The web designer’s job isn’t an easy one, but thankfully they can make their life easier by taking advantage of the numerous tools, applications and services that can make their job a little bit lighter. Free website builders like Imcreator, site2you & also come in this category but today we would like to focus on some other tools, a web designer must have in his toolkit to facilitate the overall creative process. If you are also a web designer and you are looking for new ways to improve your work performance, then we advise you to take a look at the tools we’ll discuss in this post. In our opinion the 10 applications and services listed below must be tried by every web designer out there, because they can certainly help you do your job better and faster.




CodeKit is a handy little piece of software that will make the life of every web designer much easier. It will serve you well if you code in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, because the application automatically compiles Coffeescript, Markdown, Haml, Less, Sass and others in order to allow you to be quicker while designing your next project. One of the interesting functions is that any changes you make to your code will be automatically displayed in the browser window thus allowing you to instantly see the result of the changes you make. Basically, this is WISYWIG editor.

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Whether you are going to create your website using a website builder like Imcreator or Wix by applying your coding skills, the first step of creating a website or application is to come up with the layout of your product. Doing so may sound easy, but in fact this can be a very lengthy process and the decisions you make will have a huge impact on the functionality, convenience and appearance of your final product. In the past designers and developers often had to plan their layouts using a pen and a piece of paper, but nowadays this can be done with the help of the so called wireframing & mockup tools, applications & services that serve the sole purpose of creating, editing and testing layouts of websites and applications. In this post we’ll make you familiar with 14 of the most popular wireframing tools at the moment and we’ll try to help you to pick the one tool that fully fits your requirements.

1. Balsamiq Mockups


Balsamiq Mockups is used by thousands of designers, because of this tool’s excellent reputation, big user community and frequent updates. The tool is cloud-based, but you’ll be able to perform your job using the desktop application which features an easy-to-use interface that most of you will certainly appreciate. Projects created with Balsamiq Mockups are characterized with a sketchy appearance, but if you try hard enough you can create layouts plans that look more professional. There are many add-ons and libraries available for this tool, so you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of resources to use while creating the plan for your website or application. The single-user license of Balsamiq Mockups will cost you $79.

2. Mockingbird


mocking bird

Mockingbird is also a web-based application that is pretty similar to Balsamiq Mockups. However, while the latter is meant for solving major UI problems, Mockingbird is the best choice when you are trying to fine tune the small details of your layout. Of course Mockingbird will also work well for those of you who are looking to create a layout prototype from scratch. This is undisputedly one of the easiest to use wireframing tools and thanks to its low price of just $9/month it is a very attractive choice. Continue reading

With the rising popularity of mobile apps and mobile shopping, more and more eCommerce retailers are considering the platform by the day. However, many who haven’t taken the plunge are wondering if it pays off as an investment.

While the smartphone component is considered a necessity for advertisers, it is also appearing to be equally important for eCommerce sales. According to Forrester Research, mobile shopping sales will increase to $38 billion in 2014 and sales from tablets will increase to $76 billion, or sales from both devices will increase to $114 billion. That’s a staggering increase from 2013, where the source projected $24 billion sales from smartphones and $48 billion sales from tablets.


The potential value of investing in a mobile app is clear. But the increase in sales is just one part of the equation. Making a mobile app for your eCommerce website will also provide the following benefits.

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Summer is the best time to have some rest and start a joyous journey. This is the time when travel sites become especially popular among web users looking for the best place to visit. So, adding some cool, bright elements to your travel site or blog would lift spirit of your potential clients and arouse strong desire to take a trip.

Many say that design is in detail and icons are an indispensable part of it. Web designers are constantly focusing on icons since these help in making any site much catchier and functional, bring extra illustration to the layout and help drawing attention to any object or element. They may either serve as a part of your web page decor or you can make them clickable, like icons in the admin panel, social icons, login, buy, and more. These help in motivating users to push a button, make a purchase or simply spend more time on your website.

There are various ways of using icons in web design. On some sites they serve as buttons, others add them in titles and headers. No matter what purpose you need icons for, you should know some basic rules of how to use them properly.

  • If the main goal of your site is promoting products and services, then you may use icons to denote these. Icons are the best solution for representing galleries, categories of products, sub categories, etc. These elements of web design decor can be easily customized, so playing with colors and shapes you will definitely increase the overall appeal of your web project.
  • One of the true ways of grabbing user attention is using icons instead of headers.
  • Icons can benefit site navigation. Using icons instead of navigation buttons you will make your page more interesting and easy to use. In addition, visual content is better perceived by the viewer’s eye than written data.
  • Alongside with being an effective means of navigating users through your site, icon scan be used for highlighting special points. These can be anything. You may even use icons to refresh long blog posts, make them more lively and interactive.
  • Icons help to show off your creativity. When properly used, these help in delivering the message without saying any extra words.

Properly chosen icons will support the overall visual identity of your travel website. Since web designers have a lot of job to do, we have decided to make your life easier and give you a large compilation of free icon sets aimed to be used in your travel web projects. Make sure you read the license carefully as it may change rapidly.


Travel icon set by aha-soft


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Dribbble is no doubt the goldmine of talent. Whether you are looking for some outstanding typography, illustrations or GIF animation inspiration, you will always find something to your liking there. This is the place where the world’s best designers and illustrators share small screenshots of their works, processes and current projects for you to better explore design.

Current statistics shows that users do like watching videos and animated imagery online. For instance, ComScore has revealed that about 100 million users watch video on the daily basis, animated imagery increases conversion rates by about 20% and boosts engagement by about 22%. Animation is used not only in marketing purposes, it is also incorporated in internal communications and common blog posts. Alongside with the fact that GIF images involve some moving objects, there are some other aspects that capture attention, like colors. We’ll provide you with a rich round-up of catchy animated Dribbble GIFs below, but before we move to that part, let’s consider the key benefits of adding GIFs to your site.

  • Making a good first impression.
  • On ecommerce stores, animation impacts on the consumer’s purchasing decision.
  • Static imagery makes sites look dead, so adding animated GIFs you will make your web resource more lively and remarkable.
  • People remember visual content much better than written data.

These are the basic advantages of GIF animation. Whether you are running an entertainment site of ecommerce web resource, such elements will only benefit your business. Have a look at some of the brilliantly designed animated Dribbble GIFs and let them inspire creativity in you.


Bigs & Yeti by Richard Perez


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You will hardly find a person who is not dreaming about building a perfect home and living in it happily forever. To make such dreams come true, we address architecture agencies that can provide us with a rich selection of styles and designs to choose from and build a home that would make people talk. One of the most popular trends on the modern market is minimalism. This is reflected in both architecture designs and their websites. Here is a cool minimalist HTML5 freebie for an architecture site. Pick it to promote your business online and drive more clients in.

This clean and clear theme was developed for you to start a minimalist architecture web resource with plenty of stunning features that would grab users’ attention and make them stay for long. You don’t need to be a coding specialist to customize the theme. The admin  panel is as simple and intuitive that it can be easily managed by a kid. Your company website should engage viewers at the very first glance and this design would be the perfect solution to help you with this.

  • Its perfect content placement will guide users from one point to another.
  • Easy-to-follow navigation and engaging Carousel & Owl sliders make the design even more engaging for further investigation.
  • All call-to-action buttons and headlines are in catchy coral color, which draws viewers’ attention and stimulates to learn more.
  • Easy-to-reach social share buttons at the top and button of the page welcome visitors and let them get subscribed to your news feed and be always informed about your special offers.

Grab this theme to bring a fresh look to your site. Clicking the demo button below you may check out how your site will look like or simply download it right away to start customizing it the way you wish to leave a lasting impression of your clients.

Demo | Download


First of all let us understand what website redesign is and why do you need it? Website redesign doesn’t mean renovating it superficially, it doesn’t mean to give your website an attractive look without adding new features or making it search engine friendly. Website redesign means a complete overhauling to make it contemporary and user friendly website with added features which is equipped with best technology; it means making a technically stronger website.

It also includes making considerable changes to back end, after all it also matters a lot how is your database connected to the user interface and much time your website takes in loading. Remember your every customer doesn’t have good internet speed and even if they have, you have to put your emphasis to lessen the website’s loading time. You prime motive for redesigning is to give it a better experience to your users at the same time making it technically sound. Sometimes website designers find it more challenging job to redesign the website in comparison with a brand new website.

When You Need a Website Redesign?



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Great news for graphic designers! There is no need in wasting weeks on coding since there are various tools and technique to avoid this. Converting files from PSD to HTML is a boring, time-consuming process, so we have decided to smoothen things down for you and share a compilation of amazing online PSD to HTML conversion services to reach the desired results without much effort.

What do you pay special attention to when working on a new web project? Designers mainly focus on the visual appearance of their sites, however making them easy to use, fast loading, and compatible across multiple browsers highly matters as well. Check out brief overviews of the best PSD to HTML conversion services that will help you take care of SEO optimization of your site, follow W3C Valid CSS/HTML standards, and most importantly make your web project look and feel so that it would attract thousands of visitors and boost your site’s traffic.


1. HTML Panda


HTML Panda is one of the fastest growing HTML conversion services at the moment. The program allows converting your PSD files into a website with a cross-platform compatible code. Its client base counts over one thousand customers, so you may join that and enjoy how fast the service will do the job for you.

HTML Panda

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Infographics are known as one of the most powerful marketing tools. Whether you use it in presentations, blogs, newsletters or annual reports, this will more likely make people interested since visual elements have been always better perceived than written data. Content is the king, nobody argues that. But if you are looking for the best way to explain something new or difficult to the audience, infographic would be the best choice.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, an infographic is a visual presentation of data that presents, organizes, and makes complex information easier to understand. Studies reveal that around 90 percent of the information we remember is based on the visual impact. That’s not to be wondered as since we live in the age when tons of tweets are being shared daily, millions of videos are being recorded, and no less than a billion of photos are being shared worldwide. That’s why you can easily guess what will help your brand stand out.

Benefits of Infographics


Over the last couple of years, infographic search volumes have increased around 800% and that’s not weird at all. Alongside with being more visually appealing and memorable than plain text, infographic has a number of other benefits like:

  • Increase search marketing. If someone liked your infographic, posted on his/her site and provided a link back, you will definitely win.
  • Modern users don’t read a lot. So, if they reach your site and come up with a stunning visual presentation of data, it is likely to stay in their memory for longer than a written text. In addition, it will engage more viewers in.
  • These are extremely easy to be shared. Each infographic published on a WordPress site comes with an embed code. You can simply copy it and paste on your blog. This allows linking your web resource to the original site where this infographic was posted.
  • Sharing infographics in social media you will be able to increase the number of followers and subscribers in no time. People are always attracted to something bright and new, so it will hardly stay unnoticed. People can ‘like’ and ‘share’ infographic with friends, increasing social awareness about your brand in such a way.
  • Infographic is a great tool for embracing traffic generating keywords most popular in your field. Placing keywords in the title and description, you can make is easier for users to find it online and boost your search ranking.

Free Infographic Templates Round-up


Infographics are really popular nowadays. You will hardly find a resource that hasn’t shared at least one cool visual presentation of its content. Unfortunately, not all of us are professional graphic designers and creating your own infographic from scratch may turn out to be a heavy burden. However, there is always a way out. Instead of spending hundreds on hiring a graphic designer to create a custom-made infographic, you may pick these toll free infographic templates and beautify the display of your data on your own.


Dark Vector abstract circles infographic template

Dark Vector abstract circles infographic template

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AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program that allows creating 2D and 3D drawings for building and manufacturing. Once you try it, you’ll enjoy the ease at which you may develop infrastructure projects, build homes, design electrical circuitry, and more. The latest AutoCAD version 2014 is the 28th release and comes packed with a number of enhanced and new features you may try on your own. Running on both Mac and Windows, it features the integrated Autodesk 360, brand new geographic location tool, management exchange tools, and more. Thanks to Secure Uploads tool, you’ll be protected from malicious files, whereas the enhanced command line with auto complete and auto correct features will provide you with a more enjoyable experience.

If you’ve never used AutoCAD before or are new to this program, there are plenty of useful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials available on the Web. But before we move to our compliance of the most helpful tutorials, let’s consider the key benefits of using it.

  • AutoCAD covers a wide range of programs, so you will always find the one that meets your requirements, including software focusing on mechanical, electrical and architecture drawing.
  • It makes automated and easy transition from 2D to 3D formats. For instance, if you need to generate paper print docs based on a 3D model, the system will do this automatically for you.
  • AutoCAD goes hand-in-hand with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). It automatically connects with CAM matching packages for developing machine tool program setups like grinding, drilling and milling.
  • Another great feature is virtualization, meaning that you’ll be able to view the drawing in a 3D simulation before bringing it to life.

These are only a few AutoCAD features worth your attention. Look through these helpful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials and discover more about this outstanding platform.


AutoCAD 2014 New Features is an introductory course that reveals all new and advanced characteristics of the platform. It covers the all-new Autodesk 360 tools, improved command line, search functionality, and georeferencing options. The advanced security functions and better productivity are also being reviewed. Start from this informative introductory course to better understand what is AutoCAD 2014 and how it works.


AutoCAD 2014 Essentials: 01 Interface and Drawing Management by Jeff Bartels is a series of useful tutorials about the AutoCAD 2014 interface, reveling the way tools are organized, how to optimize large interface items (like pallets) on screen. Watch the full course and learn how to use AutoCAD’s comprehensive Help feature, manage files, use shortcuts to get quick access to your files, and more.

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