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Mobile Landing Pages Tips October 11, 2012

Witty ideas, good planning and the usage of best practices – these are three initial points of the efficient mobile landing page. Why should you be interested in it? Because the easy way of accessing the page from some portable devices is the unquestionable rule of today’s life. People use them here and there, and understand this comfort. Give them what they want, and get their interest in your business. Most of websites today have 2 versions – for desktop computers and for mobile devices. When it comes to the second one, a number of questions come to the fore. The design should look fine even on the device with small size, the functionality should be of the same high quality. What should you do in this case? Here are useful Mobile Landing Pages Tips that will help you build a good and efficient page.


Simple Navigation

The first, and perhaps, the most important rule is the wise arrangement of all parts of your mobile landing page, thus making them accessible to your visitors. Give them an opportunity to reach each part of your site just in a few clicks, avoiding the long pass with inexplicit actions. One good solution is to arrange the navigation vertically in 4 or 6 tabs.

Page Optimization

Everything is simple here. Remember the optimal length of the url – about 40 characters. One more important point here is the optimization of titles – make them simple, effective, and short, and be sure that they will look great on the small screen.

Keep the Time Short

Time is money – we all know it. Let’s keep it in mind and don’t make our visitors, especially customers, wait. Make your information quick, and let your visitors get it just in several seconds. Limit the size of your pages and make them easy and fast to load. If you need the customers to fill the forms with information, limit the number of their fields to make the process easier. Of course, it important to gather information you need, but do it in a clever way. As you see, the secret is simple – avoid too heavy pages.

Less Content

Everything should be explicit – keeping this in mind, you can create really efficient landing page. The content should contain certain accents, thus focusing the visitors’ attention on its most important points. Highlight the points you think are crucial. Don’t forget about thought-out call-to-actions that are a part of your landing page and tell your visitors the next actions in step by step manner. Don’t overload these pages with text and bullets.

Clear Search

A good search function is one more indispensable point of the successful mobile landing pages. The thought-out structure of the search will help your customers find everything they is looking for just in seconds. Give them access to everything they want, and make this pass easy.

No Flash

You have to forget about using Flash when it goes about the successful mobile landing page. Make use of HTML5 or jQuery instead, and be sure that the information you present will be available for your clients.

Test it!

Try to see everything from the side of your customers, test each part of your page. You need to be sure that they will accept everything properly, and the only way to do it is to experience yourself. Even it will take you some time, you will be sure that there are no drawbacks in your landing page.

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