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Peugeot 3D Models Design Contest June 11, 2008

During the last years the world of 3D modeling was following a very interesting design contest from a well known French car manufacturer Peugeot. The contest is also active now, it’s called “Peugeot Design Contest – 5th edition” by the way and 3D artists can submit their works for it. But first things first. In this post we will review the award winning 3D Models as well as the ones we consider the most interesting from the contests of previous years. And let’s start from the beginning:

2000-2001: “2020” – a concept car for the year 2020

The winner of the 2000-2001 competition was “Moonster” by 23-year-old student at the university of applied art in Belgrade – Marko Lukovic. His proposal was that the Peugeot of 2020 should be an original vehicle, inspired by aeronautics, incorporating a two-seater passenger compartment in the center.

Here is a couple of screenshots of a digital 3D Model:

Moonster by Marko Lukovic

Moonster by Marko Lukovic

And here is the actual photo of a real concept from auto show:

Moonster by Marko Lukovic

(with thanks to

* * *

2002-2003: “Retrofuturism”

This contest, themed “Retrofuturism”, had a winner named Stefan Schulze with “4002”. Schulze’s well-done, not to say fabulous, mixture of historic elements and futuristic body design makes the 4002 differ from the bland retro concepts we have seen on international motor shows so many times before. The vehicle’s silhouette is intended to symbolize the Peugeot’s heraldic animal – the lion. But the original one stands upright whereas the vehicle’s side profile shows the one that lies and waits in the Savannah.

Digital 3D Model:

4002 by Stefan Schulze

The actual concept car photo exhibited at one of the auto shows:

4002 by Stefan Schulze

(with thanks to

* * *

2004-2005 “Design the Peugeot you dream of seeing in the near future”:

That years’ contest’ best work was of a Portuguese designer André Costa with a work called “Moovie”. I guess that the main reasons for the award were the original style expressing a clear allegiance to the brand with lots of innovations at the same time which made it a genuine future prospect.

The digital 3D Model:

Moovie by André Costa

Moovie by André Costa

And this is what “Moovie” looks like in actual life:

Moovie by André Costa

(with thanks to: Official Peugeot ‘2020’ Design Contest Results and Moovie by Andre Costa)

* * *

2006-2007 “P.L.E.A.S.E.” – stands for Pleasurable, Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, Ecological:

The great winner is Mr. Mihai Panaitescu, 20 year old, a design student of I.E.D. Turin. With unbelievable work called “Peugeot Flux Concept.” It’s a relatively small car (3,500cm long by 1,650cm wide), it runs on a slim hydrogen power generator hidden in the back, with the tank mounted under the hood, according to what it says in car’s features.

3D Model:

Flux by Mihai Panaitescu

The name Flux was inspired by the continuous change and flow of our daily lives during work and fun. The shape also represents this flow with transitions between hard and smooth lines, straight and curved all of which are typical Peugeot’s styling cues.

According to the author, his intention was to design a vehicle that would please its passengers whatever the situation is.

Flux by Mihai Panaitescu

The actual concept car:

Flux by Mihai Panaitescu

(with thanks to: Official Peugeot ‘P.L.E.A.S.E.‘ Design Contest Results and Flux by Mihai Panaitescu)

* * *

Wesley Saikawa, 27-year guy from Brazil took the second place with a very uncommon work called “N Jooy” that can be read in two ways: “enjoy” and “Nature + Joy”. Designer offers to take form as “organic”, a vehicle management system as “intellectual” and appearance as “aggressive”. Wesley said that he was inspired with old Formula-1 race cars to give the driver a strong sense of a car movement.” Instead of wheels this car has some sort of spheres which makes it omnidirectional.

N Joy by Wesley Saikawa

* * *

The third prize belongs to Venezuelan artist Gustavo Ferrero with his project of hybrid sport car called “Allscape”. As you can remember this work called “Peugeot Allscape – Feel the Wind” was mentioned in our “Awesome 3D Cars and Vehicles” blog post. This sports car is a part of a new generation of extreme, powerful and really fast cars and at the same time it remains clean and safe for the environment. Besides the contest jury called this work the most detailed work ever presented in Peugeot design contests.

Allscape by Gustavo Ferrero

Allscape by Gustavo Ferrero

The most detailed work means that not only did the author make the exterior outlook of concept car, but also designed the interior as much as possible so that we could see the parts and how they look inside the car. And honestly I like this concept the most.

Allscape by Gustavo Ferrero

* * *

It’s all for the winners and let’s look to some less fortunate finalists that nevertheless deserve some portion of your attention.

A concept model “CUB” by Chineese designer Ka Dan excels from others with simple forms and futuristic ergonomics:

CUB by Ka Dan

* * *

Nice work called “Peugeot Plaire” by James Ma. A nonstandard sports car with a calm and suspended design:


* * *

“LiiON Concept” by Christian Sano from Romania. 3-cycled-cars are very uncommon for design contests but this concept is truly unbelievable! Single-seated, aggressive, slim – all these things are half the battle for being a successful vehicle.

LiiON by Christian Sano

* * *

And Peugeot 910 by Turkish designer Ertug Yenidemir with clean and streamline design. Author made accent to the lines and form and was right about it – model looks very attractive.

Peugeot 910 by Ertug Yenidemir

* * *

As for this year – the contest’s topic is the following: “Imagine the Peugeot in the worldwide megalopolis of tomorrow.” It’s open to budding designers from all over the world. The participants can use the application form and send one or more images (exterior perspective, side view, interior, sketches or 3D model renderings, etc) as well as text explanations of their concept. So designers, modelers and artists who love beautiful cars – you still have a little time until July 20th to design the car from your dreams and send it to Peugeot. We in turn can’t wait to see the results of the contest of 200 – we promise we’ll publish the review of this year’s contest participants.

The winners of the 5th Peugeot Design Contest has been announced. Learn more here The 5th Peugeot Design Contest Finished! Find out the Winner!

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  • David Mills

    “Shit” is the only word that works without being pompous.

  • Min Thu

    very nice cars! attractive designs and styles.

  • Mesho

    Contest Closed Submittions earlier than stated, got busted

    so disappointing.

  • SEO Blog

    The latest one ” Ertug Yenidemir” was in first 3 in last year competition

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  • chantix

    lol these look really awesome. remind me of tron for some reason….

  • anonymous

    Notice how NONE of these seem to have rear-view mirrors and the majority do not have side-view mirrors. D:

  • Twig

    I want an N Jooy so I can turn around without even moving. That’d be great.

  • Peter Tenev

    Dear Team,

    I’d like to participate in the next contest !
    Please infrom me, how can i do that, where to send my idea (drawings etc)


  • Nick3d

    I wish i could design like that, awsome models

  • Hosting Reviews

    Some of these are pretty cool. A couple though are a little far fetched though. Great post!

  • Jonathan

    They all look like modern-day bone shakers to me, notice how there’s no suspension travel in any of them. When we have achieved billiard table-smooth roads across the entire country then maybe I’ll get one, not before! Even an F1 car probably has better suspension than these.

  • Joachim in Oslo

    Can’t wait to see cars like that around like any other car…
    Fantastic looking all of them.

  • love hate

    there is an xbox 360 in the interior of one of those cars

  • Pavel from Belarus

    They are cool!!!, especially the “moovie”!

  • skeptic joe

    most of those cars look great in concept, but unless you’re driving the thing on a sheet of glass, the slightest bump or hole with smash the thing up. basically they have no clearance and so are just silly.

  • Anonymous

    It is an interesting article. I see all the images of Peugeot cars which you posted here. Each car image model looks different from each other. It is available in small size and different design looks.

    tracking system

  • pags

    i just loved each n every design of 3d car model on this home page really it’s wonderfull to see once i complete my masters in mech i would sure to participate here in this contest.

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