The Internet is growing exponentially. There were nearly 850 million websites in December 2013 and the number is going up every day. There are a huge number of websites trying to attract eyeballs and competing with you for search rankings and viewership.

All these websites, though, are not successful in pleasing Web users as most of these sites are not audience-centric. Great websites do things differently than others.

Creating a website for your audience and one that is different from your competition will help you gain attention. By doing things differently for your website, you are certain of standing out from the crowd. Here are 9 characteristics that will help you build such a website.


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Getting in touch with any event planning company we expect to get first class services and outstanding festivity that would stay in our memory for long. Looking for the best entertainment organization, there is a bundle of things we take into consideration and online presentation is no doubt an indispensable part of that. Depending on how cheerful engaging, and visually appealing a web resource looks, your prospective customers will decide whether it’s worth dealing with you. We have decided to treat you with another great HTML5 freebie that would make your job much simpler and make any entertainment company a success.

It features everything to make people stop and stare. Being fully responsive, the offered design will be properly displayed on any handheld or desktop device. Combining stunning look and functionality, both site visitors and administrators will be amazed at how easy at use the site is. We are now dealing with a fine example of a website template with strong promotional potential that will engage users in from the first acquaintance with your business and make them keep on coming back. So, what other elements make this design so cutting edge? Let’s find this out in detail.

The first thing that would catch your attention is the strong visual side of this theme. Displaying recent projects in the gallery, visualizing categories of the provided services with the help of bright images, and combining all this with pleasant to the eye color scheme and readable fonts, you will draw the eye of any passerby to your project. Once reaching such a resource, people will feel the joy of collaborating with you. User testimonials cleverly located near the image gallery with CSS3 hover effects significantly help with decision-making.

If you want to build a visually appealing website for your event planning company and want every accidental visitor stay and learn about your business in detail, then this theme is a way to go.

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If you are naturally creative and have a knack for thinking outside the box, then graphic design industry should be of interest to you. Creative commercials, logo design and illustration have always attracted employers. If you are skilled to create something unique and catchy, why not turn your imagination into a career?

There are many graphic designers who consider themselves professionals. The web is flooded with swindlers who copy the works of others and allocate their ideas to themselves. Whether you are looking for a graphic designer to hire for your next project or simply search for a cool source of inspiration to push you to creating something one of a kind, we have decided to share our findings with you.

Have you ever heard about Raul Gomez studio? This is a multidisciplinary studio based in Cadiz, Spain, which mixes different creative fields like illustration, motion and graphic design, editorial design, and artistic projects. It seems there is nothing they can’t handle. Every new project is perceived as a regenerative experience, which allows them to keep on moving and developing every day. Making profit on what they love to do and can accomplish professionally, Raul Gomez studio has gained international recognition and their client base is constantly widening with new recruiters. Being located in Spain, Raul Gomez studio develops new projects for various countries in the world. Working through internet doesn’t attach you to one place, and Raul Gomez studio has learnt how to benefit from this.

As we’ve already mentioned, they are working in different creative fields. So, if one needs to order a unique, cool logo design, video work or illustration, coming to Raul Gomez studio you will never lose. Less words, more action. Let’s get to the most interesting part of this post, i.e. showcase of Raul Gomez studio illustrations. Have a look at these artworks. I believe they will hardly leave any of you indifferent.




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Icons can be found everywhere. These are placed on the products we use on a daily basis, road signs, tech stuff, websites, etc. Icons help to better represent your company and interpret its message. While there are so many purposes of using the latter, one thing is certain – icons help making your brand remarkable.

Will you buy a newspaper without any images? Pictures are worth a thousand words. They can better visualize written data and grab user attention. The same happens with icons. A website without an icon is less attractive that a project featuring one. Similar to images, icons can refresh your content, structure it, and separate different functions or services, etc. In a word, though being small in size, icons play many different roles. No matter where they are placed, they will definitely many people focus their attention on this or that field of your site and even push them to call to action.

Working on icons design, there is one thing we should always keep in mind – icons should feature simple and memorable design. Using bright colors, catchy visuals or slogans, you can make an icon design that will appeal to many. Not all website owners are tech-savvy and developing a brand icon can turn out to be a heavy burden for them. The first thing that comes to your mind is getting in touch with a professional designer who will be able to create an icon that would perfectly fit your demands. That would be the perfect scenario. However, rather often we are tight on budget and need to find a solution that would help us achieve the desired results at minimal costs. There are toll free icon generators that can create professional icons that can compete with the design made in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Below you will find our selection of 10 great free icon generators that will help you develop any design you wish in no time.



If you are looking for a great solution for turning your favorite icon fonts into more modern, color-rich icons, Iconion should come in handy. Available for free download for Windows and Mac users, it will help you edit any font with color, shadow, background, stroke, and plenty of other cutting-edge elements. Using Iconion you can create icons of different types and formats, like flat and round icons, long-shadow designs, Windows 8/iOS/Mac and social media icons.


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Pixel art fashion has penetrated into all spheres of our life. Not only video game developers but also outfit designers and artists make use of it. Under the influence of the video game market, web designers started applying the aforementioned technique to their works, trying to make their projects more appealing to the modern exacting web user. Nowadays pixel art can be found in different forms – from common business logos and visuals on a web page to three dimensional effects and mobile games.

If you are dealing with web design industry and look for great pixel art examples, you have come up with the right post. The web is flooded with thousands of pixel art images in different forms and styles. We have decided to pick the most stunning ones in our view and share these with you. We hope you will find our compilation helpful and get inspired for your own projects.

What Is Pixel Art


If you are new to pixel art, then the following information should be of use to you. There are so many definitions of this notion available online, but all of them have something is common. So, what is pixel art? To put it simple, pixel art is a computerized dot of color. This is a type of digital art where a designer has to place each pixel properly to create a certain image. Here every dot matters, so a single misplaced element can ruin the image.

Working on pixel art works, you have full control. While in digital art the biggest part of work is done by computers (including the selection of colors and the creation of the image in general), in pixel art you are the one to decide which hue to pick and where to put this or that dot. Though it is known as a rather time consuming job, you still can create works of higher quality and details using up to 256 colors and shades.

Pixel Art Categories and Examples


There are two main categories of pixel art – isometric and non-isometric. They are easy to differentiate thanks to one peculiar feature. Isometric pixel art is created in a near-isometric projection, i.e. about 30 degrees from horizontal. This type of pixel art can be found in many old school games with a 3D view of scenes provided. Non-isometric type, on the contrary, presents view on objects from top, side, bottom or perspective views. Both categories are easy to distinguish and we are here to prove you this.

To make things clear, we have decided to divide our compilation of pixel art images into two big groups – isometric and non-isometric examples. Have a look at it and find your source of inspiration to develop something unique.

Isometric Pixel Art


Motorsport Madness by Rod Hunt

Motorsport Madness by Rod Hunt

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Today all US citizens lavish praise on their nation. Independence Day is always accompanied by great celebration with picnics and barbeques, showing a big deal of focus on the American tradition of political freedom. TemplateMonster couldn’t have missed an opportunity to invite its dear customers on that and decided to treat you with something special, offering 50% discount on all themes in inventory. Wait no longer, get the deal of your dreams NOW!


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Restaurant websites are a great place to investigate the eating house you are going to visit before actually going there. Such resources should not only be easy in use but also provide viewers with inviting, cozy experience that would motivate to come and savour your dishes. What do you expect to see when visiting cafe and restaurant sites? No one would argue that would be photos of the food served. The HTML5 freebie we are going to talk about today uses imagery in a variety of ways to put the focus where it should be.

Whether one is leaving for a culinary tour or simply looks for a place to dine out, checking out the best restaurants online is the first thing any modern user would do. So, creating a great first impression highly matters. The way your website is designed can be the determining factor that would either boost the popularity of your business or, vice versa, draw visitors away. To achieve success and make people talk about your restaurant, we offer you to download this toll free theme and set up your business web page in no time.

You don’t need to be a tech pro to adjust this design. Similar to other cool templates launched by TemplateMonster, this design can be easily customized. Picking any font, color scheme, fonts or other element to your liking, you can develop a fine place for gourmets to acquaint with your business. Thanks to its clean and clear layout and clever usage of soft pastel colors, you will be able to draw user attention to fields that matter the most – your dishes in menu. Here mouthwatering visuals serve their purpose, working up appetite and making viewers want to feel the taste of your dishes. No one will find any difficulties with finding the necessary information. Whether one is interested in your pricing policy, opening hours, menu, staff or user testimonials – all this can be reached in a click.

In a word, picking this free HTML5 theme you will be able to dress up your site with a tasty design that would trigger appetite of each and every viewer.

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Web design is the function where the beauty of art meets the clinical result-oriented nature of science on a daily basis. As web designers, we are pushed on an everyday basis to make our creative vision produce hard cash for our clients.

A web designer needs to be creative, have the latest information on how the web works, demonstrate a deep understanding of user behavior on the internet, and have the ability to blend all this knowledge into developing websites that fulfill clients’ objectives.

If the average web designer had such a specialized skillset, one would think any web design business would be a roaring success from the word Go.

However, the road to web design excellence is littered with the corpses of a thousand failed design agencies. You might be great at what you do, but building and running a successful business takes more than just superb design chops.

A successful web design business requires you to don multiple hats – you need to be an entrepreneur, a salesman, a human resources manager, a finance wiz and if you have time left, a good designer too! It may sound like a daunting task, but with a clear blueprint and some good old fashioned determination, it’s not such a big deal. Here are a few steps that will take your web design business closer towards the utopia of “success.”

1. Find your niche



Competition in the field of web design is intense and all the walls are knocked down. Today a designer sitting in Madagascar can effectively bid for, win and execute a project for a company located in New Zealand.

The only way you can hope to stand out from the clutter of unprofessional hacks is by identifying your strength and picking a niche. Are you great with designing logos, stationery and the works? Get into the brand identity business. Is coding for SEO your forte? Consider specializing in e-commerce sites. A jack of all trades has very slim chances of success in a market where it’s really easy to find a true master of just one. Continue reading

The web designer’s job isn’t an easy one, but thankfully they can make their life easier by taking advantage of the numerous tools, applications and services that can make their job a little bit lighter. Free website builders like Imcreator, site2you & also come in this category but today we would like to focus on some other tools, a web designer must have in his toolkit to facilitate the overall creative process. If you are also a web designer and you are looking for new ways to improve your work performance, then we advise you to take a look at the tools we’ll discuss in this post. In our opinion the 10 applications and services listed below must be tried by every web designer out there, because they can certainly help you do your job better and faster.




CodeKit is a handy little piece of software that will make the life of every web designer much easier. It will serve you well if you code in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, because the application automatically compiles Coffeescript, Markdown, Haml, Less, Sass and others in order to allow you to be quicker while designing your next project. One of the interesting functions is that any changes you make to your code will be automatically displayed in the browser window thus allowing you to instantly see the result of the changes you make. Basically, this is WISYWIG editor.

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Whether you are going to create your website using a website builder like Imcreator or Wix by applying your coding skills, the first step of creating a website or application is to come up with the layout of your product. Doing so may sound easy, but in fact this can be a very lengthy process and the decisions you make will have a huge impact on the functionality, convenience and appearance of your final product. In the past designers and developers often had to plan their layouts using a pen and a piece of paper, but nowadays this can be done with the help of the so called wireframing & mockup tools, applications & services that serve the sole purpose of creating, editing and testing layouts of websites and applications. In this post we’ll make you familiar with 14 of the most popular wireframing tools at the moment and we’ll try to help you to pick the one tool that fully fits your requirements.

1. Balsamiq Mockups


Balsamiq Mockups is used by thousands of designers, because of this tool’s excellent reputation, big user community and frequent updates. The tool is cloud-based, but you’ll be able to perform your job using the desktop application which features an easy-to-use interface that most of you will certainly appreciate. Projects created with Balsamiq Mockups are characterized with a sketchy appearance, but if you try hard enough you can create layouts plans that look more professional. There are many add-ons and libraries available for this tool, so you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of resources to use while creating the plan for your website or application. The single-user license of Balsamiq Mockups will cost you $79.

2. Mockingbird


mocking bird

Mockingbird is also a web-based application that is pretty similar to Balsamiq Mockups. However, while the latter is meant for solving major UI problems, Mockingbird is the best choice when you are trying to fine tune the small details of your layout. Of course Mockingbird will also work well for those of you who are looking to create a layout prototype from scratch. This is undisputedly one of the easiest to use wireframing tools and thanks to its low price of just $9/month it is a very attractive choice. Continue reading

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