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Roxxe Shopify Theme – Ecommerce Innovation in the Web Industry May 5, 2020

Roxxe is a responsive multipurpose Shopify theme from the Zemez team of professionals. You might think what is so special about this theme? How does it defer from hundreds of other multipurpose templates? – That is the question we want to clarify below.

It is an all-in-one website solution based on the most demanded eCommerce platform – Shopify the main motto of which “Build a profitable online store against the time”.

Roxxe differentiates itself from others with a set of totally new, unique, and noncompeting topics that you’ll definitely appreciate. We haven’t chosen just beauty and fashion web business niche, we have made them more specific.

 For instance, instead of cosmetics and beauty ready-made layouts that are using to have a general background, we have developed Korean Cosmetics and Nails Studio mockups, something more specific in order to make the accent on a concrete business. Or instead of the fashion, apparel topics – swimsuits, sportswear, and pajamas skins were created.  

We have considered the uniqueness of these topics and equipped them with functionality suitable for these specific businesses to present the store inventory in the best way and satisfy even the most sophisticated clients.

Let’s review the topics included in the first release a little bit closer.

Roxxe Korean Cosmetics 

The Korean beauty industry is booming nowadays. Its popularity is gained by such benefits as unique organic products and ingredients: snail mucin is known for its healing properties, sleeping packs, hyaluronic masks, essences, and much more K-beauty items.

We keep in step with the times and have created special K-beauty oriented layouts to give you the opportunity to stay in tune with the trends and develop your own web business.

Stunning minimal product image with white backgrounds, helping K-beauty items to stand out. Quick product view and the ability to quickly add to cart the item directly from the homepage option allows concentrating the clients’ attention on the K-beauty products. What can be better for any web store? – to present the online shop inventory in all its glory.

Currently, there are 3 clean layouts already in existence: Layout 1; Layout 2; Layout 3

Nails Studio

Who said that the nails studio industry doesn’t need to have its own website? Maybe you have nothing to sell, but presenting your services, showcasing the most recent nails works, sharing user testimonials, and maintaining work schedules for customers can be quite convenient and useful for clients.

Blogging is another communication tool between the client and the beauty industry worker. Creating informative blog posts about the latest trends, modern nail designs, new nail polish variations, can be very interesting for your customers to read, and make the right decision, for instance.

Check the variation presented in the Roxxe theme: Skin 1; Skin 2; Skin 3.

Pajamas Skins

Be trendy, and very cozy loungewear even at home is also very important. Especially during the isolation period. Zemez team of developers has spared a thought for people in the remote work and created pajamas and intimate apparel topic for special needs.

There are 3 layouts with inimitable functionality available in the theme:  HomePage 1; HomePage 2; HomePage 3.

Swimsuits Layouts

Swimwear continues to be relevant year-round. With a stylish and bright-toned design, you can create and present swimwear items with no hassle. It has a clean design with a focus on the products. Check the available skins here: Skin 1; Skin 2; Skin 3.

Roxxe Sportswear Skin

Are you passionate about action sports, fitness, snowboard, running? – This Roxxe Sportswear ready-made layout will satisfy your demands. You can create an online store to sell sports clothing (both winter and summer), accessories, shoes, or even equipment. This theme has SEO friendly code and a number of features that will bring you an online store to a new level.

Roxxe is a one-man army in sense of ready-made eCommerce template because everyone can find something suitable for its business needs. It is a long-lasting e-store theme. Every release will enrich this multipurpose theme with new, fresh, unrivaled topics on the diverse subject matter: Travel Services, Fishing, Print Store, Bookstore, Vegan Food, Perfume, etc.  

Thanks to the Shopify enhancement Roxxe theme gives the ability to construct and build as many HomePage layouts as you want just reordering the sections according to your business needs. In other words, you can add, move, remove the sections using Shopify Visual Builder thereby forming the look of your website in the most suitable way for you.

Daring Design Concept or First Impressions are Most Lasting 

When your possible clients visit your website, they rely firstly on visually appealing of the HomePage. It gives them their first impression of your business. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. That’s why web design is quite important.

If you want to stay ahead in the web market and reach more potential customers one must need to ensure that your store has a responsive, retina-ready design that works perfectly well on all kinds of devices whether it is mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Roxxe Shopify theme has a fully-responsive, clean, and modern design aimed to attract, catch the clients’ glance with the accent on visual components to bring into the sharp focus the products you sell. Check all the Live Demos of Roxxe theme!

Speed Optimization

Page speed is the essential unseen backbone that forms the structure of your prosperous online store. The loading speed for the website is one of the most important metrics nowadays. 

Roxxe responsive multipurpose theme is developed to be a speed optimized by GTmetrix analyzes. You can increase the performance of online stores greatly with this feature and that will be definitely appreciated by your clients. It is known, having a fast website helps to get on top of the Google search result ladder. Together with the Shopify Roxxe template, you can personalize SEO product tags and get a better ranking in the Google search results.

Briefly summarizing everything above mentioned, Roxxe Responsive Multipurpose Shopify theme is an innovative web solution among all-in-one multistore template that is ready to impress.

Hurry up, and maybe you’re lucky to get it for only $19! 

P.S. Keep in mind, once you buy a theme, all the following releases you’ll get for free! Big one, isn’t it. Stay in tune, and you’ll automatically get the notifications about all the updates and new releases.

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