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Building a website can be hassle-free if you know how to code. However, not all of us are happy to be tech-savvy, so site development may require more time and effort. This is when helpful WordPress plugins come in handy. These allow starting customizing web pages by simply dragging and dropping, meaning that you don’t have to learn programming language to work with them.

It is not difficult to find WordPress page builder on the web. However, choosing the best, feature-rich ones will take you some time. While there are many premium plugins available for download, you can still find free page builders that can safely compete with their paid equivalents. Move further to have a look at 10 amazing page builder plugins for WordPress that will save you tons of time and effort on customizing your website.


Let’s begin with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Thanks to its simple and intuitive layout, this is considered to be one of the most popular WordPress page builders out there. It works with most well-made themes, with the only requirement these support pages. In addition, the plugin will make your widgets even more useful while turning them into the building blocks of your pages.


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Is everything going right with your WordPress site? Maybe you’re finding some strange links in your site that suddenly stopped working or something surprising that you won’t saw ever. Only for WP website owners, there are some protective and the most essential steps to check whether your site is working properly or not. In this infographic, we would like that website owners should check their website’s health using below given steps.

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One of the most innovative and genuinely useful platforms to appear in the last few years is IFTTT (If This Then That), a service that allows you to connect different online applications and automate tasks between them. This allows you to save time, increase productivity and turbo charge your social media strategy.

A lesser know, but equally useful platform, is Zapier - which ‘zaps’ tasks from one app to another, and actually offers over 3 times the channels than IFTTT, including many that can help you run your website.

How Does Zapier Work?

Very similar to IFTTT, Zapier describes its system through ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’, which are simply events, such as ‘new email received’ or ‘new tweet sent’. Whenever the trigger event occurs, it sends a ‘zap’ through Zapier, which completes the designated action for you.

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If you are planning to establish a powerful online presence or just thinking to redesign the existing one, then selecting the appropriate platform is essential, before you are jumping to other matters. Today many businesses are revamping their online presence to give refreshing look, add new features and functionality and improve the search engine ranking of the site, to move along with the trend. This is a common way to keep the site updated while moving with the web trends to get better attention and bigger returns on investments.


When you are focusing on a CMS based website, then every CMS platform has its pros and cons. You can find some common features in all platforms such as RSS, video and communication support. But when we are specifically talking about the out-of-the-box Content management system, then WordPress proves to the clear winner. If you wonder why, then read the blog ahead and get to know its superiority among other existing CMS platforms. Though considering professional WordPress developer for hire is the best option to gain top-notch quality excellence for your project.

From SEO-Friendly Perspective

WordPress offers high-end features and customization support that truly makes it as the king among the available comes. Can you say – what matters a lot for a website in today’s competitive realm. Certainly the answer would be search engine friendly website that improves the overall ranking and making the website a complete hit. WordPress is packed with high-usability and SEO features. Also, there are multiple of add-ons and Plugins available for WordPress in order to augment the search engine ranking.

Features that improve SERP

WordPress uses advanced technology comprising meta-descriptions, meta-tags etc. to support search engines in favor of the website. When search engines favor your website, they deliver better ranking and increased traffic for better return on investments. No matter, what search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) the visitors use to do the searching and surfing. The WordPress powered website will always get higher preference due to advanced SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features.

Seamless integration features
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It would be needless to mention about what WordPress is – everyone involved into web developments knows the advantages of its wide functionality. So, from this follows an obvious conclusion: we need to study in case we want to use WordPress benefits at full.

Infographic format gives an opportunity to take the basic information in quite nimble illustrated way. I gathered the best 10 WordPress infographics for you: they work as a team, because all of them concern different spheres of WordPress development. Also, I’ve tried to include in the list only fresh materials, so you can get the actual things. Enjoy!

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Isn’t today a good time to enhance your WordPress website with new useful features? In our opinion, each day is great for the purpose. We understand that running an attended blog is a bothersome business as you need to keep it up-to-date, post fresh news, interesting articles, useful reviews, tutorials, in short, to update your content on constant bases. It’s beyond any doubt that visual media helps you make your website attractive and informative. Actually, this is the only way to capture community attention. Nobody of sound mind will browse long pages of text not illustrated with nice images, photos or videos.

With five image and video thumbnail grabber WordPress plugins below, you will fill your website with visual content quickly and easily. Most of them are simple and free to download. If you want to get more detailed information about each of them, let’s try to make a brief survey of their functional features.

* * *

Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails plugin simplifies the process of automatic video thumbnails display in your WordPress template. This plugin finds the first video embedded in your post and locates the thumbnail for you. Thumbnails can be saved to media library and set as featured image automatically.

The plugin supports the following video services:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe

It works with most video embedding plugins, including:

  • Viper’s Video Quicktags
  • Simple Video Embedder
  • Vimeo Shortcode
  • WP YouTube Lyte

Image and Video Thumbnail Grabber WordPress Plugins

* * *

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SSL (secure socket Layer) is a cryptographic process for securing communication on the internet. Use of SSL is the best and latest security measure against hackers. SSL certificates encrypt your data and hence keep it protected against being intercepted by anybody. Today, a site being hacked is not something shocking yet it is the worst nightmare that a webmaster or a web owner may have to deal with. The risk of a site being hacked is high especially for websites that use popular ready-made content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. This is because a hacker can easily access the gateway to the dashboard of a WordPress site through the “domain/wp-admin” URL. WordPress is also majorly used by bloggers who are not very smart in web programming and thus more likely to leave security loopholes that hackers use. It is thus very important to ensure that you implement extra security measures for your WordPress site to stop attempts on hacking by implementing SSL in your site.

Use of SSL is the highest level of security that you can implement on your WordPress site. It is the security level being employed by financial sites and sites dealing with e-commerce that require high communication security over the internet. Here are a few easy tips to help you in implementing SSL on your WordPress site:

  • The first step to implement SSL in WordPress is to get an SSL certificate and set it up. You should check if your web server can handle SSL, your hosting service can tell you if they allow use of SSL. Most hosting service providers understand the security needs and almost all allow SSL use with some providing the certificate for free as coupons and others at a fee. Thus you should first check with your host if they already have one for your account. If your host does not provide you can easily get one at a fee from most hosting service providers.

SSL Implementation Tips

  • After obtaining the certificate the next thing is to set it up on your site serve and implement it on WordPress. To set it up on your server you can simply give your hosting service provider details and they will do it for you.

SSL Implementation Tips

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What mode do you prefer for viewing movies? We would dare to guess that full screen action accompanied by powerful sound effects is able to make the deepest impression and bring maximum pleasure. The same rule works well with websites when your aim is to present the artworks in the efficient manner and enhance user experience to the highest level.

It’s our strong belief that each and every photographer, designer, artist, videographer and photojournalist will agree that his/her artworks should be in the center of visitor’s attention. So, when people of these creative professions decide to launch a website, a full screen WordPress one can be the best choice.

Full screen WP websites are frequently used to showcase artistic works because of their powerful, browser- window- large background slideshows. What else can help the visitor make better assertion of author’s works than quality, high-resolution images? Such portfolio websites are often minimalistic, with hidden menus and complete absence of sidebars. The given structure is absolutely justified, as here, visual content is much more important than the rest of the design elements. Clean delicate navigation doesn’t distract the visitor. Huge, screen-wide photos touch users’ emotions and tune them to the needed mood. Some websites use incorporated audio players. As a rule, the relevant music intensifies the effect from viewing.

As a matter of fact, the quickest, easiest and cost-effective way to get your own web presentation is a pre-designed template. Below, we’ve collected 18 full screen WordPress themes. All of them are absolutely free to download. They don’t need any expert skills for customization and maintenance. We hope one of them will become a good start for gifted amateur or professional artist.

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Shuttershot Free Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

* * *

Widescreen Free Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

* * *

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Meet the fresh goodie from the team of skillful designers who know a thing about the new trends on the web. Free WordPress Business Theme is a ready-made design that you’re welcome to use for starting up your website.

A good theme is more that just an attractive design. Each element plays its role and complements to the whole idea of the theme. And what’s the goal of the business design? To communicate your ideas effectively. This one will do it in the best possible way. The contrasting color scheme is ok for creating a warm welcome to your visitors. It’s also great for setting the positive tone to the design. Wise arrangement of the content part with the features blocks, jQuery slider in the header and widgetized sidebar is a good idea for content heavy sites. Using this theme you may be sure that all your business ideas will have an impact on the customers.

free template live demo

Free WordPress Business Theme:

WordPress themes are a terrific solution for clients with smaller budgets. They give these clients the ability to make ongoing changes to their site using the #1 CMS in the world. They give you, the developer, the ability to deliver a website that looks great and has a quality user experience at a budget price point. Everybody wins. But what if you could deliver even more value to these clients? You can by doing some simple SEO optimization of the theme you customize and develop for your client. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to optimize any WordPress theme template.

Do Some Keyword Research

Image Source: Gold Key With Keywords by Shutterstock

Once you have the sitemap from the client and the goals have been agreed to, help the client by doing some basic keyword research using the free Google AdWords keyword tool. Ask the client for input in defining their market. Then use the tool to find keywords that are highly relevant and deliver decent amounts of search volume. Next, you’ll want to evaluate whether your client has a realistic chance of gaining high levels of organic search exposure for that keyword. If the competition on the first page for a keyword looks low, you can probably assume that your client has a chance to get to the first page as well. If the competition looks fierce, consider a more “long tail” keyword strategy. If you don’t know what “long tail” means, click here. In short, the long tail is the large number of occurrences far from the “head” or central part of a distribution of probabilities. Keywords with lower search volumes are part of the long tail.
Important tip: when using the Google AdWords keyword tool, make sure you have selected “exact match” for search volume data to get the most accurate view of how many searches a given keyword generates per month.
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