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10 iPad2 Apps for Designers October 13, 2011

For today the app store features a number of useful iPad2 Apps for Designers. They continue appearing all the time and after approval of Apple enlarge this ultimate collection. They appear on the market quite often and you only have to choose the one you need to enhance your working process, or make it more creative. Being geared towards prolific designers, these iPad2 Apps can become of a great use for them. If you are the one who have got iPad 2, don’t hesitate and take the most out of it using all the featured below apps. This list contains the most useful iPad2 Apps for Designers that you are welcome to check out and try!



iPad2 Apps for Designers This is the very thing you need to organize your work. 2Do is comprehensive iPad2 app for designers with clear features and a number of options. It can be modified according to your needs with ease. Multi-tasking, scheduling, sharing ToDos with friends, backuping – all these features and even much more you can get within this cool design application.




Adobe Ideas


iPad2 Apps for Designers This digital sketchbook with clean and simple fluid interface can make the drawing process fun and easy. It’s ideal for all those who are always on the go, allowing them to sketch all their creative ideas. It combines the features from Photoshop and Illustrator. Using it, you are able to sketch on the go, write notes on the images, capture and store color schemes.




Artist’s Touch


iPad2 Apps for Designers This iPad2 app for designers is ideal for all those who want to create unique artworks using just photos from iOS library. It means that you get the power to create your own masterpieces regardless your skills. Unique “photo-paint” algorithm of this application will help you express your creativity easily.




Desktop Connect


iPad2 Apps for Designers This full-featured desktop viewer can help you access your computer from any browser around the world. It is ideal for those who are always on the go and need the access to their Mac or a PC as if they were in front of them. This iPad2 app automatically discovers all of the computers on your local network.






iPad2 Apps for Designers If you want to increase the productivity of your work, try this iPad2 app for designers that can be the convenient extension of your Mac or Windows desktop monitor. The main app’s feature of maximizing the viewable area of your main monitor makes it ideal for multi-tasking users.






iPad2 Apps for Designers The designers can make much use of the intuitive functionality and take full advantages of this useful app. It offers an opportunity to draft wireframes for the websites quickly and easily. Using it, you can set up wireframes for the needed sites with the swipe of a finger.




LiveSketch HD


iPad2 Apps for Designers Using this tool, you can create live sketches like doing them with a pencil on a real canvas, paper or a chalkboard. There are some general tips on how to use this iPad2 app for designers: draw faster to make thin line, draw slower to make thick line, tap the screen to show/hide toolbar. Express yourself with this creative app!






iPad2 Apps for Designers The best way to create mood and inspiration boards on your iPad is the one with Moodboard. Using it you add photos, texts, color swatches, and special elements to your board. Put all inspirational things in one place using this cool iPad2 app for designers and all people of other creative professions.




SketchBook Pro


iPad2 Apps for Designers Here is the drawing application that can be of a great use for both the beginners and professionals. Sketchbook Pro possesses the intuitive features that will give you a great sketching experience. Within it you get a complete set of sketching and painting tools that you need to create your own digital works.






iPad2 Apps for Designers This iPad2 app for designers allows you to manage your blog from iPad. Using it you get access to everything you need starting from moderation of your posts and comments to the creation of new pages, video or images upload. Due to all the advantages of this new app, you are able to create the posts of your blog much easier.


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