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10 Smarter Ways to get more YouTube Likes in 2017 July 10, 2017

In 2017 – the year of digital marketing, it is common to see video content paving the path for useful and successful marketing and promotion activities. Be it in the content marketing arena or video blogging strategies, YouTube continues to be the leading platform for the purposes of video sharing and marketing. This much-loved platform is an indispensable offering from Google and has millions of subscribers from all across the globe.


Here, we have shortlisted some smart and effective ways for getting more YouTube likes and increasing your subscriber list. The correct implementation of one or more of these helpful techniques will get you closer to your goals of getting more likes and followers.

Create plans and write the right script for your videos

The very first step in your YouTube journey should relate to creating the right plan as to what your videos are going to be about. Once the ideation and framework is in place, you need to create the structural framework for your videos. Decide on your areas of choice and what you love creating before you start developing your video-making skills. It’s no point mimicking trends as your passion may lie elsewhere. Remember, videos with well-defined scripts depict more organized videos and serve as helpful aids for subscribers. If you manage to stick to the script, there are very less chances of your video steering away into unrelated domains. Include all details to define the actions that will be shown in the video, the main points that you will be focusing upon, essential calls to action, etc. Your target audience should be identified in advance and your script needs to be scripted in line with their understanding.

Produce engaging content only

It goes without saying that good quality, informational, engaging and entertaining video content has to be an integral part of the entire duration of your videos to attract more YouTube likes. Getting off-track, or losing the flow in the middle, may cost you many viewers. As in all other types of content marketing, the most successful videos are the ones that are captivating and capable of imparting what the target audience desires. An ideal combination of evergreen and burst videos will get you long-term and short-term likes and viewership with archived views and instant hits respectively.

Increase the frequency of uploading videos

Though this point is not as simple as it sounds, it does hold its validity when it comes to getting more You Tube video likes. Do note that one of the primary reasons why one subscribes to a particular channel is because he or she wants to view more works of the publisher. Most subscribers on YouTube would like to visit channels that post regular and engaging content. Videos that provide good entertainment are much sought after by subscribers and are likely to be appreciated in today’s digital age. Consistency in posting videos gets a big tick when it comes to building strong You Tube subscriber relationships or catering to their demands. These videos are best released in a recurring, timely and structured pattern; say once every week or at least one release per fortnight.

Optimize your ideas to gain You Tube success

Being distinguishable happens to be the most significant aspect of YouTube success. A sure shot way of doing this is by giving your posts an off-beat theme, quirky titles, and trending social media factors. The maximum number of views can be attained by investing in the SEO portion of YouTube marketing. Some important points to remember to gain the best benefits of SEO video marketing include:

  • The title of your video has to be included in the main title to help Google bots know more about the content of your videos.
  • Using Google AdWords will help you figure out what people are looking for in related areas. The keywords and content strategies chosen by you should have a nice blend of low competition and high-volume searches to fetch good returns.
  • As Google cuts short the title of the video as given by you to 66 characters in length, and adds ‘YouTube |’ to the title before publishing, its best to keep the title length within 50 characters. Also, ensure that the title chosen by you is engaging and descriptive to attract more views. In short, catchy, relevant, descriptive and optimized titles are what you need to add to your You Tube videos.

Leverage the advantages of channel customizations

Making the most of the customization tools provided by YouTube will help you create a trustworthy brand and channel. It’s essential to appear professional to gain the trust and respect of your viewers. If you already have a blog or have already created your mark on other networking channels, it will help to use the same branding elements to add more credence to your brand videos on YouTube. The inclusion of custom headers, scripts, YouTube channel bio, standardized video description and custom URL will add volumes to your brand value.

Last Word

According to Thomas Hawk, a leading photographer, you need to accept edits as a part of the game. For every single photograph published by him there are ten reject shots that make it to the Recycle Bin. This is true for all types of editing, even the videos posted by you on YouTube. Do not be hasty in posting just any video that’s created by you. It’s best to create a publishing schedule and stick to it to get the best results, Publishing hap-hazardly or without careful planning will affect your brand adversely. Try to make different recordings of the same video shoot and select only the best to get more YouTube likes and subscribers to your channel.

Video blogs and other kinds of narrative videos are reaching newer heights of popularity and are the right way to go in the contemporary competitive scenario.

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