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4 Reasons That Proves Why You Should Have Career in Blogging April 13, 2017

Why start a blog?

Blogging has become a familiar option for many people to earn money or to stay busy. There are many reasons why everyone should start blogging. Writing blogs is a way to express and let people know what your views are on a certain subject.

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Reasons why you should start blogging include:

  • Communication: There is a connection built between a blogger and his audience. Blogging helps you to reach millions of people through the internet who will understand your views and points. They might also implement on what you are trying to say.
  • Authority: Blogs help you gain authority over the internet. Once you are greatly known among users of the internet, you will be building up a great professional image. Why is that so? It is because you will be posting blogs under your name. You will be recognized.
  • Be prominent: Writing blogs will make you stand out. You ask how? Since every blogger has their story to tell, there will be no similarity between your blogs. The list of topics to write about is so vast that there are rare chances to find similar blogs on the internet.
  • Money: Lastly, writing blogs can help you in earning a good deal of money. You can earn more money when you are providing quality content. It will attract more users. The more your blog gathers fame, the more money you will be earning.

Ways to start a blog

There are some simple steps that will help you to start writing a blog. View these steps to start now:

  • Topic: The first thing you should be worrying about is the topic. Without a topic, you will never be able to start blogging. You will have to decide on what you will write about. You can take help from the internet to know some trending topics. In other cases, you can also use your creative mind to come up with a topic.
  • Blogging Platform: Next, you will have to choose a platform where you will be posting your blog. Try to select an option that has a large community of people so that your blog is viewed more (such as WordPress).
  • Host: Then you are supposed to find a host. Having a host helps users to be redirected to your blog. Hosting websites will create a hyperlink that is going to guide users towards your blog.
  • Domain name: Now pick a domain name for yourself. Try to make it unique so that people can remember it and visit it frequently. It should be easy to remember and easy to share among Internet
  • Design and post: This is the last step where you start making up your blog. You can design various blogs altogether and post it under your domain name.

Blogging is going to help you in some ways including financial and entertainment purposes, if you are very interested in starting a blog, howtostartblog101.com is going become a helping hand in this regard. It will keep you busy in spilling out your thoughts and opinions to the users. And then, you can make money too. There is no hitch in writing blogs. Start now!

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