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Robots Parade! The 20 Greatest and Most Famous Robots in Movies of All Time! September 25, 2008

Nothing in the world stays at the same place. The technology continues to develop with furious paces inventing new devices and machines to make our life better, simpler and more comfortable. And at present time neither Internet banking, nor smart buildings or even robots can surprise us. Scientists have been hatching out the idea of artificial people for many years. During all this time they tried to robotized all spheres of activity and have created various automatically controlled machines of any forms and types. But many inventions are still living in luxuriant people’s imagination and on TV screens.

And today, we would like to bring to your notice this collection of the most popular and most recognizable robots in movies of all time. It is the sequel to our robots reviews: “22 of the Most Striking 3D Robots Ever!” and “The Most Striking 3D Robots Ever – Part 2”.
Here you will see the greatest creations of skillful designers. Millions of dollars were spent to build these fictional characters and create animated visual effects. So, enjoy!

* * *
Marvin in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ 2005

The image is taken from

Marvin is a fictional character in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ series directed by Douglas Adams. Marvin is the ship’s robot aboard the starship Heart of Gold portrayed by Warwick Davis. Marvin’s personality can be characterized in the following way: he is apparently afflicted with severe depression and boredom, he is very intelligent, but rarely is able to use his brain.

* * *
Sonny in ‘I, Robot’.

Photo by Digital Domain – © 2004 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved.

That is how the robots may look like in the year 2035. Sonny is a fictional character from the movie ‘I, Robot’ starring Will Smith and directed by Alex Proyas. The events take place exactly in 2035 year, when the robots have become an integral part of people life. But Sonny has appeared the smartest one.

* * *
Terminator in ‘Terminator3’.

Terminator 3
Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard – © – Image courtesy

The Terminator is a character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the third part of this thrilling science fiction movie he was sent back through time to protect the main character, John Connor. Terminator is appeared to be one of the strongest, mightiest and impressive androids ever!

* * *
C-3P0 in ‘Star Wars’ franchise, 1997 to 2005.

20th Century Fox.

* * *
R2-D2 in ‘Star Wars’ franchise, 1997 to 2005.


20th Century Fox.

Who hasn’t seen the legendary Star Wars films? Even a small kid knows who is depicted on the pictures :) . Right, it’s well recognized C-3PO and R2-D2, fictional characters, two robots designed to serve humans. C-3PO was portrayed by Anthony Daniels, and R2D2 – by Kenny Baker.

* * *
Johnny 5.

The image is taken from

Twenty two years have passed since Johnny 5 appeared. Johnny 5 is a popular character from comedy science fiction film starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg and directed by John Badham. Tim Blaney provided the voice of the robot.

* * *
ABC Warrior from ‘Judge Dredd’.

ABC Warrior-Judge Dredd
The image is taken from

Judge Dredd action film was released in 1995. The plot of the film is based on the Judge Dredd strip in the British comic 2000 AD. But we won’t go into details and just want to present the ABC Warrior from this movie. It’s an old antique robot created for war. But everything depends on those who control it.

* * *
Mechagodzilla from the Godzilla series.

The image is taken from

Mechagodzilla is a fictional character from the Godzilla series of science fiction films appeared in the 70-th years of the 20-th century. But exactly this look of Mechagodzilla as the image above shows, was presented in the film “Godzilla: Tokio S.O.S.” created in 2003. Mechagodzilla’s armour was made of a mysterious, strong and nearly indestructible alloy. He was also equipped with missiles in its fingers, knees, and even toes. Then he received quite a few weapon upgrades in addition to new computer control software routines.

* * *
Maria in ‘Metropolis,’ 1927.

The image is taken from

The film ‘Metropolis’ directed by Fritz Lang was released in 1927. It was one of the favorite movies of George Lucas. Inspired by it, he created the most celebrated droid C-3P0 after “Maria” the robot.

* * *
Robby from ‘Forbidden Planet’.

The image is taken from

‘Forbidden Planet’ is a pretty old science fiction film released in 1956. The characters and setting were inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and the plot doesn’t have much differences. Robby’s character was inspired by the Sprite in the play. Robby is one of the first movie robots who demonstrates his own personality. Before his appearance, they tended to lack personality characteristics, being simple artificial machines.

* * *

The image is taken from

RoboCop is a police super-human cyborg, a hybrid of man and machine. First he appeared in 1987 in the action movie of the same name. The character of RoboCop itself was inspired by Judge Dredd as well as the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. Peter Weller played the main part.

* * *
The Sentinels in ‘Matrix’

The Sentinels
The image is taken from

The Sentinels are the autonomous killing machines that appear as multitentaculate creatures with multiple visual receptors, resembling octopi in the most ways. They attack anything that threatens them. In addition to their powerful ripping clawed tentacles, Sentinels are armed with a laser.

* * *
Terminator Series 1000 in ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ 1991.

The image is taken from

T-1000 humanoid in ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ (1991) is a metallic polyalloy, ‘super fluid’ that can form itself into everything.

* * *
The Borg in ‘Star Trek: First Contact,’ 1996.

The Borg
The image is taken from

The Borg were pseudo-race of cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. Their primary goal was to be the perfect. Thus, the Borg were among the most dangerous and feared races in the galaxy.

* * *
Optimus Prime in ‘Transformers’.

Optimus Prime
The image is taken from

Optimus Prime, an autobot, being the main character of a 2007 live action film “Transformers” couldn’t stay unnoticed. Optimus is programmed to have thousands of mechanical pieces that can be moved during transformation.

* * *
Robot B9 from ‘Lost In Space’.

Robot B9
The image is taken from

Robot B9 is a fictional character of the several science fiction films. But this one was taken from ‘Lost in Space’ released in 1998 and directed by Stephen Hopkins. It’s Matt LeBlanc who is standing next to the robot.

* * *
Cylon from ‘Battlestar Galactica’.


Cylons were a race of war machines created by an ancient lizard-like race extinct centuries ago. When they discovered humans as the most practical living beings, they copied human bodies and became even more invulnerable. Cylons could live forever because every part of their body could be changed or repaired.

* * *
Robot from ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

The image is taken from

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is one of the soulful science fiction movies where the main character is a robotic boy who really longs to become human. The robot depicted on the image above is also from this movie.

* * *
Robot Andrew in ‘Bicentennial Man’.

Bicentennial Man
The image is taken from

‘Bicentennial Man’ starring Robin Williams and directed by Chris Columbus was released in 1999. It is based on the well-known novella of the same name by Isaac Asimov. Robot Andrew from the first sight seems to be the ordinary robot but the only thing that distinguishes him is that he can feel and share his emotions.

* * *
ED-209 in ‘RoboCop,’ 1987.

The image is taken from

Here is another robot from the thrilling action movie ‘RoboCop’ (1987) – ED-209. Look, he possesses great power and might and really makes me feel uncomfortable.

* * *

That’s it! Of course, there are many other robots, androids, humanoids that didn’t get into our collection. But we shouldn’t think that they are not worthy of our special attention. :)
And as you know, your comments are highly appreciated. So, don’t hesitate and leave you responses right here.


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  • Adam

    A nice list of robots, and I’m glad you included ones like Bicentennial Man and the Cylons, they can get forgotten when competing with the likes of Optimus Prime and R2D2.

    I have two other suggestions if you will permit me. Ash the ever so psychotic “science officer” from Alien, and his much more friendly successor Bishop from the sequel Aliens.

    • pookie

      what about the cute drones from “Loguns Run” (I think that’s spelled correctly) and The robot from “Saturn 3″…… I had nightmares for weeks from that old movie :)


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  • evilgrin

    Damn, kept scrolling, expecting to see the Iron Giant, but no!
    It’s too bad, he was a great robot

  • DrMaren

    What about the oriinal MARVIN who was in the film and the TV series of “THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY”? The original MARVIN is “the” CLASSIC one I think. The T.V. series was broadcast long before the film was even thought about. 😉 :-)

  • Tianna

    To evilgrin
    Thanks for the comment!
    I agree with you, the Iron Giant is a great robot.
    But he is from the animation movie and thus, looks not so real.

    But now we know what we will take into our next review 😉

  • Tianna

    To DrMaren
    Thanks for the comment!

    Original Marvin also looks great. By the way, I like both of them: the classic one and the new one.
    But I decided to take Marvin of 2005 to make this collection more up-to-date :)

  • Tianna

    To Adam

    Thanks for the great suggestions! Your comments are always welcome. I have never seen ‘Alien’ but heard much of the robots you’ve mentioned. Now I know what I’m going to see next weekend :)

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  • Poison3k

    nice list, I agree with the Alien comment, I hope you did watch those movies as they are epic on the sci fi scale.

    also, what about HAL?

  • ReZeroX

    seriously? no Gort? what kind of list is this without the robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still?

  • Robb

    Awesome list! But what about Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, Ultra Man, and the original robot on Lost in Space?

  • hamish

    no daleks? what is this.

    • octopussoup

      they arent robots. theyre alien mutants in armor

  • Gemy

    Somehow the robot in The Day the earth Stood Still is not on this list…how is that possible?

  • Heroshan T

    very nice………….

  • Sar P


  • Yaritza_mendoza12


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  • stream linellc

    Amazing! I’d enjoy the opportunity to complete and so. I’ll develop anything when you need to submit and thus enable you to be familiar with. Thanks male.



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  • Edward Song

    I’d vote to put the robot on Lost in Space on the list.

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