loyal readers will expect. A few weeks or even days without any piece of content will not only fill up your inbox with those asking what is wrong but it can lose readers. Creating a content bank full of solid content to put up if you do not have time to write or need a break is valuable. Try writing or producing one piece of content per work day in order to build this bank. Those who have multiple people helping them write content or if the blog is a team effort has the luxury of being able to build this in a matter of weeks.

Enlist Readers For Help

Once you have established a readership there might be some readers who want to contribute. This can be a great way to engage with readers and build a sense of community among visitors. Not only this but it can alleviate some of the content creation stress that you might have. Readers do not just have to produce content but they can also be a great place for content ideas. Asking reader questions about what they want to see covered helps with engagement and lets readers feel like they have participated even if they do not write the article themselves.

Hosting and Security

The hosting that you use can have a huge impact on your blogs popularity when you create a blog. WordPress Hosting versus shared hosting can do a myriad of different things. The most important thing is that it keeps the website secure as a hacked website can lose visitors quickly. The other factor that makes managed WordPress Hosting a great option is that it has faster loading times than shared hosting. Finally, if you are selling any type of products on your website then WordPress Hosting can help. Not only in being more secure but ensuring that a server isn’t down during one of the crucial times of the year for your website.

Work On Your SEO

Building up your search engine rankings via content marketing is going to be very important. If you rank for specific keywords then marketing companies will reach out to you in order to do a sponsored post. While putting too many paid posts on a site can damage a search engine ranking, labeling them as sponsored can help relieve the damage. Another great tip is to allow sponsored posts with links just as long as the link is related to the website links to a resource like a whitepaper or eBook. Avoid doing sponsored posts for gambling related content, online pharmacies, and payday loans as Google has demonized these industries so they can damage your site’s ranking immensely.

Start a blog today and use the above tips in order to gain a following. Social media is one of the best marketing tools for a blogger so make sure you are sharing the content that is published daily on your site as well as on other sites in the industry. Social interaction on posts is something Google looks at so make sure you are doing your part. Start a blog today and change your life forever!

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