Creating sites destined for success is quite challenging. It requires a lot of planning. Most importantly, it requires a good design and analysis. It can sometimes be devastating for the business goals you want to accomplish on your website due to lack of constructive design. Thus, it is important to strike a perfect balance between your website’s conversion goal and the design that sells. Although intuition and usability form the basis of a good design, you need to think beyond the basics. All you need is design intricacies to drive visitors towards your website conversion.

Conversion-centered design (CCD) is a discipline directed specifically at designing experiences that help to accomplish a single business goal.  Let’s drive into the world of Conversion Centered design to find out the most powerful elements that do easily convert.

Let us first learn about the basic principles behind a CCD design

The psychology of color and contrast


Color plays an important psychological role in influencing the perception of the existing and potential customers. The choice of color should convey the right feel. The colors should be in perfect contrast to the background on your page. For instance, bright yellow can be a great contrast to a black and white background. The whole idea about the color contrast effect is to make your primary page elements pop up to draw visitor’s attention instantly. It’s about the right combination of background and foreground colors to enhance contrast. Emotionally charged colors or contrasting can quickly direct focus and attention.

psychology colour contrast

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Nowadays more people than ever before in the history of humanity use the Web for buying different items from shoes to jewelry, booking tickets, checking out flight information and more. It has become more convenient and less time consuming to order the stuff or services you need online. Taxi companies are also starting their own websites to widen client base and build solid online presence. Now you can let people reserve any vehicle they wish and get a ride in a few minutes by simply clicking a button on your websites based on Free HTML5 Theme for Taxi Company.

The theme will help you promote your business without much effort. Once they reach your website, people will be able to learn more about your company on the About page, have a look at the services provided as well as the vehicle fleet. Consider the key features of this freebie and learn about its benefits for your business below.

  • The theme is made in canary yellow, light and dark grey color theme, which is commonly associated with taxi business. This will help you create a strong appeal and built trust.
  • A large yellow block with your contact number and call to action encourage people to get in touch with you and get a ride.
  • Three vehicle categories on the homepage and the gallery welcome users to have a closer look at your car fleet and reserve any model they wish.
  • Filling a few lines in the Booking form, people can get a taxi whenever they need.
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention easy navigation through the site owing to the back-to-top button and clear layout.

You can enjoy all benefits of this freebie on your own while watching the demo version or downloading it simply following the links below.

Demo | Download


There is a growing dissatisfaction among Smartphone users with the mobile web experience. Now we have got phones that are no less powerful and feature-rich than laptops of a few years ago. But despite massive technological development in this sphere, mobile websites are still languishing in the Middle Ages and there seems to be no visible attempt to bring any changes to this scenario.

It is really frustrating to browse mobile version of sites from your brand new Smartphone with Quad Core processor and 2GB Ram, as the interface of those sites makes you believe that you are still living in Stone Age. Designers still religiously believe that mobile version of websites should be water down version of the standard website and for that reason, they keen on removing designing elements from the standard web version until it looks like a mere shadow of the original version.


So, we are left with mobile versions of websites that are nothing but a template with texts and texts only. This might be a good idea few years back when most of the mobile users had to face data cap and their configurations did not allow much support for websites with heavy designing elements. But those days are long gone. Now, we have got super massive Smartphones and tablets with gigantic screens and powerful processors. The point is that, designers now face very little restrictions as the mobile devices have evolved a lot. So, designers need to take full advantages of this massive development and make mobile browsing more exciting and addictive.

So, it is the high time, we need to move the needle and go beyond stripping down standard web version in an effort to create water down version for the mobile users.

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Last week we initiated a series of posts about the hottest eCommerce tendencies and reviewed 2014 eCommerce design trends for men. As promised, this week we’ll talk about online fashion stores for women and come up with the most effective 2014 web trends targeting the female audience.


When it comes to online shopping, women spend more time and money online than men. Since 2001, female shoppers have been driving eCommerce, making up 58% of online purchases worldwide. While mansumers prefer buying digital media and event/movie tickets, women are more attracted to buying clothing, kids’ apparel, toys, and beauty products. Fashion and beauty are the most in-demand sites, while DIY, grooming, food and healthcare web pages are gaining popularity as well. What is the main reason of such tendencies? What mostly attracts female shoppers in eCommerce websites? Let’s find answers to these questions as well as come up with examples of the most popular female-oriented online stores.

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Designing an eCommerce site isn’t always the easiest task. You have to meet your client’s requirements, keep in mind the technical challenges, and focus on how to attract and retain the customers of your client.


But it isn’t impossible either. All you need to do is pay attention to the basic tenets of eCommerce web design. What are they? Well, there’s no secret to success. But it’s the small things that are often missed out.

Let’s take a look at a few points that can help you create a perfect eCommerce site.

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We initiate a series of posts covering the theme of the hottest male and female eCommerce trends. This time we’ll talk about the most popular trends appealing to mansumers. Check out our detailed guide with the most stunning examples of female-oriented websites in a week!

We all know that men and women shop differently. While mansumers are very functional, women are more emotional and tend to spend more time and money on eCommerce websites. When it comes to clothing and fashion eCommerce stores for women, historically they were more numerous than websites for men. However, the situation has changed over the last couple of years, with more than half dozen eCommerce launches. Let’s have a look at 2014 eCommerce design trends for men and come up with 15 best examples of men’s online stores.


Five years ago the number of male consumers searching and buying attire online was rated at nil. It was widely believed that men don’t shop online at all and there is no need in launching male-oriented online stores. However, the situation has changed a lot recently, with about 70% of men searching and making purchases online, and 67% shopping monthly. Let’s see which eCommerce design trends mostly appeal to men and come up with 15 best examples of men’s online stores.

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It’s always the right time to think about charity and how we can help the needy people. There are so many those who need assistance. Just lend a hand, protect, help and do at least something that will make somebody’s living better. Free HTML5 Theme for Charity Site is what TemplateMonster offers you to start a noble mission of spreading welfare online.

How should a well-done charity site communicate its ideas? It should put accents on visuals and make people believe that they can help. This clean design looks positive with light green accents and welcomes to join charity campaigns. They are all presented in the central content part (with JQuery Direction-Aware Hover), so the viewers can browse all of them with ease. Slider in the top tells about the company the theme presents. Notice Media page with YouTube videos where the company can place promo videos to drive more people in.

It’s so easy to engage people in one community that will help poverty-stricken. Try this freebie to start a site and welcome the others to take part into charity campaigns.

demo | download

2014 looks set to be another exciting year for exhibition design, with the emergence of some genuinely innovative and exciting uses of imagery, typography and colour – as well as the appearance of four dominating themes. The overarching premise continues to be a reduced reliance on heavy amounts of text, with both display graphics and digital, interactive exhibition design continuing to increase in both relevance and popularity.

Colour Palettes

The choice of colour palettes again looks set to dominate display graphics design. The difference a selection in colour can make, especially in relation to infographics, cannot be overstated. The right palette can help perfectly reinforce a brand, or solidify an organisation’s message. Although the choice of colour will be dictated by the brand identity, this year will see either a distinctive use of vibrant colours, or a stoic, simplistic colour scheme drawn from a fairly limited palette.

Minimalistic Typography

The trend with typography has been minimalism, simplification and an increase in overall styles used. This seems set to continue into 2014, with an added focus on making text easier to read, which in turn will allow brands to be a little more exploratory and courageous with literature and graphics at exhibitions. Continue reading

Is everything going right with your WordPress site? Maybe you’re finding some strange links in your site that suddenly stopped working or something surprising that you won’t saw ever. Only for WP website owners, there are some protective and the most essential steps to check whether your site is working properly or not. In this infographic, we would like that website owners should check their website’s health using below given steps.

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Working with typography (font) is regarded as one of the most creative and rewarding aspects of web design. However, mixing the typography to create a site can be a bit challenging. The designer should have a sound knowledge of how to combine different font styles correctly. But you may question why do we need to combine fonts? Well to add to your knowledge,fusion of creative fonts can add dynamism to a website. Mixing fonts can create visually pleasing designs and make it more thoughtful.

Next time you create a website try mixing different fonts keeping the rules in mind:

Avoid Mixing Fonts That are Too Identical

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