To engage more people in and be more noticeable on the web, construction websites need decent online presentation. This can be achieved with the help of professionally tailored website templates that come in either free or premium options. Freebies have always attracted the audience, and it’s clear why. When you can get a top-notch solution with functionality and features similar to the ones found in paid equivalents, it sounds like a very attractive offering. However, when choosing a premium design you will get a number of juicy bonuses together with a beautifully design template. Today, we’d like to focus your attention on 30 premium Joomla Architecture Templates developed by TemplateMonster.

What does it feel like being a happy owner of successful architecture website with wide client base? You can find it out by downloading any of the Architecture Joomla Templates listed below. All of these designs are the result of creative thinking, thorough coding and programming of TemplateMonster team of professionals. Do you prefer clean or unique design? Here you can find a vast array of solutions that are easy to use and customize.

By choosing any of these templates you will get tasty bonuses, like:

  • Free professional 24/7 support. If you have any questions on installation, theme management or any other kind of assistance, TemplateMonster reps are always ready to help either via chat or on the phone.
  • Every template is well-documented. Following these guides, even those of you that are not tech-savvy will be able to bring site live fast and easy by following step-by-step instructions.
  • Responsivity is the feature any modern website should boast. All themes on this list come with fully responsive layouts that will smoothly run on multiple devices.
  • Advanced navigation for better site usability. Joomla Architecture Templates come with responsive menus, multiple dropdown animations, and a number of other handy solutions.
  • Each theme comes loaded with additional extensions, like Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, an advanced Newsflash module, Google Map plugin, social sharing buttons and counters.

Premium web templates come with advanced theme options, unlimited font and color solutions, valid HTML5 and CSS3 code that provide for easier customization. Want to check out all of the aforementioned prerogatives? Then browse 30 Joomla Architecture Templates, view live demos and grab any the fit your niche.

Take your time and enjoy!


Modern Design Board Joomla Template


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Two more weeks of TemplateMonster en-of-the-year giveaway are left. So, hurry up to get your prize! This week the name of lucky owner of CooKoo watch has been announced at MonsterPost. The next present to come is Moto Hint – a much-talked-of earbud by Motorola.


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I believe you’ve been waiting for this day to come for the past two weeks. Now it’s official here – all new Free WordPress Business Template from TemplateMonster. Combining sleek and stylish layout with a bunch of handy features, it will turn web development into an enjoyable experience.

Just cast a glance at its main page. Vivid blue hues opposed to minimalistic dark grey background add special charm to the layout. Content blocks are separated with full-width backgrounds, making it easier to scan the page. Grids are also here to create order among other elements in the website. The reserved, decent look of this template makes if the perfect choice for marketing, IT, consulting, investment, financial, or any other business project.

In many ways, a website design is as important as a business card. The more professional and trustworthy it looks, the more likely people will deal with you. The given template was developed for you to stand above competitors. Its pleasant to the eye color scheme and easy-to-follow interface contribute to this. It’s no secret that visuals play an important role in web design. Even if you are running a business web page, making is appealing is a way to success. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope sliders are all here to please the visitors. What is more, the template has been made fully responsive, is powered by Bootstrap and Cherry Framework.

Does this Free WordPress Business Template meet your needs? View live demo to see it in action.

View Demo Here | Download Here


Eateries are always in demand among modern users. When you are in a strange city, in another country or simply look for the best place to dine out nearby, such web resources come in handy. Here one can check out the open hours, menu, prices, as well as contact details. So, if you are running a cafe or restaurant, bringing your business on the web is a win-win solution. In such a way, you can not only rich wider audience but also build trust and customer loyalty. The more appealing and professionally you look, the more likely people will visit your place.

We all know that building a website from scratch is a tiresome experience. However, the web offers plenty of opportunities for those of you looking for a starting point for building a restaurant site. Some prefer ordering custom-made design to stand above competitors, while many others prefer ready-made solutions. As a rule, these are easy to setup and customize, saving tons of your time and effort.

Ready-made templates come in free and premium options. The former include many features and tools of their premium equivalents. Though the latter bring more benefits and opportunities, like support after the download, regular updates, free images, etc. Today, we will showcase 30 stunning food and restaurant WordPress themes developed by TemplateMonster team. These guys have been on the market for more than 12 year, so they know the real value of quality products. Do you like clean and minimalist designs? Or you would better prefer something unique and outstanding? Here you can find anything to your liking.

What do WordPress templates from TemplateMonster boast? These includes all features your future site might need, including responsive design, crossbrowser compatibility, detailed guides, multiple theme options, intuitive admin panels, etc. What is more, the majority of TemplateMonster WordPress themes are powered by Cherry Framework that provides easy-to-install themes with solid Bootstrap options, Parent/Child theme possibilities, shortcodes and widgets, and much more. Just view the live demo of any of these themes and discover their full power.


Restaurant WordPress Theme


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Web designs trends come and go. One style succeeds another, making it a thing of the past. However, there is no tomorrow without the past, so we should keep in mind the things that stood at the origins of the modern web design. To make it possible for us to follow the evolution of web design trends from 2004 till 2014, TemplateMonster has released an infographic combining all styles and trends popular during the past decade. Intrigued? Move further to see it live.


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Thanksgiving season has officially started. While many of us are anticipating to have one more day off, others are getting ready to save on precious stuff on Black Friday. However, there is no need to wait till November 28 to save big on new designs. Starting from November 24 and up to November 30 each of you can purchase a template from TemplateMonster inventory at a 50% discount. And the surprises don’t end here.

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When I first saw cinemagraphs, they immediately caught my eye. It felt like a new way to experience the moment and perceive the art of photography. The slight movement adds a bit of mystery to each of such images, making me stay and watch. Cinemagraphs have started a true revolution in the world of blogging and marketing. These are more powerful and energetic than you might think. Wonder why? Move further.



Initially, such notion as “cinemagraphs” saw the light of day back in 2011. Its creator is husband and wife team Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Cinemagraphs were born out of a need to bring fashion and news photographs to life. These give the illusion of video but in fact are just a sequence of photos strung together to show some motion. To put it simple, cinemagraph is a photography with a living moment inside of it.

Cinemagraphs shouldn’t be confused with GIF images, though both of them come as .gif files. The former boast more refined nature and better quality than a common GIF file. Basically, this is caused by the way cinemagraphs are made. To shoot one you need a quality camera in high resolution. Then, by means of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop each photograph can be enlivened through isolated animation of multiple frames. As a result, you get a sharp image.

Originally, the GIF format appeared back in late 80s, though a few of them were of premium quality. Time passed and people needed something more subtle and intriguing. This is when the idea of creating still photos with subtle motion appeared.

How Can Marketers and Bloggers Benefit from Cinemagraphs


One of the proven ways to embrace cinemagraphs is to use them in blog posts and ads instead of still images. Marketing specialists have started to discover the full power of cinemagraphs and featured these in their campaigns. Among the first brands to make use of this trick were Coca-Cola, Christian Louboutin, Tiffani & Co, Diesel, and a number of other world-known names. By adding some subtle motion to their ads, these managed to shake up their banner and display campaigns. Here are just a few examples:



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Not a single week without something fresh and stunning. Guys from TemplateMonster keep on rolling out handy free themes that can help each and every set up a site without writing a line of code. This time they’ve released another awesome free WordPress template best suited for art & photography websites.

It’s no secret that running their own online portfolio or a blog is a win-win solution for photographers, designers, videographers or anyone else working in this creative field. However, building a site from scratch or ordering a custom-made design can be an impermissible luxury. This is when a ready-made template comes in handy. Running on the most popular CMS in the world, this theme allows incorporating a portfolio and blog on one site.

When casting a glance at its home page you’ll see how elegant and stylish it looks. Thanks to the dark background, visuals look even more trigging. Playing with contrast, you can highlight some content blocks with vibrant coral hues, which can not only catch user attention but also add special charm to the layout.

Since the template is primarily intended for art & photography sites, special emphasis has been put on the visual side. From top to bottom, the main page of the theme boasts full-width slider, photo-rich galleries, neat thumbnails accompanying content blocks. The audio player and video integration are here to engage more viewers in and make them get closer to your business. What’s more, you should worry that people won’t be able to see the content you’ve shared on the site. The template is fully responsive, what guarantees the content will be correctly displayed on any screen size.

Easy-to-customize and very functional, the theme can be adjusted to fit any project you are running. Are you a designer, travel agent, make-up artist, videographer or chef? The theme can be customized to meet your particular needs.

Keeping the design element to a minimum yet maintaining a modern style, the theme puts your work first. Click live demo to see it in action or push the download button to start working on your online portfolio right away.

Demo | Download here


A real estate website is more than just an ordinary page where people can learn about a company story, check out listings and look through recent projects. This is the face of your company, the representation of its professionalism and the quality of services it delivers. Modern buyers do a lot of research before venturing out to purchase a home, and visiting a real estate website is the first step in decision-making. So, the more powerful and attractive it looks, the more likely people will choose you for investing in real estate.

In the past, managing a site was a costly and complicated issue. However, the things are different now. For every realtor and real estate agency running a site is a must do. With so many ready-made designs developed specifically for real estate sites starting your own web resource has become much easier and more affordable. In our today’s compilation we’ll showcase designs for multiple purposes and of different styles. Do you need a ready-made solution for a real estate agency, land brokerage, mortgaging or home stating? Do you want it boast clean and minimalist design with main focus put on property on sale or you would better prefer making it content-rich, with breathtaking backgrounds, cool textures and a number of other awesome elements? No matter what goal you pursue and what style you’d like you site to be built with, below you will find a template to your liking beyond any doubts.

These real estate themes will make it a breeze to develop a stunning website without the need of hiring professionals. These come packed with all the necessary features, guides and instructions to help you attain the desired results. Google maps, various galleries, sliders, handy widgets and shortcodes, powerful search options, etc. – all these elements are here at your disposal. Each theme on the list is flexible and easy to customize, so you will find no difficulty with adjusting it in the most appropriate way.

Here comes the time of our collection of 30 best real estate website designs that you can pick by following the link or simply use as a source of inspiration. Take your time to browse through the entire showcase and if you have any thoughts on real estate templates, then feel free to join the conversation under the post. Remember that how you present your business on the web can significantly help in growing customer base, building trust and increasing sales.


Land Broker Flash CMS Template from TemplateMonster


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The year is slowly moving to its end, so we have decided that it’s high time to initiate the traditional End of the Year Lottery> where each of you can try the fate and win one of the last-gen smart devices. Sounds intriguing? Move further and see what TemplateMonster

Starting from November 11 and up till December 30, everyone who buys a design at automatically becomes the participant. There is no need in spending time on filling in any forms, entering contact or personal details. Everything will be done instead of you. Just browse the inventory, purchase the template that fits you the most, and get ready to receive your prise.

The important thing is that there will be only seven presents and seven winners overall. So, don’t miss your chance to be one of those lucky folks! Happy owner of the first prise will be announced on November 18 already.

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