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Essential iPad Apps for Graphics July 16, 2010

Well yeah, this post is aimed at satisfying those people who have got such awesome device as the iPad and of course who work in the web design sphere. We’re sure there’s a lot of you guys like these out there. It is not a secret that all of the iDevices have tons of useful (and a little bit silly) applications and their whole existence is aimed at making our lives more comfortable.


It is hard to say whether all apps are really useful or not, but we are sure that our today’s list might help you a lot if you are a web designer. Being the lucky iPad owner is a win but knowing how to use it wisely is a double win. So, we are here to help you find the apps that will make your web design work easier and even more fun. In case you want to share your favorite web design related iPad app – we’ll be glad to know that in the comments section.


1. iDraw


iDraw - Ipad app


iDraw is great sketching and drawing tool that supports layers, text, images, multi-color gradients, brushes, fully customizable canvas styles, clipping, PDF expo etc.
Price: 8.99$


2. Masque


Masque - iPad app


If you are looking for a powerful and simple photo editing tool, this product is for you. It has a tons of awesome photo effects that will spice up your photo works for sure.
Price: 5.99$


3. Artist’s Touch for iPad


Artist's Touch for iPad app


Your photos will become real art masterpieces thanks to Artist’s Touch – we are sure that you’ll be amazed thanks to all those stunning effects provided by this program.
Price: 4.99$


4. Layers – Pro Edition for iPad


Layers - Pro Edition for iPad


Charge your iPad with layers packs and be ready to create awesome layouts on the go. Application provides more brushes, more layers, and more advanced layer operations than the standard edition.
Price: 5.99$


5. Color RGB


color RGB - iPad app


What can be better than pick right color for the future design right now on your iPad? This app will help you to find the RGB values, hue, and the color code.
Price: FREE


6. Font Displayer


font displayer - iPad app


This is an excellent software that will test your fonts in different sizes, layouts, and so on. You can easily modify font family, size, background color, alignment and columns in order to see how text is rendered in both portrait and landscape mode.
Price: FREE


7. Brushes – iPad Edition


Brushes – iPad Edition


Brushes is a painting tool that will allow you to become an iPad painter! Turn on your imagination and here you go – masterpieces are just in a few clicks away.
Price: 7.99$


8. OmniGraphSketcher


OmniGraphSketcher - iPad app


OmniGraphSketcher is very flexible and useful application for creating graphs in a few seconds. And it doesn’t matter whether you have specific data to report or a concept to explain.
Price: 14.99


9. PhotoPad


photopad - iPad app


It is time to use really serious software for editing your photos, and here is one of the best iPad applications that will beat its desktop rivals for sure.
Price: FREE


10. SketchPad HD


SketchPad HD - iPad app


SketchPad HD allows you creating ZAGGskins directly from your device, also there are such tools as color selection (eye dropper), color auto correction and so on.
Price: 0.99$

11. iMockups



This is a wireframing application so it means that you can easily create website layouts and wireframes. Though it is not really simple in use, with time you’ll feel all advanatges of this wonderful software.
Price: 9.99$


12. Adobe Ideas


adobe ideas- iPad app


Well, here is your digital sketchbook that will help you to generate and explore ideas on the go. Adobe Ideas is an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software.
Price: FREE

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  • convert xvideos

    Wow¡­ that was quite comprehensive, thanks.

  • Henson Stafford

    In the past year some apps for ipad are now changing up to present. Many people are not contented from what they have. They developed many apps and stuff for ipad.

    I learn more about this ipad app review so i hope you may learn more too.

  • Earlelane

    I have not been able to get the correct version of iTunes (64 bit) I want to use the layers but it tells me that I need to download the correct version of iTunes.

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