Different Artists’ Views on Female Beauty

Women’s beauty has always been one the greatest sources of inspiration for writers, poets, artists and other talented people. But they all see and feel it in their own way. And we would like to bring to your notice different women’s illustrations. But the main criterion of choosing them was not the fact how beautiful or charming they are. Our intention was to show different views of the artists on female beauty.
Hopefully, you will find there something new, interesting and inspiring for you. Enjoy!


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“Female Instinct” by Ida Larsen


Female Instinct by Ida Larsen
The image was taken from Epilogue.net


I’m impressed by the balance in the painting. But have you noticed the eyes? The woman and wolf have the same eyes.
This digital image was created by a Danish artist Ida Larsen. In each her work you can notice a fantastic element. And it is not surprising. Influenced by mythology and folklore she creates truly amazing masterpieces.


* * *
“Forbidden Fruit” by Daniela Uhlig


Forbidden Fruit by Daniela Uhlig
The image was taken from Du-artwork.de


This breath-taking image was created by a German artist Daniela Uhlig. Currently she is a part of a big company where she creates designs, illustrations and graphics.



* * *
Woman’s Illustration from Templates.com


Woman Illustration from Templatescom
The image was taken from Templates.com


This image was created by one of the talented Templates.com contributers, known as DoMiSol. If you are interested in other works created by this artist, please visit author’s personal page.


* * *
“Pepper Dance” by Stanley Lau


Pepper Dance by Stanley Lau
The image was taken from Deviantart.com


Stanley Lau, the author of this image, is a digital artist from Singapore. In the art community he is known as Artgerm. Stanley was born and bred in Hong Kong. From the early childhood he showed a keen interest in drawing, and it became his hobby. But only during his school years he started thinking about being an artist as a profession. And not so long ago Stanley founded his own advertising & design agency and a t-shirt label. Take a look at Imaginaryfs.com to know more.


* * *
“Springtime Blossom” by Anne-Jjulie Aubry


Springtime Blossom by annejulie
The image was taken from Deviantart.com


Anne-Julie Aubry was born in 1980 in a small town in Eastern France. She graduated Beaux-Arts in 2001, Ecole de L’Image of Epinal. For some time she was working as a freelance artist and illustrator. At present her works can be seen on different exhibitions, catalogs, children’s books, magazines and websites. Take a look at Annejulie-art.com to know more.


* * *
“Do you want to play with me” by Melanie Delon


Do you want to play with me_by Melanie Delon
The image was taken from Melaniedelon.com


Melanie Delon was born in 1980 in France. She studied archeology and history of arts, then attended gamedesign school for 2 years where she became addicted to Photoshop. Influenced by science-fiction and heroic-fantasy literature and movies, she creates amazing masterpieces, mostly of fantastic nature.


* * *
Art of Feebee


Art of Feebee07
The image was taken from Feebee.jp


Feebee is a Japanese artist with a wealth of experience. In her creative work you may feel the Japanese motives interlaced with the modern age trends. The main characters of her works are girls. But the the most important aspect for her is not to draw them as beautiful as possible but to express their inner world. Read the interview with the artist here, on our blog – Neo-Japanesque Art of Feebee. Exclusive Interview with the Artist!


* * *
“Pandora” by Marta Dahlig


Pandora by Marta Dahlig
The image was taken from Cgsociety.org


Art has always been the biggest passion for Marta Dahlig. But her studies have never been art related. She is purely self-taught.


* * *
“Stagnant” by Angela Moore


Stagnant by Angela Moore
The image was taken from Angelaelizabethmoore.blogspot.com


Angela Moore is a 22 year old artist from the United States. Influenced by such great artists as Mucha, Rackham, Beardsley, Clamp, Leonardo Da Vinci, James Jean, Joshua Middleton, Claire Wendling, Rumiko Takahashi, Karl Gnass and etc. – she continues to create her amazing works.


* * *
“Dreams of the Sky” by Ida Larsen


Dreams of the Sky by Ida Larsen


Another great work created by a Danish artist Ida Larsen. If you became interested in her creative work, please visit her Fantasy Art gallery.


* * *
Woman’s image by Kubota Mari.
art by Kubota Mari
the image is taken from Marieniu.net


Kubota Mari is a young talented artist and graphic illustrator. She was born in Hiroshima, Japan, and graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design. Delicacy and elegance of her works are just charming.


* * *
Woman by unknown artist


woman by unknown artist
The image was taken from Superwallpapers.ru


* * *
“Geisha Tab” by Driian


Geisha-Tab by driian
The image was taken from Deviantart.com


This image of Geisha was created by a 30 year old digital artist from France known as Driian. Cinema, arts, painting have always been the spheres of his prime interest.


* * *
“His Visit” by Benita Winckler


His Visit by Benita Winckler
The image was taken from Eeanee.com


Benita Winckler is a freelance illustrator from Berlin, Germany. Her works have been published in many magazines, such as ImagineFX magazine, 2D Artist magazine, FANTASY magazine (China), Fantasy Art Now (USA), ICON magazine (Korea), Nowa Fantastyka magazine (Poland), EXPOSÉ 4 , EXOTIQUE 2 & 3 and etc.


* * *
“Summer Comes” by Natascha Röösli


Summer Comes by Natascha Roosli
The image was taken from Tascha.ch


Natascha Röösli was born in 1975 in Switzerland in the family of photographers. She started drawing from an early age. Natascha has been working for all different clients, painting illustrations for trading card games, game box covers, book covers, posters or concept art for games and movies.


* * *
“Marshall” by Tomasz Jedruszek


Marshall by Tomasz Jedruszek
The image was taken from Epilogue.net


Tomasz Marek Jedruszek is a computer graphic artist from Poland. Mainly he is working as a freelance artist, but also collaborated with huge amount of companies and publishers, for example: Portal, White Wolf Publ., Fantasy Flight Games, Mongoose Publ., Freemind Soft and etc. Take a look at Morano.pl to know more.


* * *
“Farmer’s Wife” by Veronica Atanacio


Farmer’s Wife by Veronica Atanacio
The image was taken from Deviantart.com


Verónica Atanacio is a digital artist from Argentina. The area of her interests is quite wide: art, fantasy art, history, mythology, Gothic art, literature, fantasy, folk. That’s why it’s not surprising that fantastic and Gothic style of art is her favorite.


* * *
That’s it! Please tell us, what you think about these images. Your comments are always appreciated. Cheers!



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