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Dear readers, we wish you Happiness on Thanksgiving Day and always!

Today is the fourth Thursday of November and it means that Thanksgiving Day is here. It’s time for great mood and warm gatherings of friends and family. This is the very day of the year that we try to spend with the people we love. Traditional Thanksgiving feast with turkey on the table and its wishbone is a part of celebration. But the most important about this holiday is, of course, giving thanks. There are countless reasons to be thankful for, and we should remember about all of them.

We are thankful for your interest in our blog, and will try our best to nourish your creativity with more and more useful and original stuff.

May the good things happen to you over and over again!

Let’s start with the notion. What is landing page? Users get to them when click on a banner ad or a link from the search results. Good landing pages are of the previous importance for online business, ‘cause their goal is to turn the projects’ visitors into buyers. As usual, such pages have certain objectives like offering visitors to subscribe to some service, buy the goods, take part in the contest, and a number of others. The relevant and easy-to-perceive content, the focus on the most important elements, the security of page are the key points of the successful landing page.

To see the examples of well-done pages of this kind, check out the links below. What is interesting about them is the fact that these sites are responsive. The latter is considered a good style in web design today, ‘cause responsive sites allow their visitors to access them from various portable devices. How landing pages are implemented in such sites? The following examples of Responsive Landing Pages will show it in details.







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From our viewpoint each web designer will willingly sign the statement that typography is highly important for website appearance. When everything is done professionally, you don’t give a rush for all those designer’s tricks applied in the layout, but mistakes availability is flaring immediately making a website cheap and dilettantish. The fact is well known to skilful web developers, that’s why special attention is paid to improving projects’ typography. Exploiting negative space can be highly efficient in achieving this goal.

The term may sound a bit mysterious like something from physics or astronomy, but actually the matter is much more down-to-earth at a closer look. Designers and artists find it extremely serviceable when it comes to inner meaning rendering and readability intensification.

In brief, negative space or white space is everything surrounding the silhouette of a character. In typography, the enclosed or partially enclosed circular or curved negative space of some letters is called the counter and can be also used to make the idea more intelligible.

Old metallic letters photo” from Shutterstock.

Two levels of negative space are being differentiated. These are macro and micro space; here we mean the space between core elements and the space between the smaller elements, respectively. According to the basic principle of awesome design, a developer should always strive for perfect balance between negative and positive (main subject) space and give the user’s eye a place to rest, which results in visual appeal increase of the whole composition.

It should be mentioned that negative space doesn’t exist separately; it is a part of composition and creates the needed effect only in combination with other objects. It’s rather a mean of making the essential content stand out brighter and facilitating the user to read the story you want to tell.

Working with negative space, remember that it shouldn’t be obligatory white as the point is in perfect contrast or lack of the latter. It’s obvious that different colors appear brighter on the appropriate backgrounds. Large, uncommon fonts are also attention grabbing and single out some elements against the others. The user’s eye is involuntary guided by the lack or absence of the content in the white space areas. You can’t but agree that heavy cluttered designs don’t work well and the minimalistic principle “less is more” really makes sense. Enough white space is able to make the design look sophisticated and expensive as it gives the impression that the product or service you offer is unique and can speak louder than any words and decorations.

To make a long story short, let’s formulate several guides you should follow to get the most out of the negative space and make your design clean:

  • Your website will look balanced and harmonious with equal padding around the elements.
  • Too large margins ruin the unity of design and turn it into a mess of isolated elements.
  • Line spacing or the micro-white-space between the text lines should be reasonably large as it improves the readability.
  • Letter spacing is not less important either. Squeezed letters turn our reading experience into a real challenge as well as too distant ones. Here we return to perfect balance again.

To summarize everything said above, negative space can be regarded as one more effective tool imparting your typography a clean, digestible and professional look, focusing visitor’s attention on the essential content and ideas.

Below you will see some extraordinary examples of websites, created with consideration of negative space in typography solutions.

* * *


negative space typography

* * *


negative space typography

* * *

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Not long ago we have announced about the launch of Bootstrap templates by our friends from TemplateMonster. And now you have a great chance to try one of such themes, and it is going to be Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site. This is the Monday goodie that we are glad to present you. Let’s see what’s inside.

Such templates go with native Bootstrap functionality and special TemplateMonster add-ons. Free template live demo of this theme will show you the way all these things are incorporated in it. Its design is the example of the elegant style and thought-out arrangement of all content blocks. The jQuery slider, featured sections, block with latest photoshoots – all these elements you can notice on its frontpage. About, Services, Folio, Blog, Contacts – is the list of pages within this theme. In addition you get 404 page. The attractive design of this template is spiced up with animation effects.

Free Bootstrap Responsive Template for Photography Site:


Let’s see what this Friday has brought us. It is going to be Free Vector Illustration of the week depicting spiteful hares with chopping-knives, detonator and shears. The cartoon style of this goodie will come handy for decorating your works and bringing into them the bright and cheerful tone. Hope, this lovely image will evoke your smile. Don’t hesitate, and download it following the link below.

This free vector illustration is presented in two formats (.PNG, .CDR) and the following resolutions: 549 x 570, 1145 x 1188, 2291 x 2376. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at Templates.com. This registration is completely free!

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

Be ready to get this goodie!

Become a mature web designer with Templates.com!

A good portion of inspiration is what you need to nourish your creativity and bring it into your works. The compilation of cool Free Fonts Created in 2012 will show you the ways of decorating your output and making it original. It has always been interesting to observe the versatile variety of fresh fonts that appear again and again reflecting the newest trends in the online world. When art deco style, for example, captures the headlines, a number of artists put hand to create the cool font that shows the main features of this style, and so on. Day after day plenty of new fonts appear and some of them become bestsellers. Geometric, futuristic, grunge, urban, abstract fonts are compiled in this post, and all of them are completely free. Want to add the original tone to your work? Find the one you like among these types and rock your designs with it.




Free Fonts


Acorn Typeface


Free Fonts
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Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? The devices have undergone great evolution since their invention. Now we can legally call them our companions and assistants. Smartphones help us keep many essential things under control without direct physical presence. Nothing can prevent us from calling the kids spending their vacation in summer camp, play a game, reply the emails waiting in a traffic jam or maybe even take some shots of UFO flying over the office roof. We stopped to notice how these simple actions make our life easy and comfortable.

It’s obvious that the popularity of iPhones and smartphones continues to grow, so development of various mobile phone applications can be a profitable business. Apart from mercenary ends, it’s always great to extend the usability of your mobile phone and make it even more suitable for your individual goals. We believe that iOs tutorials below will help you get deeper understanding of SDK and learn to create amazing things without strong programming skills. All of them are free and ready for your precise examination right now. Build your iOs apps easily, without too much time and effort investments!

* * *

A Springboard-Like Layout With the UICollectionView Class

This tutorial will teach you build a “Springboard” layout with the help of iOS 6 UICollectionView class looking and acting like iOS Home Screen. You will also gain a strong knowledge of collection view fundamentals in order to create your own grid based layouts.

ios tutorials

* * *

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Microsoft’s latest browser release is IE9, but the problem now is that many people still use older versions of the browser. I thought I would write this post to help anyone struggling with this scenario of designing in the older IE browsers.

internet explorer

This image is attributed to Sean MacEntee’s Flickr Stream

The question is “do I make my website compliant with older IE6 and 7 browsers?”

Consider the following questions and comments:

1. Is it worth investing the time in making my website compliant?

If on a tight time frame on a project, this may make you run over other projects plus if on a budget for that size project, so I would make a decision based on size and budget available.
A recent project I did I didn’t consider looking at older browsers as I was on a deadline and it was a very small budget site, but I may revisit this when getting some free time as would like every project to be rendered into Microsoft force a browser upgrade.

2. Does my client use an older browser?

When the client first sees your designed website, I have had this before where customers say there is an issue but I can’t see any problem until I realise they have been viewing from IE7.

3. What benefit would I get from fixing IE6 and IE7 bugs?

1) Usability: You would allow people to use and view the website as it should be seen, or at least to a level they can see all the elements of the web page in the right place.

2) Increase Conversions: I have recently been looking at stats on the Google analytics and this shows a good percentage still use internet explorer, but if the analytics stated that a good percentage of visitors used IE6 or IE7, this would then give a case in investing extra time to fix these bugs.

If stats prove people visit your website from older browsers, it makes good sense to keep your visitors happy. Plus this could result in higher conversions over time.

Applying an IE7 only stylesheet

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And now, after a long period of time, welcome the fresh HTML5 template – Free Website Template for Car Business. Be sure to check it out before you move to another site.

Professional designers have done a good job when designed this goodie. Its refined style with catchy accents makes the visual part of the design effective. The well done structure of the layout with the division of the content part, the presence of the featured blocks of information and sections of services will help you arrange your information in the thought-out way. 5 subpages of this theme that include About, Maintenance, Repair, Price List, Locations are optimal for bringing such kind of business online. Free template live demo will show you this theme in action. Don’t hesitate to get this Monday goodie!

Free Website Template for Car Business:

If you are always in trend, and seek for the attention of your visitors, make your designs attractive. Giving your clients good visualization of your business ideas, you catch their attention thus making them interested in what you are talking about. Catchy elements can come handy in this case and bring your designs the desired attractiveness. Feel free to download this Free Vector Illustration of the week that pictures kids in different costumes and dress your project up!

There are two formats of presented here free vector illustration (.PNG, .AI) and the following resolutions: 513 x 815, 1069 x 1698, 2138 x 3397. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at Templates.com. This registration is completely free.

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

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