Do you like retro designs? You’re mistaken if you consider them being dull and not interesting. They call reminiscences of the gone away century that was rich for great people and events that changed the world.

Let’s go retro today! Old stuff can gain a new look and popularity in a period of time, and it’s always cool when it goes about designs. Vintage web design is an interesting topic, and today I’m going to highlight the cool examples of 5 Best Vintage Style Website Designs. Why 5? Because they are really nice, show the retro aspects of design in the effective way and are worth seeing. Besides, it seems to me that you can get tired of reading more info. What makes all the vintage sites similar (and these are not an exception)? Let’s see their key features in the list below:

  • Textured backgrounds (wooden, ornamental).
  • Old paper textures (mostly in the content part).
  • Vintage typography. Here is a good source to find nice retro types.
  • Old-fashioned images.
  • Décor elements inherent to old newspapers.
  • Faded colors.

If you’re not a fan of retro style, you can easily become the one after viewing these appealing designs. Stunning and easy on the eye, they can turn the viewers in their devotees. Is it really true? Let’s see!


Mom & Popcorn


This eye-candy example is my favorite one from the whole compilation. The multicolored grunge background, the nice burned texture in the content part, a lot of postcards all over the page and, of course, cool images in pin-up style make this design not only a vintage, but a striking one. You’ll certainly like the 1957 Chevrolet in the footer of this nice site.


All Star Lanes


How do you like this design in rock’n’roll style? It is the large typography in a bit faded colors and dark wooden background that create such an association. The designer puts emphasis on the visual presentation of the content, and places a lot of images on the first page. It makes the visitors enjoy the nice pics and learn more about this bowling club. Great vintage concept for such a site!

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Skeuo.. What?

Making design elements almost 100% look like objects from real life is called skeuomorphism. Skeuomorphic design imitates real-world objects, materials and textures, generates the real-life emotions of the visitors and invites them to touch, turn, push its elements. This design can be visual (various textures emulating things from reality) and audio (imitating the familiar sounds). It is widely used in iOS devices.

Is It a Mocking Bird?

Of course, not. The idea of skeuomorphism is natural and intuitive design that is interesting and engaging for the viewers. It doesn’t turn around the real life, it just creates the look alike elements aimed at captivating visitor’s attention.

Is It the Web Product?

You can also find it in the real life. These are: artificial leather that looks like the real one, electric chandeliers with fake candles, nonfunctional pockets in clothing, etc.


Skeuomorphic design looks familiar for the users, engages them and sells well.


It’s anti-innovation, sometimes confuses users, not good for all types of sites.

It’s only the general information about this interesting design trend, the following Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design from TemplateMonster will tell you about it in details, highlighting its key points:

  • History of Skeuomorphism
  • Types in Web Design
  • Pros and Cons
  • List of Free Skeuomorphic Textures
  • Examples of First Skeuomorphic UI’s
  • Real life examples of Skeuomorphism

This journey will be a captivating one. The interactive design offers you to play with it, follow your own way of checking it out. Click the parts of this infographic in any sequence you like, and the information will be revealed on the TV screen in the center.

Enjoy this nice infographic and spread it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other popular networks if you like it. To publish it on your page feel free to copy the code of a .jpg version by using the Copy button in the bottom of the infographic.

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Creativity is a thing, which doesn’t have a permanent definition. That’s why I dare to represent my own: it’s a trait to distinguish extraordinary in habitual things and phenomena. And more usual a thing is, more creative a person, which saw something unusual in it.

What is more usual than a progress bar? In most cases we don’t even pay attention, because it’s just a simple scale showing the progress of loading: we are concentrated on how much we need to wait, not on the essence of a progress bar. However, creative persons could see something special in this graphic element and use it as a sterling component of a design. I’d like to demonstrate you some examples of the most interesting and creative progress bars. Maybe, someone would consider them strange just because of unfamiliar approach – it’s up to them. Anyway, I see nothing bad in strangeness and agree with William James: “Genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way”.

Enjoy your inspiration!

* * *

Progress Bar Design

* * *

Progress Bar Design

* * *

Progress Bar Design

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This stylish theme is quite appealing due to its contrasting look, caused by optimal color combination of blue elements and dark background. This trending design in two colors speaks to the point and is good for presenting your business in the right way. Let your company get more attention with a website based on Free Joomla Business Theme from TemplateMonster.

This modern looking design is perfect for those who want to start business online. It speaks for the reliability of your company, and makes your clients trust in it. Its wide content area is enough for presenting all the information to the customers in clean and clear way. The animated featured blocks are placed above it and offer to learn more about certain services. The widgetized sidebar also features the set of social icons that can be linked to certain profiles for further communication with the target audience on the web. The theme goes with the responsive layouts for more comfortable usability. It is compatible with 2.5.0-2.5.6, 2.5.7 Joomla versions.

Feel free to use this template for business-to-business companies that deal with management, marketing, etc.

Free Joomla Business Theme:

Cooking… Delicious and yummy, it makes our life tastier, and adds some spicy notes to the everyday routine. It’s not surprising that various food sites are immensely interesting for the viewers. With all that sappy images of tasty dishes they turn out to be so mouthwatering that it’s impossible to miss them.

If you have one of such sites, have a look at this nice Free Vector Illustration of the week that can nicely decorate it. It is perfectly tailored for brightening such sites, and making the designs attractive. Being created in easy on the eye colors, it will not interfere with the original color scheme of your project, but will serve as a catchy element. Feel free to download this goodie following the links in this post.

.PNG, .AI are the formats of this illustration. Its resolutions are 991 x 994, 2066 x 2072, 4131 x 4144. Being a vector image, it can be printed in different formats without losing its high quality. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at This registration is completely free.

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

Get this freebie, and make your designs yummy!

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Creating a positive online image and staying in touch with people are primary goals of the political websites. What are they? Presidential websites, government official pages, sites of various political parties and campaigns – it’s only the beginning of the list. The focus of our attention today is Political Web Design.

How does the design of the mighty ones look like? What are the most common features of such web presences? Follow us to dive deeper in this topic.

As the President is a head of the state, his official page is, let us call it so, his face. Converting the political ideas correctly, winning the attention of people, and staying in touch with them – these are the key points of every political website. Looking at sites of this kind, you can notice some similar features:

  • Responsive design. It allows to get more views from greater amount of users.
  • Powerful social media integration. It’s good when there is a space for discussions all over the web.
  • High resolution photos. Professionally done images are obligatory in building confidence.
  • Effective headlines. To get an idea of what is written in the following article.
  • Enough whitespace. When clutter elements are avoided and the whitespace is used, it becomes easier to present everything clearly to the audience.
  • The readable content. Usually, such sites are content heavy. The layout should be correctly organized to present all the blocks of information in a comprehensive way.
  • News blog. It is essential for presenting fresh news and press releases.

Political sites usually avoid heavy graphics and some artistic creative designs, because it’s not always convenient for users and not appropriate.

One more interesting point are the colors that are used for designing of these sites. Usually, these are the traditional colors of the national flag. The most commonly used are: white, red, blue, green, yellow. There are certain historically developed associations with these colors. They are not absolute, but they still exists. It’s not obligatory that they mean the same in the beneath examples of sites.

Blue (dark blue) is associated with conservative parties.
Green is for green politics.
Red is usually associated with socialism and communism.
Yellowis the color of liberalism.
White is linked to pacifism.

And one more time – these are only association. The colors can have other meanings in the following examples.

Well, that’s enough for the general info, let’s see the examples of the Top Official Presidential Sites. Which of them present great design and what solutions are used – you’ll see it while continuing reading.

To see the solid designs for political sites and blogs, visit the category of political WordPress themes at with the efficient designs aimed at gaining the maximum potential of political campaigns.


President of the US. Official Website


Here is an example of great execution of the political site. Clean and clear, without extra elements that interfere with communicating the main idea. There is enough whitespace on the background that helps to focus attention on the blogroll. The header is made in blue against which large images look more contrasting. A neat typography and logo in traditional US colors create a warm welcome to the visitors. The laconic design concept of a good site.


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“Wow, that’s amazing!” and “How to achieve it?” – this is the most usual first reaction of people who see the cool background effects on websites. Interactive sites with movable background images look really stunning, and draw much more viewers than the usual ones. Most of such sites use Parallax scrolling technique to achieve this effect. It makes the viewers’ journey around the site pleasant and exciting, observing how the background images move slower than the foreground ones. It’s not only visually intriguing, more important is that it makes the navigation really simple. In major cases when you scroll a parallax website, you can move on to another page actually staying on the main.

What other techniques are used for creating the background scroll effect? Just using a certain code you can make the background move. It is widely used in creating video games. In this compilation you’ll find the examples of Background Scroll Effect Tutorials for both of the mentioned above cases of usage. Video tutorials will show you the process of creation of these effects in detail.

We hope that this post will give you enough examples of implementing such a cool effect in your works. Show the world how it should move, and please the visitors of your site with its visual attractiveness and simple navigation.


A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique


Background Scroll Effect Tutorials


jQuery Randomised Background Scrolling Effect Tutorial


Background Scroll Effect Tutorials
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Changing userpics, covers, backgrounds on our social media profiles, we want to show our mood to the world. Choosing the right image, we try to find something special, that will help us stay apart of others and not to become copycats of somebody’s idea. “That’s how I feel today” – it is the message all these images send to the viewers. You can write whatever you want on your walls, but the visual message of the profile can has much greater impact. If you’re searching for more and more cool images for decorating your social profile on Twitter, here is a nice compilation of various 40 Free Twitter Covers and Headers that are attractive enough to be used on your pages.

Abstract, nature, animals, people, cars, movies – that’s only a part of the topic list of presented here twitter covers and headers. Some images are linked to the pages where you can choose the right option you need: download the image, set it as a cover or background image. The other you can download only as headers just following the links. One thing is for sure – all of them are completely free, and you’re welcome to choose the one that corresponds to your mood today, and use in your profiles.

Meet each day with a great mood, and spread it with nice Twitter covers via your profile.


New York City



Running Jogging



Snow Dog



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The Adobe Photoshop software is essential for anyone who is designing a website. It is the most popular and useful photo editing package available on the market today. This software is being used by amateurs and professionals alike. However, Photoshop will take a long time for someone to master. It is advisable for beginners to familiarize first with the basics such as creating a color splash effect on your images. This Photoshop Tutorial will provide you with the detailed steps on how to apply color splash effect on your photos.

What is a color splash effect?

It is one of the basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop that accentuates certain parts of your image by keeping the selected areas in full color while converting the rest of the photo in black and white.

Here are the steps on how to apply color splash on your images:

1. Select and open your image in Adobe Photoshop

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Say yes for attractive look of your design works! If you want your project be worth a million, put emphasis on its visual attractiveness. Want to find cool design elements that will bring it to your works? Then visit our category of vector illustrations for variety of nice images that will not disappoint you. Today you’re welcome to get Free Vector Illustration of the week that is a perfect fit for your nice designs. This illustration features 4 cartoon robots performing different actions: holding a TV set, singing, carrying slippers and playing football. Feel free to download it and decorate your works with its coolness.

You can download this image in two formats (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 485 x 653, 1011 x 1361, 2022 x 2722. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at This registration is completely free.

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

And one more link to get this freebie.

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