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Responsive Web Design Infographic in New Interactive Format! July 25, 2012

The visual presentation of data works better than its written analogues. That’s the reason for the ever growing number of infographics enthusiasts. The designers keep apace with this viewers’ interest and try their best to offer the creative infographics for whatever themes you can imagine. The cutting edge visual graphics don’t only highlight the information, but also can serve as a great source of endless designer’s inspiration. The more creative it is, the more likes and more positive feedback it will receive from the audience. Interactive infographic – this is the thing that really works!

Here is one of its brightest examples – Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic from It offers the viewers to undertake a captivating journey with impressive animation and cool dynamic effects in the world of the responsive design. While browsing this infographic, you’ll learn all the information about responsive web design to create your own responsive website. It shows the general information, statistics, 11 free PDF books, useful tips, 15 analytical and inspirational articles, 65 professional tutorials, 19 tools and responsive website templates (in case you need ready-made responsive website designs). And all this is presented in the interactive way, which means that you are involved in a kind of a game where you choose your own steps and their sequence to get the desired information. This infographic looks like a road on a board game with a number of various symbols like light bulbs, books, and quotes, and it is for you to choose your own road.

(Here is a static and contracted version of Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide, the link of the full version is at the bottom.)

Responsive Web Design Infographic
Responsive Web Design Infographic

Follow the link to see full version of this Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide!

If you like this infographic, share it with you frinds across social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon)! To put it on your own page, just copy the code of a .jpg version from the page with the full version of this interactive guide.

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