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Free Joomla Travel Template

If you want value for money and a good design, be ready to get it in our weekly series of goodies. Easy-to-use themes from our collection are exactly what you are searching for to start your own online project. Free Joomla Travel Template – this is what we offer you for your inspiration and use.

You can easily get your Joomla site in minutes with this nice goodie. With the set of out of the box features, it will bring your site great functionality and so important use-friendliness. Its stylish look is one more argument to use it as the basis of your web presence, or for the renewal of the existing one. Go to the template download page at to leave the e-mail address that you want whole free template ZIP package to be delivered to. Feel free to find the PSD source files you need in the mentioned above archive.

Get a fast site with this easily customizable free Joomla template!

Free Joomla Travel Template:

5 Outdated Web Design Trends

The world of web design has always impressed with its diversity and the variety of new technologies that frequently appear. Just in a short period of time you can notice the red-hot innovations that are implemented by professionals here and there. To be in the mainstream, you should keep abreast of the latest trends that form the profound background for the future progress of design. What is popular for today? What points should you avoid of? What are the Outdated Web Design Trends? You should know the answers for the mentioned above questions not to become the outsider of web design community. Let’s see what 5 Outdated Web Design Trends you can easily put away, and make your designs even better without them.

Web2.0 Elements

This is a trend of the days that have already gone. It is no more effective way for expressing your design ideas, and it can be said that it performs some uncomfortable things like imposing the exaggerated glossy look to the visual line. It brings some distortion in the designs, thus making them not acceptable for the visual recognition. Modern designs strive for clean and clear presentation of the content, to the lack of gaudy elements and comprehensive communication with the viewers. Make your designs fresh and easy-to-perceive!


Flash animation is no more the element that will grab the attention of your visitors. Comparing to other technologies, the same effects created with Flash require more time to load and more resources from the computer of the user. Try to use the up-to-date technologies like JavaScript and HTML5 will give you the same cool effects. Just use the regular graphic presentation of your information and make the work with your site easier.
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What are you waiting from this Monday? We can give you even more than you expect – the whole bunch of Summer 2012 Top Downloaded Free Website Templates. It is a good compilation of goodies that were produced during the summer period, and now you can find all of them in one place.

Within this collection there are themes that are perfectly tailored for various online projects. Being created with your business needs in mind, they are professionally designed in order to bring your business the unique and effective look. The blending of the stunning design solution with the intuitive interface makes these templates a profound background for your web presence that will certainly become distinct among others. Their professional execution facilitates their quick customization according to your business needs. In the following list of free website templates you will also find Joomla theme with rich set of features and good functionality. Browse all of them and choose any you like for your creative projects!

* * *

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club


Free Website Templates

Click the image to go to download page

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Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Restaurant Business


Free Website Templates

Click the image to go to download page

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I am a self-confessed web design addict. Logos, typographic designs, themes and layouts – all of it brings me far more joy than is probably healthy. I spend more time looking at other people’s work than doing my own, though I can justify it as being "educational." After all, the fastest way to be inspired is through looking at good graphic design, right?

Through this addiction, I have found a secondary one. That second addiction would be Pinterest, one of the greatest places for unapologetic graphic gawking on the web. No longer do I have to go through dozens of blogs to get my fix. I just need to sign onto Pinterest and start looking through the boards. I am never disappointed, though I do have a habit of losing huge chunks of time.

To help my fellow graphophiles cut down the search time, here are 10 awesome boards on web design.

1. Hrvoje Grubisic’s Vintage Typography


Pinterest Boards

This guy has great taste in vintage typography. He has a genuinely amazing collection here, with everything from stamps to bottles and (my personal favorite) posters – all with classic-looking fonts that you immediately relate to the past. All the pins are worth a look and a repin.

2. Chad Syme’s Product Design


Pinterest Boards

Another thing I really like is product designs, especially those that have used upcycling or old ideas turned new. This board features both, among other things. Iphone cases made out of sneaker soles, a wood-capped tea strainer and hundreds of other images are on offer here. With more than 40,000 followers, it is obvious that this is a fantastic board to keep an eye on.

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Free Joomla Fashion Template

Good design is a powerful tool for presenting your content in the memorable and effective way. This theme features fashion oriented design perfectly tailored for clothing, accessories, apparel sites offering a wide variety of fashion related items. So, welcome Free Joomla Fashion Template for your creative projects.

Its visually effective design will please your customers with the stylish look and nice presentation of the content. Elegant and subtle, it makes the viewers interested in your ideas and gives you an opportunity to transform them in your clients in the nearest future. Professionally done and intuitive to use, this theme turns out to be a user-friendly solution for your online project. You can easily customize it according to your business needs and get the effective web presence.

Free Joomla Fashion Template:

Free Joomla Business Template

Can you guess what present is waiting for you? It is Free Joomla Business Template from professional TemplateMonster designers. This goodie is special among the list of weekly HTML5 themes series that we have featured before. Its power is what you need to start your successful online projects.

As other themes of this kind, this Joomla 2.5.6 template features great functionality and the ease of use for the developers of the site and the future visitors. This very theme gladdens the eyes with the simplicity and the effectiveness of its layout. Its thought-out execution helps to customize it in no time and then catch attention of your customers with your top-notch site. Go to the template download page at to leave the e-mail address that you want whole free template ZIP package to be delivered to. Feel free to find the PSD source files you need in the mentioned above archive.

Free Joomla Business Template:

Hey guys! Today we’ll speak about the new great thing in web design and development. I mean PRO Website Templates with an integrated PRO Framework that was worked out by professional TemplateMonster team recently. What is the benefit of these templates? They help you build a professional website and modify it in couple of hours. You just order PRO template version, choose the building blocks you need and customize your site in no time. You edit the content through the navigation panel (you can see it at the header of each theme) which includes different functionalities. Let’s see what things you can do much easier with PRO Website Templates:

  • automatically generate page layouts,
  • integrate ready-made pages,
  • configure typography styles,
  • change and install sliders, portfolios and image galleries,
  • add CSS3 tricks and features,
  • use functional plugins, interactive elements.

You get this high-grade product with a range of main options that make it really stunning: PRO framework, full HTML5/CSS3, bonus scripts & page, free quality stock photos, thought-out documentation. We can go on talking about PRO Website Templates, but it’s always better the see once, than to hear multiple times. Have a look at this latest technology in the world of web design!


Brewery PRO Website Template



Pro Website Template


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The huge popularity of jQuery Sliders today has its reason. They are widely used to showcase the products and images on the front page of your site, making them undoubtedly attractive for the viewers. Being the lightweight solutions that feature rich professional look, they are ideal for speaking effectively to your clients and form positive visual perception. Cool transition effects that they posses make the process of viewing really captivating. To get the idea of their coolness, we offer you to have a look at some of them and the nice effects that they produce. No theory, just the enjoyment of Creative jQuery Slider Effects in Website Template Designs.


Ocean Website Template


jQuery Slider Effects


This is my favorite one. It adds the incredible look to the whole design concept. The slider presents a part of the background image that is placed in the header of the theme. With changing the sliders, you change the whole image against which it is placed.


Queen Hotel Website Template


jQuery Slider Effects


If you are looking for the luxurious way of presenting your business, have a look at the solution that is perfectly tailored for this purpose. The slider consists of two parts where the upper is slider itself, and the lower one turns out to be the thumbnails that you click and move to the chosen image.
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Nice to meet you, guys. This Monday brings you the freely available goodie for your creative designs that deal with marine sport. Here is the cool theme we are talking about – Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club. We are glad to announce its launch and hope that you’ll find it useful for your designs.

This theme brings a perfect blend of style and good functionality. Its versatile layout is ideal for focusing the visitors’ attention on the most crucial ideas of your business. jQuery slider in its header is one more exciting feature that has a great visual impact on the viewers. Along with the though-out content structure it makes this template pleasant to eyes and easy to use. Its professional execution allows you to customize it in no time, and you can try it just now. Before you start, here is free template live demo to check out all the strong points of this template.

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club:

What do you think makes the professional template really easy-manageable? It is the number of useful options that it goes with. The designers try their best to present the products of the latest generation that are undoubtedly user-friendly and possess outstanding features. Joomla Bundle is the type of such product worked out by guys from TemplateMonster. It goes in two archives that are included into the template package.

First Joomla template with Carefully Grouped Joomla Extentions in a Single Bundle:

Its release is a great step to the new heights of quality. For today, there is only one Joomla template from TemplateMonster collection with two bundle packages of archives, but the collection will be increased in the nearest future. The aim of this Joomla package extension is to allow you to group modules, components, plugins, libraries, templates in an archive and install the whole lot as a single extension. Each of two archives features a set of modules that you can turn on or off in case of necessity. How can you install them? Just log into your admin panel and upload the modules with a few mouse clicks.

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