Why do people like comic books? Do they want to escape from reality and delve into the world of fantasy and miracles? Or perhaps they simply want to enjoy first-class animation and catchy storytelling, with a number of twists and interesting characters? No matter why you like comic books, one thing is certain – you need to find a cool online resource where you’ll be able to come up with tons of issues for any taste and find some source of inspiration for your own comic art projects.

It’s hardly possible to find a person who hasn’t ever read comics. Though some editions may be too rare or rather expensive, the web stores plenty of online resources offering you to read your favorite comic books for free. So, we have decided to treat you with a round-up of the best free online resources for reading comic books. Go further and enjoy!


Marvel is one of the most popular free comic book resources with over 8 thousand characters featured in a variety of media over the last seventy years. If you are looking for a place to enjoy free reading of popular and rare comics, Marvel is one of the most reliable resources to consider. Its rich library stores Spider-Man 2, Iron Man, The Avengers 2, Captain America 2, Daredevil and plenty of other issues! Go to their site and enjoy both classic and new issues to your liking!


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Web development is an ever expanding field. With so many new trends hitting the market every season, it is important to keep your works up-to-date and bring some new, catchy features to your projects. This is when free templates would come in handy. A well-coded and professionally designed template always makes life easier for web developers. This helps not only save precious time on creating their next projects but also bring a number of new elements that would make their sites future proof and more visually appealing.

Today we’re glad to share a collection of 20 outstanding free CSS templates that would make your work more cost-effecting and time-saving. This is not a traditional long list of all free templates available on the web, but a refined collection of the professionally crafted CSS templates that can be used as a reliable tool for promoting your business and building your personal identity online. Have a look at our round-up, download free CSS templates or simply find your own source of inspiration for the next projects.


1. CSS3 Design One (Demo | Download)



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You have always wanted to become a professional photographer. You studied hard to learn how to turn every shot into an artwork, you have created an outstanding portfolio and your services are in demand. One would have thought that you’ve achieved all your professional goals and there’s nothing to gain. However, that’s not so. There’s one thing you have most likely passed by – your own website. Getting your business online will help you gain international recognition, expand the army of true fans as well as share your works with the audience. This Free HTML5 Theme for Photo Site will help you bring some stylish notes to your site and showcase your works to potential clients.

The template includes everything a photo studio website should have – a rich collection of eye-catching photo galleries with descriptions, integrated blog section, ‘about me’ story, and contact info to let people get in touch with you easily. The first thing your visitors will mention once they reach your site is an outstanding portfolio that will hardly leave any of your fans indifferent. People will enjoy browsing through your site owing its user-friendly interface that sets up a welcoming atmosphere.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the implemented jQuery scripts like Camera Slider, Owl Carousel, TouchTouch gallery that make the site more visually appealing and display your artworks at their best. All these features combined with responsive nature of this freebie make the site easy to reach from any handheld device, providing your fans with a truly enjoyable experience.

Have a look at the demo version of this template to check out how your site will look like and download the theme to add some stylish accents to you site.

Demo | Download


Typography plays an essential role in graphic and web design. Whether you are developing a new website, a banner, company logo or any other element, the right choice of fonts will help you make your work more visually appealing and stay in viewers’ memory for long. Choosing fonts for commercials is no exception. These allow to highlight some meaningful areas and engage more people in. The choice of fonts greatly influences your commercial success, so don’t neglect this.

The main goal of any advertisement is attracting customer attention and arousing a strong desire to try and buy a particular product or service. Working on your next commercial project you may apply some eye-catching images, animation, bold colors, and a number of other tricks, but no ad can live without some persuasive writing. Very often the choice of fonts determines whether your ad will be noticed by the target audience or people will simply ignore it. Below we offer three basic groups of fonts that are commonly used in advertisements. Choose fonts to your liking and develop creative commercials that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Classical conditioning is a style of learning that happens when a conditioned stimulus is paired with an unconditioned. Whereas Pavlov ascertained the link between his dog, its food and the ringing of a bell, new research and case studies have shown that graphic design can be used to improve people’s lives for the better. Design and branding services have started to implement graphic design methods to alter patterns of behavior amongst consumers, by determining the root of their existing behavior to encourage positive actions. By acknowledging that performance modification has a significant role to play in societal, educational, behavioral and consumer-based changes, graphic design can be further utilised to help alter behavioral patterns.

Trend-launch-brochure design

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Nowadays more and more businesses move towards the digital goods concept and customers prefer paying for products online and getting them right away rather than waiting for a shipment. This excludes the necessity to spend hours filling out order forms and lining up at your local post office to pick up the order.

So, which particular products can you buy and sell online? Technological progress enables each of us to be a creator and sell such products as music, video, photography, eBooks and more online. Opting for a marketplace is not a good idea. While they claim to guarantee reliability and increased visibility, they demand a fair cut of sales. Besides, in most cases you can hardly monitor your profit from cash flow. Digital sales services have a number of advantages over a habitual marketplace. For instance, you can directly connect with your clients, keep control of your products pricing and revenue. These are just a few factors that make people opt for digital selling services. Check out the full list of their advantages and top 10 most popular services below.

Online Selling Services Advantages


  • Selling goods via online services is more pleasant and effortless than ever before. All you need to do is focus on your products development, uploading them to the selected digital selling service and setting up pricing. All the rest will be done for you – the online selling service will take care of payments and downloads. In short, everything is done in a few easy steps – uploading files, getting the Buy Now button and watching the income rolling in.
  • One of the biggest prerogatives of such services is the possibility to choose between multiple payments gateways in your customers’ local currencies. This allows expanding your business worldwide and broadening your client base.
  • You can always keep track of your income using a special analytic tool that will provide you with access to your sales data 24/7 and clear overview of your goods in one place.

Have a look at the 10 most popular online services to sell digital goods below. Choose the one that meets your requirements, hit the global market, and gain worldwide recognition.

Top 10 Services for Selling Digital Goods Online


1.  Pulley

Pulley is a simple and affordable service that sells any kind of downloadable content like eBooks, music, video, photos, fonts, software, etc. Unlike other online stores available on the market, it won’t charge you any additional commission or transaction fees. You may feel safe for all uploaded files since they will be stored on a secure cloud and your customers will get their purchases right after paying for them. Choosing this service you’ll be able to upload any downloadable data, place the Buy Now button wherever you wish, and get the money sent to your personal PayPal account.

Fees: you may first test a free 14-day trial and then opt for $6 per month – $49 per month plans depending on the number of goods you’d like to sell.


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We all realize that eating well, exercising regularly and getting rid of bad habits are highly important for our healthy life. We are constantly bombarded by healthy living messages by media, family and friends, however many of us live hectic lives and can easily get off the track. But it’s not as hopeless as it seems. To be motivated to exercise you can always join a group of like-minded people and share your athletic achievements with them. Running marathons is one of the most enjoyable sports for millions of people worldwide. There are many things to consider when getting ready for your first race. Not to miss a thing, meet your competitors in person, promote this sport online and engage more people in, consider this Free HTML5 Theme.

The freebie is perfect for building solid online presence of your sport resource. We all know that in order to achieve athletic success one needs to be in good physical condition and get instant stamina for a race. Choosing this theme you’ll be able to create the right mood for each runner, provide them with the full information they need to know when preparing for their next marathon, get people involved in your projects, and build a healthier nation.

This minimal template built in light green colors that carry associations with health, durability and optimism will be the perfect match for sports websites. Your visitors will be able to keep track of the upcoming marathons thanks to the countdown section right under the high-res slider, whereas the whole list of latest news can be found in the same name block. What’s more, people will be able to check out competitors list and become a member of your club with a single click. Overall, the theme features everything a runner might be interested in when getting ready for the next race.

Click the demo button to have a closer look at this freebie or download it for free to build your own sports project.

Demo | Download

Honestly speaking, online businesses overlook few important factors when it comes to conversion optimization of their sites. Conversion optimization is the process of making the most of the limited resources available and creating a long-term edge over your competitors. I am sure you are wondering what have you overlooked so far? Have you ever thought that typefaces can represent the voice of your site? This is true. Most of the eCommerce merchants don’t think about typography, an essential part of their website.

It’s high time! You must start thinking of typography to influence your site visitors. But I know the million dollar question in your mind- ‘how can I make use of typography to enhance my site conversion’? Here’s your answer to that.

The effects of typography on comprehending your site


Which of the following two different fonts is simply easier to read?


It is clear that the first word is much easier to read. However, there are a number of other things that affect the readability of text. These include:

Text size: Too small texts get pretty hairy to read. Although size depends on what goes with the design, the golden rule is to never go beyond 12px

Text size

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Creating sites destined for success is quite challenging. It requires a lot of planning. Most importantly, it requires a good design and analysis. It can sometimes be devastating for the business goals you want to accomplish on your website due to lack of constructive design. Thus, it is important to strike a perfect balance between your website’s conversion goal and the design that sells. Although intuition and usability form the basis of a good design, you need to think beyond the basics. All you need is design intricacies to drive visitors towards your website conversion.

Conversion-centered design (CCD) is a discipline directed specifically at designing experiences that help to accomplish a single business goal.  Let’s drive into the world of Conversion Centered design to find out the most powerful elements that do easily convert.

Let us first learn about the basic principles behind a CCD design

The psychology of color and contrast


Color plays an important psychological role in influencing the perception of the existing and potential customers. The choice of color should convey the right feel. The colors should be in perfect contrast to the background on your page. For instance, bright yellow can be a great contrast to a black and white background. The whole idea about the color contrast effect is to make your primary page elements pop up to draw visitor’s attention instantly. It’s about the right combination of background and foreground colors to enhance contrast. Emotionally charged colors or contrasting can quickly direct focus and attention.

psychology colour contrast

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Nowadays more people than ever before in the history of humanity use the Web for buying different items from shoes to jewelry, booking tickets, checking out flight information and more. It has become more convenient and less time consuming to order the stuff or services you need online. Taxi companies are also starting their own websites to widen client base and build solid online presence. Now you can let people reserve any vehicle they wish and get a ride in a few minutes by simply clicking a button on your websites based on Free HTML5 Theme for Taxi Company.

The theme will help you promote your business without much effort. Once they reach your website, people will be able to learn more about your company on the About page, have a look at the services provided as well as the vehicle fleet. Consider the key features of this freebie and learn about its benefits for your business below.

  • The theme is made in canary yellow, light and dark grey color theme, which is commonly associated with taxi business. This will help you create a strong appeal and built trust.
  • A large yellow block with your contact number and call to action encourage people to get in touch with you and get a ride.
  • Three vehicle categories on the homepage and the gallery welcome users to have a closer look at your car fleet and reserve any model they wish.
  • Filling a few lines in the Booking form, people can get a taxi whenever they need.
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention easy navigation through the site owing to the back-to-top button and clear layout.

You can enjoy all benefits of this freebie on your own while watching the demo version or downloading it simply following the links below.

Demo | Download


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