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What’s Hot in April 2018? Chart of the Top-Trending Website Templates

Are you thirsty for a new compilation of the most popular website templates at We bet you are! We are happy to begin our series of posts of the last month of spring with a chart of the top-trending web themes. Traditionally, the compilation includes ready-made designs that are suited for all purposes imaginable. You can also tweak their ready-made layouts as per your own needs using the advanced sets of customization tools.

4 Tips to Financing SEO on a Budget

Whatever the nature of your business is and whether you are managing a huge company or a small startup, investing time and money in different online marketing strategies is one thing that you constantly need to focus on. There are actually many strategies that you can try depending on your budget, preferences, and expectations. Using paid-to-click services is a more straightforward approach that can generate the fastest results although they come at a price. SEO or search engine optimization techniques, on the other hand, are designed for marketing campaigns with longer durations. This approach is proven to deliver the best results and is more cost-efficient than any other marketing strategies.

Things to Consider When Developing a Marketing Strategy Template for Your Online Business

A marketing plan is a highly important resource for any business. It helps businesses to differentiate the products and services from their competitors and how it will be advertised to the targeted audience. It also serves as a stepping stone to branding direction, sales strategy and establishing the overall business.

Function Beyond Design: The Importance of the Humble Contact Form

The vast majority of website owners and publishers in today’s online world rely on advertising to make a living. And online advertising can come in many forms, from affiliate programs and direct sales to traditional ad banners and such. But some of these are continuously losing their efficiency – especially banners – while others rely on a good communication between the advertiser and the website owner. And the best way to do this is through a contact form.

10 Best New Designs for Your Drupal Website 

The best way to design your new Drupal website is to start with a great Drupal theme. Installing and customizing a well-designed theme for Drupal can give you a significant head start in launching your new website. Great frontend designs often incorporate clean blocks of text separated by floating images or sliders and well-differentiated header and footer sections. These 10 Drupal designs contain all of the features you’ll want and more in order to create a visually stunning and easy-to-use website. Check out these free and premium Drupal designs to get started on your next web project today.

Tools That Work for Companies and Freelancers

When you are a business owner, your time is extremely valuable, therefore you should do everything you can to reduce the time you spend on non-essential tasks.
However, outsourcing can cost a fortune, especially if you are outsourcing development or design. So what should you do?

Facts and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know about Java Hosting

According to a study conducted by Optimizely, when a page load delays for just 20 seconds, it leads to a loss of approximately 45% of the page views. Unbelievable! Did you know that a page must load in a span of 1000 milliseconds for it to maintain the attention of the customer? That was a research conducted by Ilya Grigorik an employee at Google. Did you also know that Forbes conducted a research and found out that more than 40,000 websites are hacked within a day? Now you know! If you do not do a proper hosting for your website, then you will be making it so easy for hackers to hack your website. Is Tomcat hosting an application server? Well, we are going to find out this and much more including the facts you will ever need to know about this hosting. So, let’s learn!

4 Easiest Website Builders for Small Business

Effective small business development is unthinkable without a website that represents it on the web. In many cases, the quality, performance and visual appeal of a website has notable effect upon the promotion of your small business and its popularity with the customers. This fact matters a lot, when it comes to small business advancement. If you are right about to establish web presence for your company, you have, probably, explored the available web building options already.

3 Tips to Using a Great Ecommerce Platform

An e-commerce platform is an application or software that enables you to run and manage your online business website. You can cut on costs and achieve more if you give your e-commerce responsibilities to a professional organization such as the award winning agency Bing digital. They can help you take control of your online store operations, including linking up with reliable and reputable stores, as well as managing your finances. They can also help you engage your site’s visitors and customers, to ensure that your online store competes favorably and earns you handsome profits. To further help you get ahead in e-commerce, here are three great tips you can use to maximize the potential of your store.

Showcase of 25+ Web Design and Development Resources

The first quarter of 2018 ended and after a good research and many discussions with web designers and developers, we are ready to launch a useful showcase which contains 25+ resources.

5 Reasons Why Your SaaS Business Will Fail and How to Avoid it

Running a SaaS (Software as a Service) business can be very rewarding. People realize more and more the potential of cloud computing and the appeal of the recurring subscription-based income model. It’s not a surprise there are so many SaaS companies out there already and the market is growing quite rapidly in popularity.

Get Free Images with Stock Photography

Do you wonder why there are lots of free images online? And instead of hiring a professional photographer to take a good shot, some prefer using stock photos for personal or business purposes? Well, probably the reason for this is, it is much cheaper. So to give you a brief definition of free images and stock photos, let’s talk about what is stock photography and why people use them.

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