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Neo-Japanesque Art of Feebee. Exclusive Interview with the Artist! September 18, 2008

Art is eternal… Because the artist puts his whole soul into his works. And we would like to introduce one of such artists, known worldwide as Feebee.


Feebee.PhotoFeebee is an established Japanese artist with a wealth of experience. In her creative work you may feel the Japanese motives interlaced with the modern age trends. The main characters of her works are girls. But the the most important aspect for her is not to draw them as beautiful as possible but to express their inner world. This is how the author characterizes the girls which she likes to depict: “They are strong and beautiful, but gentle. I capture the best moment of the girls and I put all my spirit in to that one moment. Please feel it through my art.” In fact, she always manages to convey the character and make the others feel her mood during which the works have been created. And now her brilliant images can be seen in all their beauty on the books and magazines covers, cards, and garments, products packs, on the walls of cafes and even on cars.


In 2007 she was chosen as a Feature Creator of the Month of September on the established Japanese website – Her book ”The Art of Feebee” came to be in great demand and received general approval all over the world. At the moment she is working as an Adobe Illustrator cs3 lecturer and, of course, continuing to create the amazing masterpieces.


We also showed interest in Feebee’s creative work and asked her a couple of questions. So, read the exclusive interview with Feebee to know more about this talented artist.


* * *


For those who are not familiar with you yet, tell us about your background. How did you get into graphic designing?


I was already drawing some pictures ever since I could remember and it was very natural for me to develop interest in graphic design.


Art of Feebee01
Art of Feebee.

We know that you studied art by yourself. Self studying in general is a very complicated process that requires much efforts, perseverance and great will-power. What helped you to reach the aim in self studying?


My passion to drawing helped me. It was just funny and I did not feel that I was self-studying art. At the very beginning, it was not a job, it was not for anybody else but it was just for me, for expressing myself. I think it was the reason why I could self-study while I was enjoying it.


Art of Feebee05
“Yoineko” by Feebee.


Can you please describe the style of your artworks? Why have you chosen exactly this style?


A theme of my creative work is to draw pictures with soul. It is not only physical but inner beauty and strength. My creative work has a heart of Japanese because I drew some inspirations from Uki-Yo-E. Uki-Yo-E has its own simplified beauty without verbosity. However, I do not mean just to copy Uki-Yo-E. I try to create my own works by filtering all what I’ve seeт through my own experiences and feelings.


Art of Feebee03
Art of Feebee.


You have said that your art has impact. What impact do you mean and on whom?


I often see people who are frozen in front of my works. They are getting some inspiration from them. Regardless of sex and age, my art has impact on people who accept what I want to express.


Feebee’s Mini Exhibition at Design Festa
Feebee’s Mini Exhibition at Design Festa.


What things do you find inspiring in your daily work?


There are no particular things. I obtain my inspiration from “something” what I can feel. It can be anything around me.


“KOI HIME” by Feebee.


Do you have a teacher or preceptor who influenced you and helped you become what you are now? And what people do you find true and talented artists who are worth following his or her example?


I do not have any particular teacher or preceptor but I like the style of Wakaoki Itoh. I believe that true artists continue to develop his or her own style, they don’t stay at the same place.


“Spirit” by Feebee.


What’s your attitude towards the critiques? Do you put some value on the pieces of advice of your near and dear?


Of course, I would be very happy to hear praise on my artworks. However, negative critique cannot change my style because my style is the way I see the objects and draw them. I would accept advice as an opinion.


Art of Feebee07
Art of Feebee.


Have you found the meaning of life in your creative work? And what are you aspiring to?


Yes, I have found it. I hope that the other people will be able to feel my impressions, mood and emotions through my works. I would like to be connected to more people via my creativity beyond language.


Art of Feebee
Art of Feebee.


Your artworks have been on many exhibitions and gained great success. What does it feel like to be famous?


I feel happy because people may get to know me through my works. My motivation for creativity may be to prove that I have existed and I am here now.


Mini Exhibition at Launch Pad Cafe
Mini Exhibition at Launch Pad Cafe.


Feebee’s mini exhibition
Feebee’s mini exhibition.


What is the main aspect in your creative work? Satisfaction, acknowledgment or financial benefit?


My own satisfaction and financial benefit as valuation for my artwork.
To continue creating my works as a part of my life, I need both my own satisfaction and financial benefit. I regard financial benefit as a valuation of my creative work.


* * *


Thank you, Feebee, for a great interview. We wish you continued success.



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