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Dreaming about Rain. Free Vector Illustraion of the Week. June 16, 2009

Sunny days of summer are full of easiness and light mood. You feel yourself floating in the sky, full of energy and high-tuned. Genial sunshine, gentle wind and sea beach – everything is for you to spend your time with ease and pleasure. But sometimes it becomes too hot and you can’t bear this stuffy weather any more. Not a leaf is stirring and you dream about rain. The only thing you wish is pouring water from the thunderous clouds. Your dream is depicted in this Free Vector Illustration of the Week. This stylish image that shows silhouette of a woman under umbrella will not only decorate your project, it will also distinguish it among others. Its exclusive look and high-grate execution will brighten up your online web presence!


Among three available formats of this free vector illustration (.PNG, .CDR, .EPS) and the following resolutions (839 x 546, 1748 x 1137, 3496 x 2273) you can choose the one you need. Register for free at and download this free vector illustration. Highlight the originality of your online project with our free vector illustrations!



Please note: you can use this free illustration only for your personal or educational purposes. Do not use it with commercial purposes, it is forbidden.


Don’t hesitate , download this free vector illustration and make your project stylish! Add the exclusive note to your online presence with free vector illustrations!


Become a mature web designer with!


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