Have you read a book about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland being a child? I am sure that the answer is ‘yes’, for some of us it was a favorite story. Many times we tried to imagine what the Wonderland can look like. It’s unbelievable, but it seems like Rorik Smith was the lucky one who managed to cross the boundaries of the material world and peep into this illusory country.

Rorik Smith is a gifted creative artist from Northern Wales, working on visual problems solving. He creates his queer unique artworks without any digital processing; his tools are simple graphite pencils. We refer his graphics as ‘polyhedral panoramic drawings’ and they are really able to disorient our mind. We’ve got used to perceive certain axis, planes and perspectives, distortion of which leads to complete confusion and incomprehension. Smith’s technique is a kind of challenge to our conservative perception incapable to step away from common standards. His drawings look like optical illusions for regular viewers, which is normal as when something is behind the edge of mental ability, our tangled mind generates them instead of reality.

The artist skillfully plays with perspectives, distorts the axis, seamlessly matches vertical and horizontal planes which results in mind bending experience for the audience. Moreover, his artworks are extremely accurate and detailed, if you fold the drawing in particular way, a three-dimensional picture becomes clearly visible.

Below we’ve posted several giddy, hairy ‘polyhedral panoramic drawings’, created manually by the genius artist, able to turn your conscience upside-down. View them and get to know what Wonderland is like!

* * *

Marine Terrace Rorik Smith

polyhedral panoramic drawings

* * *

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Hey guys! Here is the goodie that looks really cool and is a perfect fit for your web presences that deal with agriculture business. The combination of this Free Joomla Agriculture Template effective design and your creative ideas will certainly bring the success to your project.

We are glad to present this nice free theme to all of you who have a great taste in stylish designs. Its bright color scheme along with the catchy elements create undoubtedly effective layout that can help you communicate your business ideas in the memorable way. The powerful Joomla features that are implemented in this freebie make it a functional solution for your web presences. If you have a lack of time, this theme will come handy, ‘cause its customization will not take you a lot of it. You are welcome to download it and start your own projects with its help.

Free Joomla Agriculture Template:

Let your design to be first to be caught by the visitors of your project. How can you do it? Choose the eye-catching stuff that is a perfect fit for your online project. Today’s Free Vector Illustration of the week that pictures robots of different shapes can make your designs more attractive and pleasant to eyes. Using such a nice freebie, you can easily create a pretty nice look of your design. Feel free to download it and try in your works!

This free vector illustration is presented in two formats (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 994 x 491, 2071 x 1024, 4141 x 2048. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at Templates.com. This registration is completely free!

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

Move to the following link to get the goodie of the week!

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Today we are going to tell you about the new web project developed by collaborative efforts of major IT companies (including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, Nokia, Mozilla, Opera and the W3C) that lead parade of current IT progress. The project was given the name WebPlatform Docs.
Basically, it’s a social network, but unfortunately you can’t post pictures of your cute puppies and kittens, it’s created for developers and aimed at storing and sharing web developer’s documentation. This resource will be extremely helpful for greenhorns, since there will be no need to buy books, downloads eBooks to your reader, browse web effortlessly for numerous hours trying to find something specific, just open your browser, type webplatform.org, use search and you’re on a half-way to a vast and beautiful land of webdesign and coding.

You can already find lots of valuable content there, including information on:

  • how to use features of the open web, with syntax and examples;
  • what platforms and devices you can use various technologies on;
  • what is the current standardization, stability and implementation status of each technology specification.

Couple months will pass and Web Platform Docs will get tons of valuable content since there are thousands of enthusiasts that will gladly share their developments. If you’re one of them don’t hesitate to share your knowledge, cause sharing is caring.

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Always a hotbed of technological activity, the United States is home to some of the most talented web developers in the world, making for a lively time when industry events are held in cities around the nation.

Ideally for developers looking to learn about the latest successful tactics being employed in their industry, these brilliant minds come together on a very regular basis, from coast to coast, guaranteeing that there is an event nearby when you need a source of education and inspiration.

Build your development toolkit and your contact list by attending one of the four web development events in the United States:

1. Chicago Web Conf


Chicago Web Conf

A one-stop-shop for an in-depth look at the technologies that power the web, Chicago Web Conf is renowned for its ability to pack a deep educational punch into an event that spans only a single day. The focus here is HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other web languages, making it the perfect pit stop for a web developer needing to keep up with the latest news regarding the very backbone of the web.

When and Where: Visit Chicago, Illinois’ Windy City, on October 5, 2012, to take in this year’s Web Conf event.

2. Future of Web Design


Future of Web Design

Holding proceedings in one city in each of the United States and the United Kingdom each year, the Future of Web Design conference is set this year for a date in New York City! Spread out over three days and encompassing everything that goes with being a web developer and designer, the Future of Web Design conference will bring together the best and brightest minds in the industry to share ideas and inspiration while learning new skills.

Known especially for its lineup of talented speakers, expect to see personalities representing some of the hottest startups and most successful web business in the world as they share their expertise with all attendees. Add in the Rising Stars track, a session aimed at introducing the audience to some of the most exciting up and coming names in web development, and you’ve got yourself an event that combines the very best of trusted information and fresh inspiration in the Future of Web Design.

When and Where: The Future of Web Design event is set to be held from October 22-24, 2012 in New York City, mere blocks from Manhattan’s beautiful Central Park. Check out NewYorkHotels.org for nearby accomodations that are both beautiful and affordable, allowing you to easily add relaxation and sightseeing to your itinerary!

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I hope that there are big fans of freebies among you, guys. Then you and all the rest are welcome to get this fresh goodie from professional TemplateMonster team – Free Joomla Design Studio Template. Mix up your creativity with this cool theme, and get a powerful start-up for your online business!

You don’t need to pay to get this goodie. It is completely free as all the rest from this weekly series. Within this theme you get attractive design, thought-out structure and powerful set of Joomla features. Its clean and conservative style fits a variety of online projects that deal with design business. Being professionally done, it allows you to customize it with ease in no time. Add the fresh new look to your online business with powerful Joomla solution!

Free Joomla Design Studio Template:

At the end of this week we are glad to offer you pretty nice goodie for your projects, and it ‘s going to be Free Vector Illustration of the week that pictures a woman holding a shopping bag full of purchases. Whether your design deals with a shopping theme, or other projects of this kind, this attractive image will be a perfect suit for making your web presence visually effective and interesting for the clients. Free as usual, this goodie is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate and get it!

This free vector illustration is presented in two formats (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 584 x 788, 1217 x 1642, 2433 x 3283. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at Templates.com. This registration is completely free!

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

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Mobile Landing Pages Tips

Witty ideas, good planning and the usage of best practices – these are three initial points of the efficient mobile landing page. Why should you be interested in it? Because the easy way of accessing the page from some portable devices is the unquestionable rule of today’s life. People use them here and there, and understand this comfort. Give them what they want, and get their interest in your business. Most of websites today have 2 versions – for desktop computers and for mobile devices. When it comes to the second one, a number of questions come to the fore. The design should look fine even on the device with small size, the functionality should be of the same high quality. What should you do in this case? Here are useful Mobile Landing Pages Tips that will help you build a good and efficient page.


Simple Navigation

The first, and perhaps, the most important rule is the wise arrangement of all parts of your mobile landing page, thus making them accessible to your visitors. Give them an opportunity to reach each part of your site just in a few clicks, avoiding the long pass with inexplicit actions. One good solution is to arrange the navigation vertically in 4 or 6 tabs.

Page Optimization

Everything is simple here. Remember the optimal length of the url – about 40 characters. One more important point here is the optimization of titles – make them simple, effective, and short, and be sure that they will look great on the small screen.

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Today’s post is a treasure chest for all those who are looking for fresh great stuff. And it’s all about the launch of 2 new products – Jigoshop Themes and Bootstrap Templates. Our friends, TemplateMonster team, never stop inspiring all of us for great designs with their efficient products. This time we’re going to review two of them, and let’s start with -

Jigoshop Themes, the perfect solutions for converting a WordPress sites into multifunctional and responsive online shop. The key point of these themes is Jigoshop, a WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows create multiple product types, apply detailed attributes that help your customers find products in a click. The first five Jigoshop Themes that are available now have a variety of cool features to amaze you. So, let’s see what they offer:

  • selling products in one click
  • product personalization
  • ultimate set of product attributes
  • shipping calculator
  • stock management
  • detailed order and stock reporting via graphs and dashboard widgets
  • orders manager
  • great number of extensions (over 25 installable payment gateways)
  • updated search functionality

And much more! Here we showcase these amazing themes, and for you to probe them, follow the link to their presentational page.


Accessories Store Jigoshop Theme


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What about going to the movie tonight? Are you in the mood of watching something romantic, amusing or horrible? You can hardly meet a single person in your city absolutely indifferent to movies. They bring some diversity into our lives, help us relax, forget about everything and do incredible things together with our favorite actors and actresses. A good movie can not only entertain us, but even teach some new facts and show the most exotic places on the Earth and even other planets. Watching cartoons our kids get to know very serious things about social relationships in gentle and attractive form.

Books and movies are the inexhaustible source of information and inspiration. A captivating plot is able to raise our mood when we feel melancholy or loneliness. Going to the movies is a kind of ritual for some families, the possibility to do something enjoyable together and then discuss the most thrilling moments. A lot of couples like to go on dates to the cinema, where they watch romantic movies, drink coke and eat pop corn. Even if you are not a great cinema goer, you are unlikely to refuse watching a good blockbuster from the coziness of your sofa.

Have you ever noticed how creative movie posters could be? Sometimes they make deeper effect and look better than the movie they promote, it’s quite normal, as posters are created to perform the function of attention grabbing. The user should see the poster and understand that he/she is dying from curiosity and desire to see this movie. Posters are very powerful marketing instruments, able to influence viewers’ minds and increase producer’s income. Good posters render the spirit of the movie, showing the most intriguing scenes. Designers use a vast set of tools and tricks to achieve the desired effect, graphics of those artworks may become a positive shock for our imagination. Fonts and imagery are so enchanting that we can’t draw our eyes aside. We hope you can’t wait a second longer to view the coolest collection of masterpiece movie posters thoroughly picked out for your aesthetic pleasure. So, here they are waiting for your attention.

* * *

Wrath of the Titans

movie posters with amazing graphics

* * *

American Scream

movie posters with amazing graphics

* * *

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