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Joomla Christmas Templates for Celebrating New Year 2009! November 17, 2008

To celebrate the New Year 2009, we would like to bring to your attention the collection of Joomla Christmas templates for your websites. And though, Christmas is still a long way off, all the preparations should be done beforehand. Joomla website templates are available in considerable quantity through hundreds of websites. But we tried to gather only those that have been created especially for this joyous holiday and that are pretty enough. But, unfortunately, we failed to find free and beautiful Joomla templates at the same time. Thus, our collection mainly consists of commercial Joomla Themes. Click here to browse the inventory.
But if you know where to find not only free but quality Joomla website templates, please leave your comments and we will update the post.

With the help of these Christmas templates you have a good opportunity to create festive atmosphere and easily and quickly change the look and feel of your website, make it brighter and more attractive. So, look through this collection of Joomla Christmas templates, and you will definitely find the perfect solution for you!

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Joomla Christmas Template # 174
Product type: Joomla Template 1.5

This attractive Joomla template conveys the merry Christmas atmosphere in the best possible way. The combination of red with dark colors makes this template more powerful and emphatic like the holiday itself.


* * *
Christmas Joomla
This Joompa web template done in green colors looks very effective. Red is used as an accent colors and brings images to the foreground.


* * *
Joomla Christmas Template # 172
Product type: Joomla Template 1.5

This Christmas Joomla template will suit any financial activity, information sphere, professional and business services, leisure activities, trade and other services. Dark red, being very energetic color, is associated with power, strength and leadership.


* * *
Joomla Christmas Template # 175
Product type: Joomla Template 1.5

The original header that features funny elves images and other Christmas related pictures make thia Joomla Christmas template more friendly and welcoming. This template will be a good decision for different blogs, entertainment portals, online stores as well as for any business activity.


* * *
Merry Christmas presents this original Christmas template.


* * *
Joomla Christmas Template # 169
Product type: Joomla Template 1.5

This stylish Christmas Joomla template will greatly work for beauty salons, fashion houses, boutiques, model agencies, design studios and etc. The red color makes the template more emotionally intense and is associated with energy, strength, power, as well as passion.


* * *

Warm Christmas
This is another great Joomla website template from The animated header featuring the New Year tree with toys and presents looks really catchy.


* * *
Joomla Christmas Template # 171
Product type: Joomla Template 1.5

This template design is clear, neat and simple, thus it is perfect for any type of online shops, crafts stores as well as for company presentation.



* * *
Joomla Christmas Template # 3
Product type: Joomla Template 1.0

The dominating color of this web template is orange. It is associated with joy, creativity and success. It really makes me feel elated and happy.


* * *

And again, guys, if you know where to find not only free but quality Joomla website templates, please leave your comments and we will update the post. Cheers!

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