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How should good health blogs look like? Of course, it is a trustworthy design that draws the visitors in and gains their favor. If you are looking for the one to build a solid health blog, have a look at Free WordPress Medical Theme from TemplateMonster that is ideal for portraying quality and stability of your site.

Blue color scheme is widely used in healthcare projects, ‘cause it is associated with protection and stability. That is the reason for its usage in this theme. This clean and crisp design speaks for the solidity of your ideas, and increases the trust of the visitors. Place large images in the slider, arrange all the texts in the well-organized content area, add the most important of them to the featured blocks, play with the typography, and you get a ready-to-use website. After all these minor changes, nobody will guess that your site is not a custom made. If you want to preview this theme before you start working with it, check out its free template live demo.

Free WordPress Medical Theme:

How to create good publicity for your hotel? Set up a site, and say warm welcome to your clients. Today’s well-crafted freebie will help you present your hotel services, and make the future clients interested in them. Please welcome Free WordPress Theme for Hotel from TemplateMonster, and feel free to download it.

The warm color scheme of this theme looks inviting and makes the visual aspect of the design suitable for promoting hotels online. Large images in the embedded slider will show your clients the diversity of apartments, and the featured blocks below with focus their attention on the hot offers and the latest events. Besides the main menu, there are links in the footer that will help your visitors navigate around the site. If you have a Flickr account with the effective photos of the hotel, you can put a link to it in the footer of your site. The Booking page will help them to book the desired room that suit their taste and needs. Free template live demo will guide you through all theme, and you’ll see it in live action.

Free WordPress Theme for Hotel:

Beauty, money, worldwide reputation – these are the words that are hidden behind “high fashion”. The latter seems to be the key point when it goes about fashion photographers. The prestige is the very point that gives them the bread and the butter. Giving their works a wide publicity, they gain so desired fame. Websites play their important role in this process. They use the power of visuals to draw attention of the audience to the artist’s photos.

Revealing the secrets…

The neutral color scheme is widely used not to deflect attention away from the portfolio. Black and white colors are so common for such sites, especially when the photographer is the mature one. While the younger artists can play with all the colors of the rainbow in their sites. You can frequently notice that the intro page contains the slideshow with the most attractive images from the portfolio. The visual part is always impressive with cool sliders with various effects – this certainly catches the attention. Sometimes there are interactive elements within some sites that make the viewers’ interaction with these sites captivating.

We’re not going to feature the sites of the top photographers in the following post. There’s no need to compare the range of their popularity with the others, our goal is to share with you some creative and effective folios that can hopefully inspire you for your own. So, enjoy 5 photographer’s portfolios that work.

If you are not ready with the idea of how to present your works online, click here to see the wonderful WordPress Photography Themes for your great portfolio.


So what’s special about these photography folios?


Let’s look at the site of the most known contemporary photographer. This site is one more great creation of his, and effective, stylish are the first epithets that come to mind when you describe it.

The first thing you notice is the slideshow on its intro page. I like the functionality of the page that offers to switch the background image and to refresh the content with the on/off button (placed in the footer). On subpages you can view the content while hovering the image. It hides, and you see the description of the relevant gallery. By clicking it, the gallery opens. The content renews due to the slider that is switched manually.

Photography Folios That Work



This is the person who knows everything about appeal. Yeah, the very appeal you’ve just thought about. Such magazines as Vogue, Fringe, Armani, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar and much more are ready to get the fresh photos from this artist.

Nice minimal style and the contrasting design just in two colors create the stylish tone of his website. Elegant black logo in its left part gives you a hint at the artist, whose site you’ve just entered. Photosessions are displayed as galleries where the separate images are switched either automatically, or manually. Clean and clear design that makes the time spent on the site pleasant.

Photography Folios That Work


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Spreading the word about your law firm, you work for its good name and, what is more important, prestige. Profound site is a powerful tool to spread a good rumor about the law practice and gain interest of the clients. Free WordPress Theme for Law Firm from TemplateMonster – this is what will help you set up a site and become noticeable in this sphere of business.

This well-crafted design features the corporate style. The large background image, correctly chosen typography, though-out arrangement of text blocks – all this will help you place the content you have, and make it comprehensive and interesting for the visitors. jQuery slider that is embeded in the header of this theme will display your featured information in the attractive way. Being well-coded, it will not take you extra skills to customize this free theme. Check out its free template live demo to see the way your site based on it will look like. Download this goodie, and stay apart from your competitors online.

Free WordPress Theme for Law Firm:

The style of each restaurant site requires a special approach and should reflect a certain cuisine type. It should present your online hospitality in the best way and tell your visitors that you are waiting for them. >Free WordPress Restaurant Theme from in contemporary style is a perfectly tailored theme for your site that deals with restaurant business.

Here is the example of nice combination of refined visuals and good execution. This design with vibrant color scheme possesses a zest that is so important for grabbing the viewer’s attention. The jQuery slider implemented in the header is perfectly tailored for showing the featured items. Within this theme you’ll find a set of pages that is a standard one for setting your restaurant project online. The customization will not take you a lot of time, this theme is professionally coded by skillful team. Set a site and let your visitors know about your restaurant.

Free WordPress Theme for Restaurant Site:

Actually, what we see is just what we see. Please don’t lapidate me, I need few sentences to explain.

For example, you are watching the sunset: it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, it’s marvelous, it’s magnificent (or it’s not – in case you’re indifferent). And what makes the process of the sun going down so impressive? I believe colors do. But stop for a sec, let’s take a look from the other side. Science affirms the thing is a human eye just differentiates the length of electromagnetic radiation, namely visible light. In fact, to get some tint we need to experience the whole process: photons, which are the quantum of light or any other forms of electromagnetic radiation, move within the reality, then the light receptors in our retina interact with this radiation, after that the signal is sent through nerves to the brain, the brain analyzes the received information and finally our subconscious emits personal associations which are taken for granted by the unsuspecting mind. Therefore, the color itself is more in our heads (I’m not even saying about the impression), though objectively it’s just a bunch of the elementary particles.

Quick observation to the topic: have you ever heard of an idea that people see different colors, but call them the same?

So, I hope now my statement is more understandable: what we see is just what we see.

And while “what” is totally the prerogative of design, “we” is already in psychology jurisdiction. Well, you see, finally it’s not so difficult to watch the solid ties between those two disciplines. As you could understood I would like to share some interesting information about this connection: psychological moments in design and design analysis in psychology. For that purpose I reviewed the most enthralling fresh articles regarding the subject.

* * *

10 Psychological Principles to Design With

Web Design and Psychology

This detailed and serious research presents 10 theses to remember and keep in mind when designing. The text is competently underpinned with plenty of references to external sources. The author touches on different aspects, from physiology to sociology, demonstrates psychological theories, leading a reader to one simple conclusion: you should always understand exactly who you are designing for. Continue reading

Since 2000th the need for graphic designers has been constantly growing. With all those IT companies, growing like mushrooms after the heavy rain, the number of design projects has also increased. Successful web design career requires the fundamental knowledge in this sphere, great skills and a bit of inspiration. All this can be acquired with the help of various educational programs. Each program has its own area of concentration, certain job opportunities and certain degrees or certificate that a student gets at the end of process. If you start exploring all the education establishments providing the programs for acquiring creative and technical skills, you can spend too much time without getting the idea about the best ones. Here is the review of the Best US Universities that Offer Web Design Education. Each item goes with the short description, while following the link you can learn more about the particular one.


American Intercontinental University


This program is for those who want to learn the core principles of web designs, and the rules of efficient website designing. Choose the courses from this University to learn how to make the best out of website designing. Here you’ll get (BFA): Specialization in Web Design.


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh


Lettering, typography, graphic design – all this fundamentals of web design are clearly explained in the online division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Choosing it, you’ll get all the skills you need to have the best job prospects. Among the degrees you can get there is Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media.
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Initially developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton, Twitter Bootsrap is an open source CSS framework enabling to create dynamic, feature- rich websites in no time. The technology provides simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript which can be used straight away. Bootstrap is extremely good if you appreciate minimalism and efficiency.

Let’s revise some main strong points of Bootstrap:

  • Additional CSS styles like animated buttons, icons, static navigation bars, and image thumbnails are included into the framework.
  • The availability of custom Javascript plugins such as dropdown menus, tooltips, popovers and interactive alerts, integrated into the CSS is difficult to overestimate.
  • It should be mentioned that CSS buttons are easier to implement which is a benefit both for the user and administrator.
  • Javascript plugins are implemented with one line of code thus helping to save website’s clean minimalistic style showing content when needed only.
  • Just agree that developing and testing of such features require considerable time investments, so Bootstrap turns out to be a real time saver.
  • With all that fuss around handheld devices and responsive layouts, this Bootstrap feature seems really attractive. Using of Bootstrap’s 12 column grid system to format a website, will make it automatically adjustable to the most popular display widths of popular portable devices.

Now we offer you to browse our showcase of beautiful Bootstrap websites below. If you are planning to develop the one in the nearest future, please follow this link where you can view multiple Bootstrap templates allowing you launch a functional website quickly and easily, seeing the stunning result before spending any money.

* * *

Leon’s Service Centre

Bootstrap websites

* * *


Bootstrap websites

* * *

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It was released two months ago, and now is gaining its momentum. Yeah, we’re talking about Joomla 3.0. that can be described with two main points – Bootstrap and responsive design. Let’s see what bunch of features it offers.

Quick Installer.
You’ll be able to install it just in 3 steps.
Joomla3.0 templates are created on Bootstrap CSS Framework, thus their layouts use 1152px, 1132px, 1116px and 1104px grids. This means that these themes are not compatible with the ones of the previous versions, ‘cause those used 940px wide layout.
Responsive layout.
This Joomla version offers you a great opportunity to present your sites on the hand-held devices. From now you’ll be able to control your sites from mobile devices with ease.
One more strong point.
Due to extensive Bootstrap’s functionalities, the necessity to use Gantry and K2 frameworks fell off.

As you see, Joomla 3.0 goes as a separate product, and its themes are not compatible with the ones of the other versions.

And now about Joomla 3.0 templates. What should you know about their new features:

• the gallery section goes as a single page with four columns;
• bootstrap instead of Gantry and K2;
• these templates are responsive and are based on the 1152px wide grid. You can change the width of the content area;
• four custom modules are produced on the basis of “Articles Newsflash module” functionalities.

And now let’s see how all the mentioned above is implemented in Joomla 3.0 templates.


Joomla Architecture Website Template from TemplateMonster


Joomla 3.0 Templates


Joomla Business Website Template from TemplateMonster


Joomla 3.0 Templates
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It’s an incontestable fact that our personality, way of thinking and even speech figures bear a clear imprint of our profession or occupation. That’s why we feel special pleasure communicating with people sharing the same interests and speaking similar language. Our pull to like-minded community can be fully realized on dedicated theme forums, where we feel at home. Of course, we register on such resources not only to kill a couple of hours having a nice chat. Professional forum is first of all a place where we can get to know something new and useful, read multiple advice from colleagues living on the other part of the Earth, share our daring experiments and receive valuable comments, and that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

In this blog post we would like to showcase some decent web design forums collating active enthusiasts. There you can communicate, discuss various issues you come across in the process of website creation, and even reach specific marketing goals.

Have you ever thought about the difference between good and bad forums? We can single out some characteristic features obligatory for the awesome ones. First of all it should have a lot of members, which are active and quickly react on discussions and posted issues. It’s difficult to imagine something more offensive than when your urgent question is answered with several days delay, isn’t it? Moderators should know the job and do it efficiently. Intelligible guidelines are rather helpful, as well as smart members’ comments. Poor design is also an important factor that can affect our desire to sign up.

If you want to be taken seriously among the forum community, you should take active part in forum life, as the more professional knowledge you share, the better reputation you gain.

As to the forum content, it’s extremely varied. You will find articles, tutorials, threaded discussions and design showcases there. If you are an adherent of certain CMS, official websites usually have their own forums providing in depth information on installation issues, extensions, applications and plugins helping you build a functional website with beautiful layout.

Now, let’s come down to the compilation of the most informative web design forums which can become a source of your inspiration, studies and communication.

* * *

Designers Talk

web design forums

* * *

Tycoon Talk

web design forums

* * *

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