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Free Vector Illustration of the Week. Flip-Flops July 6, 2012

Creating a truly beautiful design requires some creativity and good skills. But even being a crafty designer, you feel lack of inspiration sometimes. To avoid this, you can always browse our collection of free stuff that offers you a variety of designer’s stuff for your creative works. Today you are welcome to check out the following Free Vector Illustration of the week that shows of a pair of flip-flops and can be used as the decorative element of your online project.

Feel free to choose among two formats of this image (.PNG, .AI) and the following possible resolutions: 986 x 976, 2054 x 2033, 4108 x 4067 . Being a vector image, this free vector illustration keeps its high quality while printing in different formats. The download is possible after the registration at This registration is completely free!

Please note: This free vector illustration is free only for one week (starting from today). You can download the particular free illustration only during one week, the next week it will be changed for another one.
! You can use this free vector illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it for commercial purposes, it is forbidden.

Here is the link to download this free vector illustration.

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