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Videos have become hugely popular as their use is highly important for ecommerce. The product videos mainly have an amazing capability to enhance conversions and drive traffic by assisting users to value your products and offer the customers with better information about the products that you put forward them. Though this can be attained via the use of images, copywriting and user reviews, but videos play the most successful way of showcasing any products and its benefits to your customers and visitors.


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Web development has become a multibillion dollar industry with seemingly endless potential. There are more than 1 million websites being launched every day. Unfortunately, not all websites are successful; a large number of them fail because of various reasons.

The key to a successful website is aesthetic appeal, a rich user experience and high search engine ranking.

Here are the 10 ways you can design your site to maximize its impact and generate qualified leads:

1. Integrate Social Media


With social media gaining steam in recent years, it has become extremely important for businesses to have an active presence on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. But simply having a presence on these channels is not sufficient; businesses also need to incorporate social sharing buttons on their site. This will help them rank better on SERPs as search engines value signals emanating from social media.


Make sure you have these social sharing buttons perfectly positioned on your site so that your visitors can find them easily and quickly share on-site information with their networks.

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What would be your answer if one asked you about the most popular and fast growing trends in web design industry? What should we consider when working on a new web project? The thing employers highly demand nowadays is making sites responsive. That is quite clear. Since most of the modern users prefer browsing on the go, from their handheld devices, to more habitual browsing from desktops. So, it should be a rule of thumb for every web developer to create designs fully responsive and usable. Another point we’d like to focus your attention on is shifting to page-less designs. Have you ever wondered what makes the latter so attractive? Read further to find the answer to this question as well as discover how to code a one page website without much hassle.

Why Opt for Page-less Designs


No matter what company you are running, the primary goal of any website is telling the story to your customers. Page-less design will perfectly match this goal. However, it will not fit large enterprises. It is perfectly suited for small to medium companies that need to create a compelling story for customers. Once coming up with such a resource they will be able to better learn about your business, its goals and achievements. As a user scrolls down, he or she gets more curious about investigating your field of work.

As per the way to build a page-less design, there are no restraints. One of the most popular ways of creating such websites is starting with a catching landing page featuring a large image demonstrating your product/services. Then you may continue story-telling with subsequent chapters telling about your company services and user testimonials, sharing the showcase of your latest projects and inviting the audience to get in touch with you for an effective collaboration. Here is a great example of a page-less website you may be inspired by.


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First of all let us understand what website redesign is and why do you need it? Website redesign doesn’t mean renovating it superficially, it doesn’t mean to give your website an attractive look without adding new features or making it search engine friendly. Website redesign means a complete overhauling to make it contemporary and user friendly website with added features which is equipped with best technology; it means making a technically stronger website.

It also includes making considerable changes to back end, after all it also matters a lot how is your database connected to the user interface and much time your website takes in loading. Remember your every customer doesn’t have good internet speed and even if they have, you have to put your emphasis to lessen the website’s loading time. You prime motive for redesigning is to give it a better experience to your users at the same time making it technically sound. Sometimes website designers find it more challenging job to redesign the website in comparison with a brand new website.

When You Need a Website Redesign?



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AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program that allows creating 2D and 3D drawings for building and manufacturing. Once you try it, you’ll enjoy the ease at which you may develop infrastructure projects, build homes, design electrical circuitry, and more. The latest AutoCAD version 2014 is the 28th release and comes packed with a number of enhanced and new features you may try on your own. Running on both Mac and Windows, it features the integrated Autodesk 360, brand new geographic location tool, management exchange tools, and more. Thanks to Secure Uploads tool, you’ll be protected from malicious files, whereas the enhanced command line with auto complete and auto correct features will provide you with a more enjoyable experience.

If you’ve never used AutoCAD before or are new to this program, there are plenty of useful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials available on the Web. But before we move to our compliance of the most helpful tutorials, let’s consider the key benefits of using it.

  • AutoCAD covers a wide range of programs, so you will always find the one that meets your requirements, including software focusing on mechanical, electrical and architecture drawing.
  • It makes automated and easy transition from 2D to 3D formats. For instance, if you need to generate paper print docs based on a 3D model, the system will do this automatically for you.
  • AutoCAD goes hand-in-hand with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). It automatically connects with CAM matching packages for developing machine tool program setups like grinding, drilling and milling.
  • Another great feature is virtualization, meaning that you’ll be able to view the drawing in a 3D simulation before bringing it to life.

These are only a few AutoCAD features worth your attention. Look through these helpful AutoCAD 2014 video tutorials and discover more about this outstanding platform.


AutoCAD 2014 New Features is an introductory course that reveals all new and advanced characteristics of the platform. It covers the all-new Autodesk 360 tools, improved command line, search functionality, and georeferencing options. The advanced security functions and better productivity are also being reviewed. Start from this informative introductory course to better understand what is AutoCAD 2014 and how it works.


AutoCAD 2014 Essentials: 01 Interface and Drawing Management by Jeff Bartels is a series of useful tutorials about the AutoCAD 2014 interface, reveling the way tools are organized, how to optimize large interface items (like pallets) on screen. Watch the full course and learn how to use AutoCAD’s comprehensive Help feature, manage files, use shortcuts to get quick access to your files, and more.

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Art is all around us – in the furniture we sit on, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the millions of websites dotting the digital landscape.

Every art form has its own benchmarks. Music as soul stirring as Ludwig Van Beethoven’s. Writing as inspiring and relatable as Hemingway’s. Art as avant-garde as Pablo Picasso’s.

So what are the benchmarks or guidelines that your website needs to abide by, in order to fulfill its ultimate purpose – conversions? Here are the top ones.

1. Clean, breathable, clutter free


I put this on the top of my list, as even today; with the umpteen well designed (and free) design templates available, so many websites still look like such eyesores. The primal need to showcase as much of your inventory right under the user’s nose is a strong one, I agree. But it is an urge that you need to control, or else.

Seriously, which one would you prefer to visit, this website:


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Classical conditioning is a style of learning that happens when a conditioned stimulus is paired with an unconditioned. Whereas Pavlov ascertained the link between his dog, its food and the ringing of a bell, new research and case studies have shown that graphic design can be used to improve people’s lives for the better. Design and branding services have started to implement graphic design methods to alter patterns of behavior amongst consumers, by determining the root of their existing behavior to encourage positive actions. By acknowledging that performance modification has a significant role to play in societal, educational, behavioral and consumer-based changes, graphic design can be further utilised to help alter behavioral patterns.

Trend-launch-brochure design

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One of the most innovative and genuinely useful platforms to appear in the last few years is IFTTT (If This Then That), a service that allows you to connect different online applications and automate tasks between them. This allows you to save time, increase productivity and turbo charge your social media strategy.

A lesser know, but equally useful platform, is Zapier – which ‘zaps’ tasks from one app to another, and actually offers over 3 times the channels than IFTTT, including many that can help you run your website.

How Does Zapier Work?

Very similar to IFTTT, Zapier describes its system through ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’, which are simply events, such as ‘new email received’ or ‘new tweet sent’. Whenever the trigger event occurs, it sends a ‘zap’ through Zapier, which completes the designated action for you.

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Earlier, photographers needed to buy different techniques to produce photos with certain effect. But the computer age changed the principle: launching of Photoshop became a true revolution in photography making. Now, if you have skills of using this program you’ll be able to transform your photos in any style you want (of course, it doesn’t deny your camera should take pictures of high quality).

So, in case you are not an absolute pro in Photoshop, I gathered 30 photo effect Photoshop tutorials. My aim was to share different stuff: vintage, watercolor, nature, sci-fi and many other effects. Enjoy.

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Photoshop Vintage Effect

Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials

* * *

Surreal Motionscape Effect With Photoshop CS6

Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials

* * *

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People of the 20th century had a lot of fantasies about how civilization of future would look like. You can watch old sci-fi movies to see all those crazy futuristic dresses, transportation, buildings, environment, devices and other. Previous generations definitely had a great fantasy. But I think in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s they couldn’t imagine that in 21st century people would have sympathy exactly for the style of previous decades, call it oldschool, vintage or retro, and consider it very cool and fashionable.

Well, this paradox doesn’t prevent us enjoy old-new elegance in all the artistic things. Today I want to share with you 8 vintage postcard tutorials – some of them are step-by-step text instruction, the others are video. People of 20th century knew well how to make postcards beautiful, so let’s take their experience to design better.

* * *

Design a Retro Postcard with 3D Text

Vintage Postcard Tutorials

* * *

Create a Vintage Linen Colortone Postcard in Photoshop CS4

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