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Time Management Apps for Designers December 8, 2011

Time is the most precious thing in this world, and when it goes about your business it’s hard to imagine the more important thing. It means that Time Management Apps for Designers are the key points of the working process that can’t be overrated. These handy tools can regulate and increase the productivity of your work. There are too many Time Management Apps for Designers all over the web, and it’s not an easy task to find those that match your needs. We have collected the most trusted and well-done tools that can be good timesavers in your work. Here you will find the online to-do lists that help to organize all your data thus saving your time, time tracking tools that track everything starting from time to users, and of course take-a-break reminders – the indispensable tools that inform you about the short break to relax and then to go on with your work. Have a look at these Time Management Apps for Designers and make your work productive with them!



Google Calendar


Time Management AppsThe first tool we are going to feature in this post is Google Calendar – the must-have tool from Google that helps to manage all your personal and professional projects. Using this calendar, it becomes really simple to bear in mind all the dates, create schedules and synchronize them across multiple devices.






Time Management AppsBeing a good timesaver, it can be of a great use for all designers. Using it, you can forget about the start menu and file manager. This tool indexes the programs, launches docs, project files and folders with a few keystrokes.






Time Management AppsA good tool for organizing your business and the time you spend in the best way. It manages your projects, synchronizes your docs, helps to share them – and you can do all that just in a matter of seconds. This is the web-based secure tool for all designers and business people.






Time Management AppsTake-a-break reminder is one more important thing that will help to arrange your work in the proper way and save your time. This break reminder tool with micro-breaks allows you to decide the period of time each break lasts and set the period of time between breaks.






Time Management AppsHere is the key tool for all those who are tired of forgetting passwords. This browser-based password manager helps to generate passwords and fill forms quickly and easily. It synchronizes your data, protects it and can be used for free.




Remember the Milk


Time Management AppsUsing this task manager you’ll never forget anything. It helps to organize everything (all your tasks) in the proper way, fix all dates and perform it quickly and easily. A good task manager is a good timesaver!






Time Management AppsYou only need to install this web-based time management app, and it will provide you with the ultimate arrangement of the time you spend on your computer everyday. This is a comprehensive tool for both beginners and professionals.




Ta-Da List


Time Management AppsEverything that you want to manage will be easily managed with this to-do list that is known as one of the easiest to-do list tool. Just imagine how much time will be saved when using this simple and effective tool for organizing your data and sharing it.






Time Management AppsThis time tracking tool allows you to track and manage the time spent while working on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android. It can be implemented even across the company in several hours.






Time Management AppsIt is used for waking up your system from a sleep mode without wasting all the energy. One of its important features is the scheduler that can do the tasks without involving a sleep mode. WakeupOnStandBy can also send your system back into a sleep mode.


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  • Smallbusinesssaturday

    Remember the Milk is awesome and I have been using TSheets for my time tracker and love it. Great tips – thanks!!

  • Jennifer Mark

    hey, How can you miss out listing time tracking app from Replicon ( ) which is the leader in time tracking. i have been using this particular app from past 2 years having tremendous experience with the time management. Hope to see this particular app as well the next time.

  • George Cook

    Designers can better manage their time by using Proofhub. Has proofing tool too.

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