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The Most Extraordinary 3D Concept Vehicles! January 7, 2009

Hi folks! We know how you like our different 3D reviews and showcases. And this time we concentrated our attention on the most extraordinary 3D concept vehicles created by graphic designers and engineers from all over the world. So, enjoy!


* * *
Title: White Lion
Author: Stefan Schulze
Location: Germany
Software: Cinema 4D
Portfolio here



Stefan Schulze is a talented 3D designer from Germany. He provides different 3D services. His collection abounds in a great deal of photo realistic concept vehicles and stylish 3D cars.


* * *
Title: Car
Designed by Matus Prochaczka


The image was taken from


It’s the unseen technology! Just look at this magnet-powered eco-friendly car! It overcomes the force of gravity through the strategic use of an electric engine and magnets. The car design is really original and impressive.



* * *
Author: Hiro Nakano
Location: Japan
Portfolio here



Hiro Nakano is a digital artist from Japan. He created a real cyberfactory full of impressive concept cars, sci fi 3D devices, aircrafts, robots and other characters and machines.


* * *
Title: 3D Vehicle
Author: Renderboy
Software: 3Ds Max 8+, VRay 1.5 RC3
Renderboy’s Profile



A modern one-passenger car concept created by our contributor named Renderboy (look at this modern car from different angles and with a 360 degrees rotation).


* * *
Title: Argento concept car
Author: Alejandro
Location: Argentina
Software: 3D Studio Max 5


Thanks to for this image.


A very interesting conceptual model. Nice and clean design with exquisite accurate lines makes this car look absolutely posh.


* * *
Title: BRB Evolution
Author: Daniel Bailey
Location: United Kingdom


The image was taken from


This is the BRB Evolution —a unique sports car concept, designed by 22-year-old British engineer Daniel Bailey. He claims he was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908.


* * *
Title: Ferrari Shark Nose 1961
Author: Jomar Machado
Location: Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop
Portfolio here



Jomar Machado is a Brazilian artist with unique talent and vast experience. He started his career as a traditional painter using traditional art materials, pencils, brushes and air-brushes. For about 17 years he was working for Thompson Company focusing mostly on story-boards, layouts and art that went to print. When Thompson turned it’s traditional Studio into the Computer Arts Department in 1994 Jomar was one of the people who joined the change from brushes to mouse. Currently he is working a freelancer.


* * *
Title: Neo Topolino Concept
Author: Olivier Lacombe
Location: France
Software: 3dsMax 5, Brazil


Thanks to for this image.


This amazing retro sport concept car was created by a French graphic designer Olivier Lacombe under the influence of Fiat 500 Topolino. Don’t you think it’s great?


* * *
Title: Mach 5
Author: Haryanto Halim
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta
Software: 3ds max, VRay
Portfolio here



Influenced by the movie ‘Speed Racer’, Haryanto Halim – a graphic designer from Indonesia – decided to create a 3D image of Mach 5 car.


* * *
Title: BMW “Spider”
Author: Alberto Pernigotto Cego
Location: Italy
Software: Rhino 2.0, 3d Studio Max 4.2, Brazil 1.0


Thanks to for this image.


This original concept car was created by the Italian graphic artist Alberto Pernigotto Cego. It was modeled in Rhino 2.0 and3d Studio Max 4.2, then rendered in Brazil 1.0. Nice work!


* * *
Title: 3D Vehicle # 678
Author: Gekko
Software: 3Ds Max 7+, Brazil 1.2.51
Gekko’s Profile



This striking 3D vehicle was created by one of the’s contributers known as Gekko. Follow the link to his profile to view more his works.


* * *
Title: f1 car
Author: Tamonud Mukherjee
Location: India
Software: Maya
Portfolio here



3D modeling has always been a big passion for Tamonud Mukherjee. This 3D image is one of the examples and proves of his talent.


* * *
Title: Medusa
Author: Kamran Chahkar
Location: Canada
Software: 3D Studio Max, Brasil


Thanks to for this image.


This concept car is really eye-catching! Attractive design, smooth lines, sparkling wheel disks – there is nothing too many here. It’s perfect!


* * *
Title: 3D Vehicle
Author: Smoke
Software: 3D Studio Max
Smoke’s Profile



This 3D image was created by one of the contributers, known as Smoke. Visit his profile page to view more his works.


* * *
Title: EOS Cherubim
Author: Burkhardt Schempp
Location: Germany
Software: 3D Studio MAX 4.2, Brazil r/s



Thanks to for this image.


Elegant and graceful! This concept car would be perfect for young and confident people who know value of good things!


* * *
Author: Hiro Nakano
Location: Japan
Portfolio here



Here is another great concept car created by the Japanese graphic designer Hiro Nakano. Visit his portfolio to view more his creative images.


* * *
Title: Auto
Author: Yakovlev Alexander
Location: Russia
Software: Rhino, 3Ds Max, Vray


Thanks to for this image.


Here is another amazing concept car with transparent body. Very bold and at the same time interesting idea!


* * *
Title: 3D Vehicle # 880
Author: Cash
Software: 3Ds Max 7+, Brazil 1.2.51
Cash’s Profile



This 3D vehicle was created by one of the’s contributers, known as Cash. Follow the link to his profile page to view more of his works.


* * *


That’s it, guys! Hopefully you’ve found something interesting and new for you. If you want to decorate your online project with some extraordinary Car Clipart, you can find it at Good luck!



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