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Elements of a High-Conversion Law Firm Website April 12, 2021

Whether you’re a young attorney just establishing your practice or a veteran trial lawyer who just isn’t getting the leads you want, it’s time that you turn your attention to digital marketing—specifically, building a website that has a high conversion rate. 

Ultimately, as a law firm, your goal is to convert a user into a client. But how? Continue reading to learn more about what elements could turn your law firm’s website into one that converts. 

A User-Friendly Experience

Arguably the most important factor of a high-converting law firm’s website is its usability. Users need to be able to obtain the information they are looking for quickly. This means that not only do your pages need to load quickly, but the user needs to be able to find the answers they’re looking for almost instantly.

Your law firm can accomplish this goal in two ways. One, you should include bulleted lists that answer a potential client’s most important questions. Include a bulleted list of your practice areas on your website’s homepage, and be sure to include these practice areas in the top navigation bar as well so the user can quickly navigate through to the area they’re looking for. You don’t want someone looking up “wrongful death claim,” but unable to find the landing page for wrongful death lawyers in your area. 

Second, you need original, unique content. Not cookie-cutter content you could slap on any law firm’s site. Customize your content to answer the user’s question, “Does this law firm have a solution to my problem?”

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

We’re in the 2020s, and most people would look at you as though you were crazy if you told them you didn’t have a cell phone. More and more people are using their phones for a wide variety of things. From social media and business apps to streaming platforms and Google searches, people are picking up their phones nearly 100 times every single day.

The likelihood that a potential client is going to be looking for a law firm to represent them through their phone is high. Or they’ll ask Alexa, “Who’s the best personal injury lawyer near me?” and wait for a response. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can almost guarantee that your rankings will fall and your leads will be nonexistent. Do yourself a favor and make sure your law firm’s website is mobile-friendly before going live. 

Content Is King

One of the most important factors that contributes to how well your law firm website converts is the content. In the search engine optimization world, content is king. We aren’t talking about a couple of landing pages you throw together for the sake of getting your site up and running, though. You need strong, high-quality landing pages and a homepage that is well thought out.

There are a couple of key considerations you should take when building the content on your law firm’s website. 

First, make sure that you are targeting the right locations. The city or town where your office is located is a good place to start, especially since Google My Business profiles are becoming an essential Google ranking factor. From there, you should target surrounding cities where accidents are most likely to occur. Don’t be afraid to do your keyword research and build a keyword campaign that is tailored to your firm’s needs.

Your landing pages should be the perfect balance of a “you-focused” page and one that provides unique or important information about your firm that sets it apart from the rest. You should also be sure to include a strong call to action on these pages, providing users with several opportunities and options to connect with someone at your law firm. 

Visually Appealing Web Design

If you want your website to convert, it has to be visually appealing. Websites that are difficult to navigate, unprofessional, or aren’t modern are more likely to result in an increased bounce rate. This is where users come to your page and click back quickly, telling Google that the information on that page isn’t what they were looking for. Forget converting clients—your website won’t even be found if you’re on page-two results.

If you hope to achieve your highest return on investment, take the time to build a visually appealing site that users will take seriously. A couple of things you should take into consideration when it comes to your website design include the following:

  • Your firm’s logo
  • Chosen themes/colors
  • What message your firm wants to convey
  • How you want your firm to be perceived
  • Using custom photos
  • Keeping it high-res

Digital marketing is critical to the success of today’s law firms. If you want your website to convert users into clients, it’s important that you take all of the factors into consideration. Remember, you want users to feel as though you have the experience they want, can produce the results they need, and most importantly, that they can trust you. 

By taking all of these search engine optimization elements into account, your law firm will have a better opportunity to grow, thrive, and serve the community. 

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