You will hardly find a person who is not dreaming about building a perfect home and living in it happily forever. To make such dreams come true, we address architecture agencies that can provide us with a rich selection of styles and designs to choose from and build a home that would make people talk. One of the most popular trends on the modern market is minimalism. This is reflected in both architecture designs and their websites. Here is a cool minimalist HTML5 freebie for an architecture site. Pick it to promote your business online and drive more clients in.

This clean and clear theme was developed for you to start a minimalist architecture web resource with plenty of stunning features that would grab users’ attention and make them stay for long. You don’t need to be a coding specialist to customize the theme. The admin  panel is as simple and intuitive that it can be easily managed by a kid. Your company website should engage viewers at the very first glance and this design would be the perfect solution to help you with this.

  • Its perfect content placement will guide users from one point to another.
  • Easy-to-follow navigation and engaging Carousel & Owl sliders make the design even more engaging for further investigation.
  • All call-to-action buttons and headlines are in catchy coral color, which draws viewers’ attention and stimulates to learn more.
  • Easy-to-reach social share buttons at the top and button of the page welcome visitors and let them get subscribed to your news feed and be always informed about your special offers.

Grab this theme to bring a fresh look to your site. Clicking the demo button below you may check out how your site will look like or simply download it right away to start customizing it the way you wish to leave a lasting impression of your clients.

Demo | Download


First of all let us understand what website redesign is and why do you need it? Website redesign doesn’t mean renovating it superficially, it doesn’t mean to give your website an attractive look without adding new features or making it search engine friendly. Website redesign means a complete overhauling to make it contemporary and user friendly website with added features which is equipped with best technology; it means making a technically stronger website.

It also includes making considerable changes to back end, after all it also matters a lot how is your database connected to the user interface and much time your website takes in loading. Remember your every customer doesn’t have good internet speed and even if they have, you have to put your emphasis to lessen the website’s loading time. You prime motive for redesigning is to give it a better experience to your users at the same time making it technically sound. Sometimes website designers find it more challenging job to redesign the website in comparison with a brand new website.

When You Need a Website Redesign?



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Great news for graphic designers! There is no need in wasting weeks on coding since there are various tools and technique to avoid this. Converting files from PSD to HTML is a boring, time-consuming process, so we have decided to smoothen things down for you and share a compilation of amazing online PSD to HTML conversion services to reach the desired results without much effort.

What do you pay special attention to when working on a new web project? Designers mainly focus on the visual appearance of their sites, however making them easy to use, fast loading, and compatible across multiple browsers highly matters as well. Check out brief overviews of the best PSD to HTML conversion services that will help you take care of SEO optimization of your site, follow W3C Valid CSS/HTML standards, and most importantly make your web project look and feel so that it would attract thousands of visitors and boost your site’s traffic.


1. HTML Panda


HTML Panda is one of the fastest growing HTML conversion services at the moment. The program allows converting your PSD files into a website with a cross-platform compatible code. Its client base counts over one thousand customers, so you may join that and enjoy how fast the service will do the job for you.

HTML Panda

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Infographics are known as one of the most powerful marketing tools. Whether you use it in presentations, blogs, newsletters or annual reports, this will more likely make people interested since visual elements have been always better perceived than written data. Content is the king, nobody argues that. But if you are looking for the best way to explain something new or difficult to the audience, infographic would be the best choice.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, an infographic is a visual presentation of data that presents, organizes, and makes complex information easier to understand. Studies reveal that around 90 percent of the information we remember is based on the visual impact. That’s not to be wondered as since we live in the age when tons of tweets are being shared daily, millions of videos are being recorded, and no less than a billion of photos are being shared worldwide. That’s why you can easily guess what will help your brand stand out.

Benefits of Infographics


Over the last couple of years, infographic search volumes have increased around 800% and that’s not weird at all. Alongside with being more visually appealing and memorable than plain text, infographic has a number of other benefits like:

  • Increase search marketing. If someone liked your infographic, posted on his/her site and provided a link back, you will definitely win.
  • Modern users don’t read a lot. So, if they reach your site and come up with a stunning visual presentation of data, it is likely to stay in their memory for longer than a written text. In addition, it will engage more viewers in.
  • These are extremely easy to be shared. Each infographic published on a WordPress site comes with an embed code. You can simply copy it and paste on your blog. This allows linking your web resource to the original site where this infographic was posted.
  • Sharing infographics in social media you will be able to increase the number of followers and subscribers in no time. People are always attracted to something bright and new, so it will hardly stay unnoticed. People can ‘like’ and ‘share’ infographic with friends, increasing social awareness about your brand in such a way.
  • Infographic is a great tool for embracing traffic generating keywords most popular in your field. Placing keywords in the title and description, you can make is easier for users to find it online and boost your search ranking.

Free Infographic Templates Round-up


Infographics are really popular nowadays. You will hardly find a resource that hasn’t shared at least one cool visual presentation of its content. Unfortunately, not all of us are professional graphic designers and creating your own infographic from scratch may turn out to be a heavy burden. However, there is always a way out. Instead of spending hundreds on hiring a graphic designer to create a custom-made infographic, you may pick these toll free infographic templates and beautify the display of your data on your own.


Dark Vector abstract circles infographic template

Dark Vector abstract circles infographic template

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AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program that allows creating 2D and 3D drawings for building and manufacturing. Once you try it, you’ll enjoy the ease at which you may develop infrastructure projects, build homes, design electrical circuitry, and more. The latest AutoCAD version 2014 is the 28th release and comes packed with a number of enhanced and new features you may try on your own. Running on both Mac and Windows, it features the integrated Autodesk 360, brand new geographic location tool, management exchange tools, and more. Thanks to Secure Uploads tool, you’ll be protected from malicious files, whereas the enhanced command line with auto complete and auto correct features will provide you with a more enjoyable experience.

If you’ve never used AutoCAD before or are new to this program, there are plenty of useful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials available on the Web. But before we move to our compliance of the most helpful tutorials, let’s consider the key benefits of using it.

  • AutoCAD covers a wide range of programs, so you will always find the one that meets your requirements, including software focusing on mechanical, electrical and architecture drawing.
  • It makes automated and easy transition from 2D to 3D formats. For instance, if you need to generate paper print docs based on a 3D model, the system will do this automatically for you.
  • AutoCAD goes hand-in-hand with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). It automatically connects with CAM matching packages for developing machine tool program setups like grinding, drilling and milling.
  • Another great feature is virtualization, meaning that you’ll be able to view the drawing in a 3D simulation before bringing it to life.

These are only a few AutoCAD features worth your attention. Look through these helpful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials and discover more about this outstanding platform.


AutoCAD 2014 New Features is an introductory course that reveals all new and advanced characteristics of the platform. It covers the all-new Autodesk 360 tools, improved command line, search functionality, and georeferencing options. The advanced security functions and better productivity are also being reviewed. Start from this informative introductory course to better understand what is AutoCAD 2014 and how it works.


AutoCAD 2014 Essentials: 01 Interface and Drawing Management by Jeff Bartels is a series of useful tutorials about the AutoCAD 2014 interface, reveling the way tools are organized, how to optimize large interface items (like pallets) on screen. Watch the full course and learn how to use AutoCAD’s comprehensive Help feature, manage files, use shortcuts to get quick access to your files, and more.

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Marketers are trying hard to impress us with some catchy, complicated commercials. So, if you are starting a new advertising campaign and want your ads to really stand out, following their lead is not a good idea. You need to develop something unique, something that will be different from the rest of commercials available.

Minimalism in all its manifestations is always in trend. So, why not apply it to print advertising. Minimalist prints ads turn out to be more attention grabbing and intriguing than commercials with complicated designs. All genius is simple. Keeping the message of your ads straightforward and clear, adding a catchy slogan, a bright hue, a single image or a word, you can create an outstanding word that will be both mind-blowing and appealing.

In this showcase we have decided to deliver you 20 effective minimalist print ads, where less in undoubtedly more. Look through this, have fun, and get inspired for your own minimalist commercials!


WWF: Panda


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What’s the main objective of any cleaning company? it’s no doubt to provide people with the most up-to-date services and supplies to keep their homes and offices clean and tidy. We all want to live long and healthy and the tidiness of the place where we spend most of our life highly matters.

No matter what business you’re running, setting up a company website is a must-do. It will not only help you gain recognition but also boost your business and gain more loyal customers. A catchy website is the first thing that draws customer attention and determines their attitude to your business. If you have developed an attention-grabbing web resource that can’t leave anyone indifferent, than you’re likely to succeed. But what if one isn’t a coding pro and doesn’t know how to develop a website from scratch? That’s not a problem at all. There are always plenty of useful themes to choose from and today we are glad to share one more amazing freebie with you.

Picking clean and clear free HTML5 theme for cleaning company you will be able to set up a fine resource for your business without spending much time and money on ordering a custom-made design. This freebie features everything your customers may want to find out about your business, the services you provide, as well as pricing policy. It includes plenty of useful elements to build a solid online presence and engage more people in, like:

  • Catchy visuals. Making use of bold photos in the top image Slippry Slider and implemented Elastislide Carousel in the bottom of the home page, it catches the eye of your audience at first glance and arouses a desire to stay and learn more.
  • Neat social media icons motivate to click and subscribe to your updates. This will not only let people share your archives online but also draw new clients to your business.
  • This clean and clear, intuitive layout is perfect for communicating your business ideas online. Using much whitespace it allows focusing on the most meaningful part– the content.

Click the demo button below to see the theme in work or download it toll free to set up or redesign the existing site. Try it, you won’t regret.

Demo | Download


Art is all around us – in the furniture we sit on, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the millions of websites dotting the digital landscape.

Every art form has its own benchmarks. Music as soul stirring as Ludwig Van Beethoven’s. Writing as inspiring and relatable as Hemingway’s. Art as avant-garde as Pablo Picasso’s.

So what are the benchmarks or guidelines that your website needs to abide by, in order to fulfill its ultimate purpose – conversions? Here are the top ones.

1. Clean, breathable, clutter free


I put this on the top of my list, as even today; with the umpteen well designed (and free) design templates available, so many websites still look like such eyesores. The primal need to showcase as much of your inventory right under the user’s nose is a strong one, I agree. But it is an urge that you need to control, or else.

Seriously, which one would you prefer to visit, this website:


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Why do people like comic books? Do they want to escape from reality and delve into the world of fantasy and miracles? Or perhaps they simply want to enjoy first-class animation and catchy storytelling, with a number of twists and interesting characters? No matter why you like comic books, one thing is certain – you need to find a cool online resource where you’ll be able to come up with tons of issues for any taste and find some source of inspiration for your own comic art projects.

It’s hardly possible to find a person who hasn’t ever read comics. Though some editions may be too rare or rather expensive, the web stores plenty of online resources offering you to read your favorite comic books for free. So, we have decided to treat you with a round-up of the best free online resources for reading comic books. Go further and enjoy!


Marvel is one of the most popular free comic book resources with over 8 thousand characters featured in a variety of media over the last seventy years. If you are looking for a place to enjoy free reading of popular and rare comics, Marvel is one of the most reliable resources to consider. Its rich library stores Spider-Man 2, Iron Man, The Avengers 2, Captain America 2, Daredevil and plenty of other issues! Go to their site and enjoy both classic and new issues to your liking!


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Web development is an ever expanding field. With so many new trends hitting the market every season, it is important to keep your works up-to-date and bring some new, catchy features to your projects. This is when free templates would come in handy. A well-coded and professionally designed template always makes life easier for web developers. This helps not only save precious time on creating their next projects but also bring a number of new elements that would make their sites future proof and more visually appealing.

Today we’re glad to share a collection of 20 outstanding free CSS templates that would make your work more cost-effecting and time-saving. This is not a traditional long list of all free templates available on the web, but a refined collection of the professionally crafted CSS templates that can be used as a reliable tool for promoting your business and building your personal identity online. Have a look at our round-up, download free CSS templates or simply find your own source of inspiration for the next projects.


1. CSS3 Design One (Demo | Download)



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