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3 Tips to Redesigning a Website March 18, 2019

Every modern business must have a functional website that delivers conversions. Rather than hiring an amateurish individual to design your site, it’s wiser to get a professional web designer whose skills are tried and tested. A poorly designed website provides dismal conversion rates and lower sales considerably.

You can also learn web design and development at Loud Programmer and consequently revamp a variety of poorly designed websites. Once you’re done learning an array of interesting design skills, you’ll be well suited to redesign company websites to improve conversions and boost sales.

Here are 3 tips to redesigning a website:

Examine your current site

Any proper redesigning process should commence with a thorough analysis of the existing website. Figure out what works and where the weak links are situated. Most of the problems your website is facing can be grasped early enough, allowing you to implement the necessary changes. For instance, your conversion rates could be dwindling because of neglected e-commerce shopping carts. This issue often appears when visitors check into your website and start purchasing your products, only to opt out before checkout. A sufficient solution might involve redesigning your carts to prompt your potential customers to proceed till checkout.

Today, it’s easy to evaluate traffic patterns using the easily accessible Google Analytics. A thorough examination should indicate those pages that receive elevated bounce rates and those that perform dismally. It’s also important to consider user behavior by analyzing scroll maps and a myriad of other visual indicators.

Figure out your target market

Every business has a target audience. For instance, cosmetic firms focus their sales and marketing efforts towards attracting female demographics whereas sports companies channel their attention on teenage guys and middle-aged men. However, target markets are extremely dynamic and change over time. It’s important to redesign your website to accommodate more consumers. As your business expands, you’ll probably include new services or create better products for your customers. These new changes won’t be reflected on your website if you maintain the same old design. Tweak your messages so you can appeal to more people.

Part of the redesign process should involve conducting a fresh market research to unearth your new demographics. If you initially focused on elderly individuals, consider expanding your horizons by including middle-aged folks as well. Taking this critical step will improve your conversion rate, allowing you venture into brand new markets.

Define your desired goals

You ought to first envision the new design and then turn your vision into reality. It’s easy to drift off when you don’t know exactly what you want. Therefore, having well-defined goals and recording them allows you to understand what will work. Maybe your navigation bar requires to be tweaked, or your page layout troubles some users. Create a succinct list of ideas that might improve your website, then commence the redesign process. If you’re struggling with ideas, seek the services of a professional web designer. Base your web redesign on analyzed data rather than by mere trial-and-error.

These three tips will prove crucial to your website redesign process.

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