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The New Pulse on Tracks by Alex Khaskin February 5, 2009

A great event for those who are interested in music! has started the effective cooperation with Alex Khaskin – well known contemporary composer. A number of excellent movies contain music that is created by Alex Khaskin, among them are: “Erky Perky”, “Driving Dream”, “My Opposition”, “Nature of Things” (Change of Heart) and many others. All his tracks are written with such a desire and passion that they turn out to be immediately powerful. The most astonishing tracks by Alex Khaskin are to be found in the category Stock Music on Our collection of Khaskin’s works is really huge – 106 impressive tracks.
In this post we are glad to present you the interview with this famous composer, but at first, some words about our interviewee.



Alex Khaskin is a Russian composer, who was born in St. Petersburg and later immigrated to Toronto, Canada. He received a ‘Master’s with Distinction’ at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory where he studied composition and conducting. At the same time he become a winner of the St. Petersburg Young Composers’ Festival composition prize. After graduation Alex worked as a pianist, orchestrator, even quest conductor for the Radio and Television Orchestra of St. Petersburg, the Lenfilm Stage Orchestra, and the Orchestra of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. After a while Alex Khaskin became interested in film music and his career proceeded in this sphere. Today he works zealously in the North American film and TV industry. The variety of his works impresses. The wide range of musical compositions from contemporary classical musical pieces to music for scoring films present among them.



So, here is Alex Khaskin‘s interview accompanied with some of his astonishing tracks. Just sit down, relax, have a cup of coffee and listen. Enjoy all the prime tracks by Alex Khaskin.


Music. Was this a conscious choice of yours? How did you get involved into music production?


It was a conscious decision. I finished conservatory in Russia and then start looking for a composer’s job in a film and TV industry of St. Petersburg right after.


What would you say are the most important influences on your music?


Classical orchestral music.


Who are your inspirations? Do you have a favorite CD or artist?


Prokofiev , Peter Gabriel , Rachmaninov.


How many instruments do you play?


Trumpet and acoustic piano.


As a film music composer do you prefer to work alone or in collaboration?




How do you, as a composer, see these new digital-download outlets affect on the market?


Positive. It gives to composers yet one more possibility to make extra income and help them to continue to make a living by being professional musicians.


Today there is the growing amount of digitally distributed music. What’s your personal attitude to this trend?  

It is fine. I’m sure that we’re just at the beginning of something else that will come right after.


Where do you see the future of audio as it relates to films? What’s the next big thing we can look forward to down the road?


At this moment I’ll be involved in composing music for Vancouver Olympics in 2010.


What are your future plans?


Keep scoring films and TV.


Based on your experience as a composer, what advice would you give those aspiring to succeed in the field?


Keep pushing! Don’t give up!



Thank you, Alex, for a great interview. We wish you success and prosperity!


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    I really enjoy reading The New Pulse on Tracks by Alex Khaskin | . It’s very interesting. Hope you will post something like this again.

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