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Free Vector Illustration of the Week. Girl with Player July 13, 2012

If you are thinking about how to change the look of your project, here is a good chance to do it with today’s nice Free Vector Illustration of the week. The correctly selected design elements can make your project more appealing and memorable. Our illustrators recommend you to try this free image in your designer’s work and thus bring some fresh tone into it. Picturing a girl in headphones listening to mp3 player, this free image is tailored for whatever online projects that deal with music, beauty and fashion.

There are three formats of presented here free vector illustration (.PNG, .AI, .EPS) and the following resolutions: 995 x 699, 2072 x 1456, 4143 x 2913. As a vector image, this item keeps its high quality while being printed in different formats. Downloading is affordable and easy. It is possible after the registration at This registration is completely free.

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

Add style to your design with this free vector illustration!

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