In these economic times, it takes more than just a decent looking website to convert online visitors into actual shoppers. More and more online merchants are realizing the importance of incorporating specific designing elements in an eCommerce website to gain the trust of the visitors and make them more loyal to their business. Web design has come a long way in improving eCommerce conversions. Eventually, web designers now have the responsibility of making every aspect of the designing elements in the center to make it visible to the consumers. However, not only the web designers but also the online retailers should know what an eCommerce website require improving its conversion.

Simplify consumer searches with Auto-complete function

Search box is the most important feature for the visitors to access products according to their needs. Online shoppers always prefer direct use of search feature rather than following complex navigation paths. Many a times, visitors may use incorrect keywords to encounter wrong results. Therefore, the use of ‘Autocomplete Function’ within the search box offers the closest matches when customer type in their keywords.

Designing a simplified search suggestions allow visitors to correct their search or directly link to their matching products without the need of loading the search results page.

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This design is awesome! If you want the viewers say such words about your works, make their designs creative and original. Good design concept and fancy details can make a work visually attractive. To find nice goodies to decorate your works, visit our series of freebies that offers you a variety of free stuff like Free Vector Illustration of the week that is at stake today. This bright image in pink and grey colors pictures a teen girl with a microphone, a record, in headphones, listening to music. Feel free to use it and make your works brighter.

.PNG, .AI. are the formats of the following illustration and 597 x 708, 1244 x 1475, 2487 x 2950 are its resolutions. As a vector image, this pic keeps its high quality while being printed in different scales. Downloading is free and easy.

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NB! All our free vector illustrations are only for your personal or educational purposes. Please make sure not to use them for commercial purposes.

Print is dead. If you can’t believe it, just tell me how many print magazines you have seen for the last several months. All of them are presented online and have thousands or even millions of readers. They get a lot of attention online, ‘cause people prefer receiving all information right off the bat. The boom that was caused by all those striking cover designers and scandalous interviews before, happens online now. Most magazines have moved their print look online, the others have revamped their designs, but all of them are great-looking and are interesting to read.

Online magazines covering the latest show-biz news, fashion/style, lifestyle of celebrities, useful tips for trendy look are in the focus of our attention today. They are interesting for a wide audience starting from the housewives to business ladies and even female web designers. It’s a wrong belief that the latter read only field-specific titles, first of all they are women and are interested in all that fashion-related topics, top world awards and other things of this kind. They drive inspiration from the best looks of celebrities on the red carpet and follow the latest design trends. Online magazines publish plenty of such reviews and help women keep abreast of the latest events in the world. A day started with a cup of coffee and skimming through the latest news in the world will certainly be a pleasant one. Scampering such magazines can be a little break in a working day, giving an opportunity to rest a bit and go on working.

The design of such online magazines is highly important, ‘cause it works for catching attention of the readers. Let’s see how the top of them look like and what point in their layout make them attention grabbing. Here they are, best designs of online magazines women web designers should like.


Here is an example of extremely stylish design of online magazine. Bright pink and lightly textured background push the content on the focus of attention. All accents are done in pink. The recent content is put against the red background, the sidebars are for additional info.



It’s completely clean & simple. All the main information is placed in the middle part of the content. Menu in the top, then slider, the latest news and other categories go below. The right sidebar is for “Must Read” and social icons. All range of categories are to be found in the footer.

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2014 year will be colored in magical and enigmatic purple. Radiant Orchid was announced as the color of the year, so it’s a trend you may want to use in designs. If you want your works to be modern and hyper interesting for the audience, use this color and its undertones.

Creative and original look of the Free HTML5 Template for Spa Salon illustrates how a correctly chosen color can turn a single design into visually attractive one. If you want to add bright tone to the website of spa salon or any other that deals with beauty industry, try this freebie that perfectly fits this purpose.

The design you see shows a harmonious unity of purple, fuchsia, vivid pink and their tints. Being nicely implemented all over the layout, they create a feeling of confidence and draw visitors’ attention. Wise separation of a content part with featured blocks, boxes, slider and enchanting coloration; all these things make the content readable and accentuate its main parts. Visual part is presented via tiny images matching the main color scheme. Notice that even types are colored in various tints of Radiant Orchid.

Be web design fashionista, choose trendy solutions. Download this freebie and make a site that will look intriguing for its visitors.

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How to give a perfect touch to your design works? You need a bit of inspiration, diligence and nice design elements that are essential for visual attractiveness. Discover the cool design stuff in our weekly series of freebies and dress your works up with its help. Free Vector Illustration of the week picturing a map with places of interest signs on it is our gift to you this Friday. Feel free to download it and use in whatever projects of your own.

Download this image in two formats (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 1000 x 600, 2083 x 1250, 4167 x 2500 of this illustration for downloading. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at This registration is completely free.

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NB! All our free vector illustrations are only for your personal or educational purposes. Please make sure not to use them for commercial purposes.

Everyone and everything wants to remain competitive to survive in this world. They want to remain relevant to their target audience. That is the reason it is important to stay conversant with the current trends in the respective fields. So web designer and developer are no different. Because their industry evolves so rapidly they should remain up-to-date with the latest trends in their industry. The web design trends are dynamic. If you are actually looking for a big change in 2014, you will be quite surprised to see some of the new web design trends emerging.

What are the web design trends awaiting for the next year? Let’s find it out.

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Flat UI:

2014 design trends

Flat user-interface is an emerging concept that is already being implemented on several websites. Earlier, web design focused on skeuomorphic design with drop shadows, rounded corners, big gradients and objects that would look and feel like real things. This concept will be completely replaced by flat UI which will centeron content, typography, and the use of colour and will provide basic design with minimal distracting elements including unnecessary frills, textures, style, effects like shadow and much more.

* * *

Parallax scrolling:

2014 design trends

Scrolling effects are dominant in web design. It showcases one of the hottest new trends in web design industry. Sites who will utilize parallax effect will be able to create a 3D experience while scrolling down the page. It is similar to animation and can help bring a website to life. The background and foreground image and text can be animated as you scroll which will help to create a depth and bring the page to life. While you scroll through the pages, the texts and the graphics will become animated and move on the page to change content and create scenery. It seems that in 2014, parallax scrolling will be a standard design feature.

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Take this freebie in your collection of nice stuff for various designers’ needs. Catchy images always come in handy, and it’s good when you always have some. Whatever works you want to decorate, you can do it with tiny design elements like this Free Vector Illustration of the week. This one is an abstract image showing a dollar sign in a glass jar. If not now, it can be used some time later. Just download and use when you need it.

Consider two formats (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 882 x 1007, 1838 x 2098, 3675 x 4196 of this illustration for downloading. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Register for free at and get it.


NB! All our free vector illustrations are only for your personal or educational purposes. Please make sure not to use them for commercial purposes.

The outgoing year has one more thing to make you happy. It’s a gift from TemplateMonster designers and it is Free HTML5 Theme for Online Portfolio. Let it be the last item in 2013 series of freebies that were launched during this year. This template is perfect for online portfolios of various kinds. Try it and make a nice present as a good site for yourself of your friends.

Notice the original look of the Home page design. It looks like a timeline with multicolored blocks with content. Each box is marked with an icon at the top which shows the particular content placed there. Videos, images from the gallery, latest posts – you can post whatever information you need in this timeline to share it with the readers.

The theme goes with a Video page where you can integrate whatever works you want. Good categorization in the right sidebar helps find the desired video in a click.

TouchTouch gallery on the Portfolio page will drive more interested clients to photographer’s site.

Go ahead and get this stylish contemporary theme for online portfolios. Check out its live demo to see it in action.

demo | download

Let it be the last post with Free Vector Illustration of the week in this year. The next one you’ll get the next year. So, here is the goodie that we offer you to download for free and use to make your designs visually attractive. The image picturing a green minivan and hotel sign on the road is a perfect fit for a variety of works that deal wit transportation and traveling. Add its visual vibe to your designs and welcome more clients in.

Choose among 2 formats (.PNG, .AI) and these resolutions: 996 x 492, 2075 x 1025, 4150 x 2050 of the image. As a vector illustration, it keeps high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is quite easy. It is possible after the free registration at

NB! All our free vector illustrations are only for your personal or educational purposes. Please make sure not to use them for commercial purposes.

You have 5 days to get ready for the new year, find presents for your family and friends and get your own. One of the greatest promos of this year is the one from TemplateMonster – 50% OFF All Templates till December 31.

All the prices are cut into two. It sounds great! See the whole gallery of website templates, choose any you like (any number you need) and get it with 50% discount. 5 days are left, so hurry up to get all themes to start or redesign your projects.

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