15 Free Online Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Every company, whether it is big or small, should take the most out of its workforce. Today, when it has become a regular practice to employ freelancers, it becomes really difficult to hold the strong connection between the parts of the company. That is the reason for the immense popularity of the Free Online Real-Time Collaboration Tools that help to build the desired collaboration environment and make use of each minute of the workflow. These online real-time collaboration tools offer the variety of features that suit any company, you only need to choose the one that corresponds your business purposes. All of them allow to share various types of information and create the right team-building atmosphere, regardless of the location of its members. Some of the tools that we have listed are developed for company usage, the others can be used by everyone including your family and friends. So, check out these 15 online real-time collaboration tools and choose the one you need!



Google Docs


Collaboration ToolsWe all know it and we all like it – Google Docs that is also known as collaborative documents and spreadsheets. Being a browser-based application, it requires minimum to get up and running. It has obvious advantages over the other tools of this kind: there’s no need to download and install it on a particular machine, the current versions are always saved in the Google cloud, the ability to streamline teamwork over the web.






Collaboration ToolsHolding virtual brainstorms – this is the main thing that you can do with this free online collaboration tool. Several people can use its writeboard to communicate in real-time. This tool supports the function of downloading pictures, sharing audio files, but you can’t upload docs.






Collaboration ToolsHave small or medium-sized company? The right solution for online collaboration is this free online collaboration tool that is used for unlimited number of projects (with unlimited number of team members). It helps set and track time, project milestones and, of course, manage files.






Collaboration ToolsWhen the other free online collaboration tools are developed only for some groups, this web conferencing solution is ideal for families, co-workers, friends. It allows information exchange, offers you to host video web conferences and present it to others. You can do whatever you need when you use this online real-time tool: share contents, spread ideas, conduct live webinar, promote business online.






Collaboration ToolsIf you want simple real-time online collaboration tool for MS Office, feel free to use OneDrum. Actually, it is a desktop application that allows you to invite people to collaborate on MS Office documents (Word, Excel, and Power Point) in real time.






Collaboration ToolsIt is ideal for a company which workers communicate mainly via mobile devices. This microblogging platform helps your company to be connected in real-time. Your co-workers can use this free online collaboration tool instead of sending tons of emails.






Collaboration ToolsThe creators of this free online collaboration tool give 10 reasons to choose only this tool for your business purposes. It is really simple and clear (manages tasks, team members, projects), but lacks some special features that other tools from our list. In any case, it is quite good for project management and collaboration.






Collaboration ToolsUsing this free online collaboration tool, you simply add notes to your prototypes to collaborate with your team. Of course, there are a lot of services like this one, but they require the installation of a browser plug-ins and such services are mainly for individuals. This tool is for teams, it helps to annotate any desired webpage and doesn’t require sign-ups or installs.






Collaboration ToolsWhen it goes about family and friends collaboration, you can choose this free online collaboration tool that allows you to share documents, photos, to do lists and whatever you want with your family and friends.






Collaboration ToolsHere is another microblogging platform for busy people who need to share tasks in groups, get status updates and share files.






Collaboration ToolsIn one word, this free online collaboration tool connects social media platforms and your email inbox and turns the latter into a collaborative experience, sharing documents, files, emails with your private network. The constant users of Google Docs, Calendar with certainly find this tool that works within Gmail useful.






Collaboration ToolsHere is the desktop application for conducting the remote online collaboration. It goes with instant messaging system with user-friendly interface, group calendar, address book and runs on Windows and Linux.






Collaboration ToolsStatusNet is one more Twitter alternative that makes it easy to connect via mobile to its site, allows posting from an iPhone and building relationships in real time. It is partially similar to Present.ly, but they are both free and high-quality. So, you can use the one you like without any hesitations.






Collaboration ToolsThe customers choose this free online collaboration tool for the ease of use and multiple features like private rooms, webcam & voice chats for 10 users (additional number is paid), writeboard, screen-sharing. It allows developing the project and the publishing it in the desired place on the web.






Collaboration ToolsIf you are a journalist, blogger or a person who is looking for collaborative writing solutions, choose this free online tool for creative collaboration.


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