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Not so long ago we announced the release of TemplateMonster’s multi-purpose WordPress theme for everyone  – Monstroid. This is a great option for both web design gurus and those users who are only taking their first steps in the field. Coming loaded with a number of powerful features and plugins, the template boasts a breathtaking design that can be tweaked in so many ways.


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In this mobile age, it is not surprising to know that brands couldn’t go along without a suitable website. The Internet presence is something that can’t be overlooked to establish a remarkable market value. With almost everyone using an Internet-enable mobile device, businesses have started considering the mobile-optimized web presence more seriously. This is so because if you want to drive your sales, you need to reach your audience, and the majority of people are living on the web nowadays.


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One week ago we announced the release of the universal WordPress theme from TemplateMonster. Back then all we could talk about was the brief review of features that its developers introduced to the audience. Now we have a chance to put hands on this beast as the template officially launched on July 22. So, let’s dig deeper inside of this monster.


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We are back with our weekly series of cool freebies from TemplateMonster’s creative team. This time we have prepared some good news for bloggers. Everyone looking for a smart solution for building a blog, please take a closer look at a theme that we are going to talk about today. Though this design is not new, it has already made a loud appearance at Simple yet elegant, it will help you create a user-friendly blogging platform hassle free. So, please welcome Photolab WordPress Freebie.

The layout was made simple and intuitive. Thanks to a fixed header, tag cloud and back-to-top button users will feel the ease of browsing your site. A huge header slider welcomes every visitor and dips into the atmosphere of your business by showcasing the latest projects or posts. A welcome message, featured publications and the latest blog updates were all organized on the main page in a well-balanced way. Bold calls-to-action look even more appealing when opposed to white space. The theme comes with support for different post types – be it a common publication with written data, gallery or video post – all this can be organized cleverly on the main page.

As per its functional filling, the theme was built with WordPress 4.2.x. Compatible with WP 3.6.x – 4.2.x, it was designed to be fully responsive and cross browser compatible. HTML plus JS animation will add special charm to the 1 column layout. It you wish, you can change color scheme, fonts and layout structure ant way you wish via admin panel. Though TemplateMonster doesn’t provide support on its free products, the template features a documentation folder, with detailed instructions on theme installation and modification.

What is it best suited for? It can be adjusted for blogs of writers, musicians, photographers and other creative personalities.

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Photolab Free WordPress Theme

You can start using the large Advanced Custom Fields [ACF] plugin with inserting your Meta data and showcasing it in your theme. Two versions of ACF are available, versions 4 and version 5. Whichever version you are using, you can apply for it. We’ll discuss with you about how to use the Advanced Custom Fields [ACF] plugin.


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Having a professionally designed, user-friendly photography portfolio website is highly important to gain user recognition. With the help of this Photographer Portfolio WordPress Freebie you can create an online project that will appeal to the audience with its style and elegance. TemplateMonster team always tries to make quality designs more affordable to its clients. Today you can grab an awesome theme with advanced functionality at no cost.

Thanks to such popular social networking platforms as Instagram and Facebook, photography has become one of the most popular forms of art. People share pictures of everything unique, funny and stylish that surrounds them. Some photo enthusiasts create social media accounts rather than running their own web pages. Some of them simply cannot afford a custom design or lack technical skills to develop a website on their own. To make it easier and more affordable for everyone to start a photographer portfolio website, this free theme was launched.

When casting a glance at it main page your attention will be captivated with its visual appeal. A large hero image features parallax scrolling effect, which creates a 3D illusion on the page. Lazy load effect not only provides for a more captivating storytelling, buy also improves page loading speed. Retina ready images will look sharp on the last-gen device. In order to provide users of desktops, tablets and smartphones with seamless web browsing, the template features a fully responsive layout.

Though the design might look rather simple, it was made for the purpose. Plenty of negative space and fair background focus users’ attention on your content and don’t distract them with heavy design elements. To trigger users’ curiosity and call to action, buttons, social sharing options, main menu, and newsletter signup form were highlighted with vivid coral hues.

Like many other website templates from TemplateMonster, the theme is SEO-friendly, crossbrowser compatible, easy to install and edit. Designed with valid code and the latest IT trends, it can bring your site live in no time.

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Photographer Portfolio free WordPress Theme

If you are running a yoga club or a related business, having a solid online presentation is essential for driving new clients in. Yoga is a favorite fitness activity for millions of people around the world. With so many yoga practitioners, sometimes it’s hard to resist competition. To help your yoga club website exude professionalism and stand above competitors, this Yoga Studio WordPress Freebie was designed.

Available for free download, the theme comes loaded with functionality that many premium-quality website templates boast. Perfect from inside and out, the theme can be customized to fit any other business niche, including sport, architecture, interior, exterior, design studio, business, etc. Clean layout, with the main emphasis put on content, it can become a solid foundation for building a website with primary goal is illuminating business ideas and objectives.

For a more appealing online presentation, the layout comes integrated with parallax scrolling and lazy loading effects. Apart from a more attractive look, the latter has a practical purpose as well. Thank to lazy loading effect your site pages will load much faster on any device. To showcase your classes, students’ achievements and simply the design of your yoga club, make use of image galleries and filterable portfolios which come integrated into this design.

The theme was made 100% responsive, which is so important in the modern competitive world. Your clients will be able to browse your site on the go, from tablets and smartphones. Powered by Cherry Framework with advanced Bootstrap functionality, the theme is easy to install and customize. Being supported by all the major browsers, the template comes integrated with SEO plugins, which make it easier for your site to perform well in all the major search engines.

Wonder how all these features were integrated in one design? Please view its live demo.

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I believe you’ve been waiting for this day to come for the past two weeks. Now it’s official here – all new Free WordPress Business Template from TemplateMonster. Combining sleek and stylish layout with a bunch of handy features, it will turn web development into an enjoyable experience.

Just cast a glance at its main page. Vivid blue hues opposed to minimalistic dark grey background add special charm to the layout. Content blocks are separated with full-width backgrounds, making it easier to scan the page. Grids are also here to create order among other elements in the website. The reserved, decent look of this template makes if the perfect choice for marketing, IT, consulting, investment, financial, or any other business project.

In many ways, a website design is as important as a business card. The more professional and trustworthy it looks, the more likely people will deal with you. The given template was developed for you to stand above competitors. Its pleasant to the eye color scheme and easy-to-follow interface contribute to this. It’s no secret that visuals play an important role in web design. Even if you are running a business web page, making is appealing is a way to success. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope sliders are all here to please the visitors. What is more, the template has been made fully responsive, is powered by Bootstrap and Cherry Framework.

Does this Free WordPress Business Template meet your needs? View live demo to see it in action.

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Eateries are always in demand among modern users. When you are in a strange city, in another country or simply look for the best place to dine out nearby, such web resources come in handy. Here one can check out the open hours, menu, prices, as well as contact details. So, if you are running a cafe or restaurant, bringing your business on the web is a win-win solution. In such a way, you can not only rich wider audience but also build trust and customer loyalty. The more appealing and professionally you look, the more likely people will visit your place.

We all know that building a website from scratch is a tiresome experience. However, the web offers plenty of opportunities for those of you looking for a starting point for building a restaurant site. Some prefer ordering custom-made design to stand above competitors, while many others prefer ready-made solutions. As a rule, these are easy to setup and customize, saving tons of your time and effort.

Ready-made templates come in free and premium options. The former include many features and tools of their premium equivalents. Though the latter bring more benefits and opportunities, like support after the download, regular updates, free images, etc. Today, we will showcase 30 stunning food and restaurant WordPress themes developed by TemplateMonster team. These guys have been on the market for more than 12 year, so they know the real value of quality products. Do you like clean and minimalist designs? Or you would better prefer something unique and outstanding? Here you can find anything to your liking.

What do WordPress templates from TemplateMonster boast? These includes all features your future site might need, including responsive design, crossbrowser compatibility, detailed guides, multiple theme options, intuitive admin panels, etc. What is more, the majority of TemplateMonster WordPress themes are powered by Cherry Framework that provides easy-to-install themes with solid Bootstrap options, Parent/Child theme possibilities, shortcodes and widgets, and much more. Just view the live demo of any of these themes and discover their full power.


Restaurant WordPress Theme


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Not a single week without something fresh and stunning. Guys from TemplateMonster keep on rolling out handy free themes that can help each and every set up a site without writing a line of code. This time they’ve released another awesome free WordPress template best suited for art & photography websites.

It’s no secret that running their own online portfolio or a blog is a win-win solution for photographers, designers, videographers or anyone else working in this creative field. However, building a site from scratch or ordering a custom-made design can be an impermissible luxury. This is when a ready-made template comes in handy. Running on the most popular CMS in the world, this theme allows incorporating a portfolio and blog on one site.

When casting a glance at its home page you’ll see how elegant and stylish it looks. Thanks to the dark background, visuals look even more trigging. Playing with contrast, you can highlight some content blocks with vibrant coral hues, which can not only catch user attention but also add special charm to the layout.

Since the template is primarily intended for art & photography sites, special emphasis has been put on the visual side. From top to bottom, the main page of the theme boasts full-width slider, photo-rich galleries, neat thumbnails accompanying content blocks. The audio player and video integration are here to engage more viewers in and make them get closer to your business. What’s more, you should worry that people won’t be able to see the content you’ve shared on the site. The template is fully responsive, what guarantees the content will be correctly displayed on any screen size.

Easy-to-customize and very functional, the theme can be adjusted to fit any project you are running. Are you a designer, travel agent, make-up artist, videographer or chef? The theme can be customized to meet your particular needs.

Keeping the design element to a minimum yet maintaining a modern style, the theme puts your work first. Click live demo to see it in action or push the download button to start working on your online portfolio right away.

Demo | Download here


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