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Read Website Offline Tools September 27, 2012

We’ve got used to the 24/7 Internet in our lifes. It’s hard to imagine that there are minutes that we spend offline, ‘cause all the time we are there. But still it happens that you can’t find Wi-Fi connection, and then it seems that the world has gone wrong. Actually, it’s not a problem, if you know how to read the sites you are interested in offline. With the tools for reading sites offline, you’ll be able to do it via whatever portable devices you have: laptops, tablets, mobile phones. So, here they are – Read Website Offline Tools:


Offline Pages

Here is the cool app for saving the entire web pages and browsing them offline on iPad screen then. To save everything you need, you touch the button while browsing the sites and send a link from any PC or Mac directly to your device using a handy browser bookmark.




You’ll certainly like the clean web interface of the next tool for offline reading. Being optimized for iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias, etc. it allows you to read the saved content anytime and anywhere. The process of saving is quite simple – with 1 click or a tap on the keyboard.



Browse Later

What are the devices that this tool is perfect for? Browse Later fits your iPod Touch users, iPhone users with too small or even no data connectivity, and iPhone users.




It allows you to view the whole websites after saving without the internet connection. Using the Diigo library, you can arrange all the saved materials in the most favorable way.




Using this iPhone app, you can read everything you’ve found. Its main function is capturing all the articles you want to come back to in some time. Then you can return to them and read offline from your iPhone.




Offline Reader

With the help of the following app you are able to save the whole web pages for the later reading including formatting and images. Then you can easily read them offline on iOS devices. How to save the stuff you are interested in? The built-in browser with “Save Offline” icon gives you such an opportunity.




After putting in Pocket, your websites are automatically synced to your portable devices where you can browse them any time you like, even without an internet connection. This app is in the top 10 of the most used.




Just use your Google account to sign into ReadBag where you can save urls using a simple bookmarklet. Then you can find and read everything that is saved on the ReadBag site from your computer or mobile phone browser, email, or feed reader.




With no downloads or installation requirements, you can easily save your links and manage them. Then you can always browse your links on your iOS and Android device too. It looks like a simple page where you can browse all your links.


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