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Skeuomorphism as Popular Trend in UI Design September 20, 2012

The normal renewal of web design can be illustrated with the process when trite trends disappear, and the new ones emerge in the offing. In the following post we are not going to revert to those that are already gone, but will focus your attention on such cool trend that you can find in a number of designs, and that is called skeuomorphism . It is a design technique of presenting various objects. These digital objects possess the same ornamental design cues that are peculiar to the structure of their existing counter-parts. The point that makes these skeuomorphic objects interesting for the viewers is that they behave like the real ones. Why is skeuomorphism in web design so popular? Because it makes designs engaging for visitors who cooperate with all these cool objects with great pleasure. Skeuomorphism as Trend in UI Design feels familiar for everyone, it invites to move and innovate, involves users in the captivating journey around the site. Let’s see how it can be presented in designs.

Book Shelves
This recognizable example of the UI skeuomorphism that you can find not only in eBook Readers (it is peculiar to them), but also in various designs that crave for your attention. Just clicking on each book you can move to its description and feel yourself like choosing them in a bookstore. Actually, this element is rather popular, ‘cause it offers you to experience the real-life actions.

Each calculator that is used in design and which emulates the real one, can be put on the list of skeuomorphic elements. It can be just a little digital screen, or the one with a number of buttons, it doesn’t matter. The idea is to offer you such a familiar and cute thing in the digital interpretation.

Here goes one more element that will call your joy when you run into it in some designs, and it is a Synthesizer. It reflects all the details of the real one, and gives you even more options. The most bright examples of it is, of course, of the same name iPad app. No one can argue that it’s really one of the coolest skeuomorphic Ui elements.

Flip Clock
This element has become a part of our lifes, especially for those who are the owners of HTC. When you take in hands your HTC for the first time, you can’t notice this cool flips on its desktop. The same you can find in various sites’ designs.

Of course, this trend has its drawbacks. Some people find it unnecessary trend in design, ‘because of its certain kitsch, but it’s just the opinion of some. Also, it can be a complicated task sometimes to create the digital analogue of the existing objects, and in this case the idea of skeuomorphism goes wrong. One more negative element of this trend can be the overall attention of the users on it, and overlooking of the design’s functionality at the same time. And the last point is that it’s just a modern trend that can go away in some time.

So, these are pros and cons of this trend in UI design that is so popular for today, and it’s up to your whether to implement it in your designs or not. We are sure that you’ll make the right choice and create really effective designs!

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