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Political Web Design. Top Official Presidential Sites March 14, 2013

Creating a positive online image and staying in touch with people are primary goals of the political websites. What are they? Presidential websites, government official pages, sites of various political parties and campaigns – it’s only the beginning of the list. The focus of our attention today is Political Web Design.

How does the design of the mighty ones look like? What are the most common features of such web presences? Follow us to dive deeper in this topic.

As the President is a head of the state, his official page is, let us call it so, his face. Converting the political ideas correctly, winning the attention of people, and staying in touch with them – these are the key points of every political website. Looking at sites of this kind, you can notice some similar features:

  • Responsive design. It allows to get more views from greater amount of users.
  • Powerful social media integration. It’s good when there is a space for discussions all over the web.
  • High resolution photos. Professionally done images are obligatory in building confidence.
  • Effective headlines. To get an idea of what is written in the following article.
  • Enough whitespace. When clutter elements are avoided and the whitespace is used, it becomes easier to present everything clearly to the audience.
  • The readable content. Usually, such sites are content heavy. The layout should be correctly organized to present all the blocks of information in a comprehensive way.
  • News blog. It is essential for presenting fresh news and press releases.

Political sites usually avoid heavy graphics and some artistic creative designs, because it’s not always convenient for users and not appropriate.

One more interesting point are the colors that are used for designing of these sites. Usually, these are the traditional colors of the national flag. The most commonly used are: white, red, blue, green, yellow. There are certain historically developed associations with these colors. They are not absolute, but they still exists. It’s not obligatory that they mean the same in the beneath examples of sites.

Blue (dark blue) is associated with conservative parties.
Green is for green politics.
Red is usually associated with socialism and communism.
Yellowis the color of liberalism.
White is linked to pacifism.

And one more time – these are only association. The colors can have other meanings in the following examples.

Well, that’s enough for the general info, let’s see the examples of the Top Official Presidential Sites. Which of them present great design and what solutions are used – you’ll see it while continuing reading.

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President of the US. Official Website


Here is an example of great execution of the political site. Clean and clear, without extra elements that interfere with communicating the main idea. There is enough whitespace on the background that helps to focus attention on the blogroll. The header is made in blue against which large images look more contrasting. A neat typography and logo in traditional US colors create a warm welcome to the visitors. The laconic design concept of a good site.


President of the Republic of Poland. Official Website


When visiting the website of this President, you will notice that the background is filled with a kind of bluish fog. Generally, this kind of texture makes a positive effect due to the use of blue that is a color of peace, tranquility and security. In some cultures, this color may have different meanings, but generally it represents confidence and reliability of the whole website.


President of Azerbaijan. Official Website


The choice of a dark blue as one of design colors gives a feeling of a strong yet calm web presence. The visitors get everything they can expect from such site – a simple structure (the content is divided into readable blocks), good visual presentation (easy on the eye colors), and patriotic feeling that is created due to all the minor graphic elements and overall color scheme.


Former President of the US. Official Website


This website is quite modern looking with the contrasting color scheme: dark blue and white. Large typography focuses attention on the main blocks of information. You’ll notice the social icons in the first seconds of visiting this site – it hints at good promotion via social networks. The site can be called content wise, and thus quite pleasant for visiting.


President of France. Official Website


The effective header in the national colors speaks to the point and creates a strong impact on the viewers. I like the wise arrangement of the content part with the chronological line above, featured blocks, separated video content. All blocks of information go with Twitter and Facebook social icons, inviting the visitors to share them via social media. Pleasant on the eye and modern looking design.


President of Georgia. Official Website


In color spectrum, red is known as a warm color. Red evokes emotions ranging from positive to negative feelings. In this case red dubs the color scheme of the national symbols that are of great importance for Georgian people.


President of Russia. Official Website


Here is an example of the thought-out execution of the content heavy site. The laconic design creates a serious atmosphere and makes the viewers ready for browsing the political site. The blue header/footer hints at the Russian flag and at the same time sets a tranquil and secure tone. The wise arrangement of all press releases, articles and news items make the site easy to read.


President of the Republic of Columbia. Official Website


The Columbian President website is created in a minimal style with the use of grey/white/red color scheme. The usage of these colors makes it pretty easy to browse through. The first impression this website makes on a regular user is really positive, colors do not hurt the eyes and encourage to spend more time exploring the content.


President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Official Website


The background textures, ornamental elements, the embedded player with the national anthem, the national emblem in the header, the choice of traditional for the country colors – all this creates the patriotic tone of the site. A thought-out layout invites the visitors to browse the page easily, without any embarrassment.


President of the Republic of Korea. Official Website


Seems like it’s a good tradition to create presidential websites that are fully repeating colors of national flags. Korean presidential website is not an exception. Being created in blue/white/red color scheme it transfers peace, tranquility and security. What’s more, blue color creates confidence and reliability.


President of Mexico. Official Website


Mexican presidential website continues this tradition. Website layout combines three colors: green, red and white. Even though white color prevails, red CTA buttons are impossible to miss. Among those three – green is the less used color though effect that it produces is the most positive.


President of the Republic of Macedonia. Official Website


The website of a Macedonian President repeats colors used on the national flag. Red and orange have always been considered the main colors representing Macedonia, probably because of the colors of the historical coat of arms of Macedonia. The sun on the flag is a “symbol of the new Liberty.” Both colors used on the flag and on the website arouse strongest emotional response and symbolize love and passion.


President of the Dominican Republic. Official Website


And again, here we see the design done in a patriotic color trio (red, white, and blue). Understanding the importance of visual presentation, this site offers the same amount of printed and video information. Good structure and wise navigation make it easy to move to the desired part of the site. There is nothing irritating or distracting here, the page looks quite efficient.


President of Turkey. Official Website


The next website gladdens the eyes with quite modern design. It catches attention with the bright red header, and this effectiveness is complemented with attractive icons (social media and others) that are placed all over the site. The structure of the content is good and comprehensive for the readers. All the mentioned above points create the impressive overall feel.


President of Brazil. Official Website


Gradients are a great way to add interest, color, and even depth to a web design. That’s why this visual effect was applied to the website of the President of Brazil. As you know, blue is the color of trust and peace, these are the most important things for every President.


Political web design follows certain rules among which the simplicity of presentation and the impact on the visitors are the key points. Clean and clear designs, the ease of navigation, readable content, national color scheme, accessibility across platforms, responsive layout, social media icons – are the signs of a good political site. Presidential websites are aimed at effective communicating of political ideas and gaining attention of people. Being created with all the mentioned above points, they achieve maximum effect on viewers.

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