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3 Tips to Using a Great Ecommerce Platform April 26, 2018

An e-commerce platform is an application or software that enables you to run and manage your online business website. You can cut on costs and achieve more if you give your e-commerce responsibilities to a professional organization such as the award winning agency Bing digital. They can help you take control of your online store operations, including linking up with reliable and reputable stores, as well as managing your finances. They can also help you engage your site’s visitors and customers, to ensure that your online store competes favorably and earns you handsome profits. To further help you get ahead in e-commerce, here are three great tips you can use to maximize the potential of your store.

Try Out Micro Conversions

It is always wise to set up SMART objectives to build up any kind of business. If you have an online store, this approach is no exception. Keep in mind the specific goal of your business when designing your SMART objectives. You may have a lot of traffic to your website, but that does not necessarily translate to numerous clients. Most visitors will just pass by and not take the all-important action of placing an order. If you want to convert the high traffic into customers making purchases, concentrate on getting to know as many clients as possible on a personal basis. Connecting to people at a personal level makes them feel more important and are more than likely going to engage actively in your venture.

Make Good Use of Social Media Platforms

There are various social media networks you can use to enhance your e-commerce platform. Among these are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Instagram for instance offers more than 25% more brand engagement than other networks. It is a great way of engaging with your clientele at a personal level. Identify top social network influencers and have them promote your products and stores online. You can send them free samples and information about your brand, and have them post on their pages. Since they have a massive following, they will be in a better position to reach potential clients than if you use only your personal account.

Design and Create Informative and Creative Online Brochures

It is important that you display your brand in a manner that your potential clients will understand. Creating appealing online brochures with adequate information regarding each of your product increases customers’ engagement with your online store. If you source for different products from different places, it might be difficult to make a brochure that captures all the products. The most effective way to do this is by creating brochures for each of the products you stock with as much information about the specific products as possible.  You can do this by adding images and other visual information, to ensure that you connect efficiently with your potential customers. You can also add YouTube videos that will connect customers with your business. Videos are a great way of showcasing your products. They are better than paper brochures as they cannot be defaced, torn or damaged.

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