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The Most Striking 3D Robots Ever – Part 2 May 2, 2008

Here it goes people! You have probably seen the first part of our 3D Robots Review and now the second part of our spectacularly sensational 3D Robots review is ready! It has all of your suggestions included with several additional items that we thought you will be also interested in. You’ve been waiting for it and here it is, enjoy!

Title: Robot Carriste
Author: Christophe Bouchet
Location: Paris, France
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop


A credit should definitely be given to the great lighting and an interesting character in this image – comic chunk-robot, although it resembles the creatures from the ‘Fifth Element’ a bit. The design is simple and realistic, nothing superfluous, really extraordinary and breath-catching!

* * *

Title: Phoenix
Author: Arseniy Chebynkin
Location: Rybinsk, Russian Federation
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop


Beautiful scene, nice contrast, very detailed work. Indeed a great warrior robot! The visual design looks great and fits the concept perfectly. And the carefully crafted decorations altogether bring a good realism effect. An award-winning work by the way.

* * *

Title: Lifeless
Author: Aleksey Mityshkin
Location: Orsk, Russian Federation
Software: 3ds max7, Vray, PS


Almost heart-breaking scene, literary speaking. The hanging ‘heart’ element is especially bitter-looking. The whole detail work is impressing – gives you a great perspective on the inside of the robot. The lighting is also very good. And again – great surrounding decorations for the 3D robot.

* * *

Title: Mad Scropio
Author: Alexandr Atkishkin
Location: Samara, Russian Federation
Software: 3d max7, vray, ps


Detailed and complex 3d robot. Nice design and concept. The rocket-launcher on the tail is cool. And the auto chrome coating perfectly fits the robot’s mission. The white reflection makes it all look so extreme.

* * *

Title: Worker Bot
Author: Sheff
Location: Russian Federation
Software: max7, fr st1, ps 8


Great textures and amazing character – so positive and real. And so cute in its simplicity and sincerity. This 3d robot does stand out among others due to its good-natured and humorous concept with its longing for something humane instead of the endless warrior robots.

* * *

Title: Military Reform [part 2]
Author: Alexey Klimov
Location: Russian Federation
Software: max5, ph7, vray


The 3d model and atmosphere are perfect. Marvelous textures and details done very professionally. Good ferrum materials, and the russian flag on the left arm looks very conceptual. As one of our readers has noted, it would be a great character for computer games.

* * *
Title: 3D Model of a Blue Metal Robot
Author: Gekko
Portfolio: See Gekko’s Profile
Software: 3Ds Max 8, Mental Ray 3.4

A 3D Model from (see this Blue Metal Robot in different angles and with a 360 degrees rotation) by our contributor named Gekko. Perfectly produced in its smallest details this fella has a bull’s-eye style element on his face instead of ordinary face parts like mouth or eyes.

* * *

Title: Robofight
Author: Extrane
Location: Russian Federation
Software: 3Dmax Vray


Interesting design and impressive detalization, though the blur distracts a bit. The concept of combat fighting is fresh. Unusual composition with a demonstrationally good angle. Nothing unnecessary as in every professional work.

* * *

Author: MODOX-3D
Software: C4D+Vray


A beautiful 3D model of metal elephant robot, extremely impressive! Everything is great – materials, light and details. What I also like about it is how ordinary elephant’s parts are adopted to the robot parts – pay attention to the legs and proboscis.

* * *

Title: Machine Messiah
Author: mobiusdog
Software: 3dmax, mental ray


Kinda aggressive character but looks very realistic. The model itself is made with all the details necessary for an overall impressive effect – the materials, lighting that gives this nice shining at the edges – everything looks great.

* * *

Title: GH-Bot
Author: Shikijiyu
Software: Maya, Mental Ray.


Even though extremely mechanized the grasshopper still looks like real one – especially the head. As for the details and the concept – I can only admire this idea. I mean if it were real it would surely work as there are springs in the legs and wires attached to the feet. Gorgeous one!

* * *

Title: Destroyer Droid
Author: mech7
Software: SolidWorks 2006


This model is a little similar to the “Mad Scorpio” mentioned above due to the color scheme and with how aggressive it looks. All of the rest is also well-composed – great details and lighting that gives the glare to the material.

* * *

Title: ISO 206
Author: ajdin


This alien-alike character has beautiful smooth lines which are for some reason not very popular among other 3D artists. Because of these aerodynamic shapes and the material the model as a whole looks realistic enough to be presented in some sci-fi movies.

* * *

Title: M.A.R. 9000
Author: emciem
Software: modeled with Maya, rendered with vue. postwork with photoshop.


This one is one of my favorites! Spectacularly well materials and details – these rust sections (and the shades of these sections) simply take my breath away! And because of the lighting – which is also brilliant of course – what we get is a photo realistic effect. I simply love it!

* * *

Title: Googlebot
Author: emciem


Also one of my favorites :) This time it’s not that large-scale and detailed work but nevertheless there is also a photo realistic effect. The details of the legs with all these wires and devices also add realism to the 3D model. Besides the character itself (not as a model but as a creature) is so charismatic!

* * *

Title: Cyborg Head 02
Author: mmarti
Software: 3D Studio Max 4.26, rendered with V-Ray, Lighting – HDR Image


This cyborg head is a little similar to the Terminator’s head, don’t you think so? :) Even if so it is still brilliantly done. What I especially love about this work are the materials – the metal has these little defects and scratches and because of them looks so realistic that it even scares! :)

* * *

Title: Victorian Justice Machine
Author: MattiasA


Also a work in which the materials play the role of the prime impressive element. I’m not saying that other aspects aren’t good, they really are great and the model is a complex of it all. It’s just that in this particular case metal makes it all look as an artwork sculpture. Not to mention how great the character concept is with all of the Victorian age details.

* * *

Title: Mecha BUG AD
Author: Rasyidxtreme


A futurist 3D model of a fighter insect of some kind. Again – the materials are perfectly detailed, the scratches add a tremendous portion of realism to the character. The color scheme and the lighting are also adorable even though there are no glares that we all love so much :)

* * *

Well, that’s about it! And yet we are pretty sure that there’s a lot of other 3D Robots left behind – it’s impossible to embrace them all on one blog :) Although maybe sometime in future we will gather them, who knows.

We hope you did love these two posts and as always – you are very welcome to comment on anything you wish.

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  • The Rockman

    Being a scorpio the Mad Scropio wins… hands down… or would that be claws down? The reflection of the tail on Scropio’s back is awesome. Excellent use of light.

  • Joe

    Kinda pathetic that most of them are original but ripoffs of droidekas from star wars and mechs from the third matrix movie still slid in without word or credit

  • Web Design Denver

    There’s some great work in this list. And it’s pretty amazing to see most of this work comes from outside of the US


    muy buen post, seguramente va a servir para inspirar

  • Kman

    the Military Reform is not a robot…

  • SwAraN SiNgH

    This is really a cool stuff man and i really liked the scorpio in this man the texture used in this is really cool 7 amaging.


    Collection is really amazing. Thanks for making a great list.

  • Website Design

    These are pretty slick. It amazes me what people can do with 3d modeling and rendering. Very neat.

  • lmichet

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Destroyer Droid is from Star Wars. It’s a great model of one, yes, but if it’s a well-composed robot because Lucasarts invented it.

  • Dustin

    “Military Reform” should look familiar, it’s the Armored Personnel Unit in Matrix Revolutions.

  • Kelly

    Very, very cool. Some very brilliant and imaginative pieces of work.

  • Delio

    I’m glad someone noticed the Star Wars and Matrix rip offs.
    I noticed them right away and was pissed.

  • Ashlizzle

    ‘pleh’ matrix and star wars rip offs, but the matrix one isn’t even a robot, it has no logical parts to it, its just an add on, like a very advanced gun tbf.

  • suren

    that was really cool ..and for students like me to take note of the best work produced till now … really helpfull!

  • Stop Smoking

    One of those robots looks like the bad robot from Ironman, the Russian one I think it was.

  • RPO

    The Scorpio is crazy!

  • Funky Space Monkey

    Machine Messiah is dope

  • mech7

    Thank you so much for featuring my art :)
    And all the other robots are great

  • Hayden

    If you watch the new Star Wars, the Clone Wars (kid cartoon) the robots look exactly like one of them here. I wonder who took who’s idea…

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  • Angel

    Awesome collection. I love the Victorian Justice Machine aka Fat Terminator!

  • Derek

    the scorpio is from the transformers movie.

    im a bigger fan of the original ideas than rehashes on other peoples ideas.

  • Hectic Capiznon bloggers 2009

    Wow. I like the robotics grasshoper.. Nice layout.

  • koo294

    i don’t see how the destroyer droid is a rip off, yes, it’s from starwars, but its called a destroyer droid in starwars too, its just a model someone’s made of a destroyer droid. I’ve modelled a droid before, and its pretty hard, and to make a droid that as detailed as mech did would take a load of effort.

  • Noah Group

    I think robots will become as a part of our family someday. Do you think they can help us in our daily life? or they should be worth nothing to our life?

  • Tekno_robot

    vay be robotler

  • vas slain by bane

    yani dünyada böyle ilginç robot görmedim :) :)

  • ibrahim


  • Ajaustinajnacpil

    those where cool……..!!!!!i love them…!!!!

  • Ajaustinajnacpil

    those where cool……..!!!!!i love them…!!!!

  • Sajudevnmax


  • Daddddd

    bati mani

  • rikenal2

    nice collection….. And, these robots are cool and awesome 

  • Jorge

    its a pretty bold statement saying this are the best robots ever… not even close.

  • Mark A. MacIntyre

    I’m making this skit for youtube, and I Need bumblebee that can transform to a car  but still be able to add other motion’s in it I tried to make one myself but I’m not really good at 3Ds Max, And also I’m trying to make a Chincilla character the is adorable also.. can anyone help me with this The skit i have in mine will make millions of view’s cause it is funny. you can contact me on my facebook or twitter me at @Icesin4ever:twitter is there anyone that can help or that has’s a animated template I could use?

  • Keith Corcoran

    Maybe not the most striking but I’m pretty proud of it. Here’s one I did last week. Great list BTW!

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