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More and more developers move into designing websites for niche industries. Charity and non-profit organizations have not been left unmarked. Among thousands of premium quality themes provided by TemplateMonster’s team, you can find a rich selection of pre-made solutions for the purpose.

Designers who cater to the needs of such organizations realize the latter need a specific feature set. Based on this knowledge, charity website templates come loaded with features, like video support for sermons, widgets for donations, fundraising support, and more. Website templates for charity organizations, just like business or sales pages, should look sleek and appealing to invite the organization’s potential donors to join in.

To become more noticeable on the web, we offer to consider the following compilation of premium-quality website templates for charity organizations that come packed with rich set of features to make the difference, namely user-friendly interface, easy-to-follow layouts, highly customizable interfaces, clever usage of fonts, colors, visuals and other graphic elements. Just browse the collection and see it for yourself.


Power of Hope Community WordPress Theme


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Remember last week we announced a new series of free website themes from TemplateMonster? This Monday started with another stunning release by these guys – Free OpenCart Cosmetics Store Theme. Like many other free themes from the inventory, it boasts a fully responsive layout and comes loaded with a number of handy features to create an impressive online presence.

Developed by professional designers, this free OpenCart theme boasts functionality that can safely compete with its premium counterparts. Parallax effect, lazy load images and video backgrounds will add a contemporary and appealing look to your website.

I guess many of you would agree that when reaching an online store we are focused on the products rather than heavy design elements. Keeping this in mind, TemplateMonster’s team put sweat into showcasing goods in an appealing way. Thanks to rich animation, star rating feature, and calls to action that appear on hovering, the template looks interactive and functional at the same time. Owing to pleasant to the eye soft color scheme, the given template can become a solid starting point for beauty, fashion, wedding, gifts, hobbies & crafts, books stores, etc.

Featured products are organized in a way that catches the user eye right away. People will always have access to the main navigation menu as it stays fixed on top of the page when scrolling down the page. Back-to-top arrow is also here for the user convenience. Integrated Google map is placed right above the footer. So, users will be always able to check out your physical location on the go. Whether one is using a desktop or a handheld device – all content will be properly displayed and adjusted to any screen size since the template has been made fully responsive. Overall, boasting smart visual presentation, the theme doesn’t compromise on functionality. View live demo or download the freebie to see it in action.

View demo here | Download here


Have you ever wondered what helped successful web hosting companies reach the top of the “Best” list and hold their position there? Alongside with showcasing the products and services they offer, these ingenious people study how to integrate structure, web design elements and features in one “basket”. To a great extend, all this entail big part to their success.

Web designers offer you take advantage of smart content structure and appealing visual presentation with the help of ready-made website templates. Since you know what your target audience prefers, what kind of content you’ll share, what services you’ll provide, etc. now you can safely choose a hosting template that would perfectly suit your business. As a rule, premium themes come with demo versions attached. Thus you can always check what effect it will have on your viewers, whether they will focus on the content mainly or vibrant web design elements would distract their attention.

Below we offer a traditional compilation of 30 well-coded responsive website templates from TemplateMonster. These can be adjusted to fit multiple purposes. Select hosting website template based on the features and design elements you require.


Hosting Solutions WordPress Theme


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For every website owner evaluating the latest web design trends, it’s of high importance to keep their sites up-to-date. Do you run a personal blog, ecommerce project, corporate website, portfolio or news portal? No matter what field you are currently involved in, there are several good options to choose from. First, you can always order a custom-made design. This guarantees you’ll get a unique layout stuffed with every element you might need to look more appealing on the web. Next, you can opt for ready-made templates that come in freemium or paid options. Lastly, if you are tech-savvy, have enough coding and programming skills, you can try to create your own unique design for your site. In this post we’ll highlight some of the best pre-made templates for electronics websites. All themes come in premium version and can be downloaded from

Ready-made designs help you building or updating the existing website without spending thousands on development since these are easy to setup and manage. Downloading any template from this list, you’ll get a lot of useful features, like fully responsive layouts, cross-browser compatibility, unlimited color and font options, SEO optimization, and more. Additionally, TemplateMonster guarantees free support on all premium themes from the inventory. So, in case you have any questions on installation or theme management, the skilled reps are always ready to help.

Do you prefer WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart or any other platform for building your website with? Our today’s post contains 30 premium electronics website templates for any taste. Browse the collection, click the images to be taken to the source pages, check out technical details, view live demos, and download any template that meets your requirements.


Electronics Review Responsive Joomla Template


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In the life of any band, musician, solo artist there comes a point when you have dozens of different profiles in social media, on forums and other web platforms that you’ll need one place to store it all. Let it be one place where fans can check out schedule of the upcoming gigs, book tickets, listen to your music, read news about your band, and even chat with you directly. Don’t you think that making your own website would be a nice solution? World-known artists run their own online resources to get closer to fans. Hence we provide a compilation of freshly-designed best music website templates from TemplateMonster to start your own site at minimum effort.

When you look though this chart, you’ll see that we have handpicked designs on various topics and powered by different platforms. Depending on your field of work, you can choose music portal, music store, recording studio, MP3 store, DJ, singer, music blog pre-made template. You can launch the design as it is, with some minor adjustments or completely redesign the product to suit your niche. The good news is that TemplateMonster provides free support on all premium themes from their inventory. So, if you have any questions on installation or maintenance, you can always ask their customer service reps for help. Additionally, the templates come with detailed documentations with step-by-step instructions on various questions regarding theme customization. So, take your time, browse the collection or best music website template, and choose a design for your niche.


Music Website Template


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To many designers and web masters holiday season is the best time of redesign. Whether it’s Christmas celebration, St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Independence Day, updating a website with some cool designs is a great way to greet the audience. As a rule, on holidays we are busy with preparations and last-minute shopping, so ready-made holiday templates can help you congratulate your followers and let them enjoy the festivity the holiday brings. With this in mind, we have decided to share a compilation of newly released Template Monster templates for holiday websites.

Below you’ll find 20 holiday website layouts that will help you bring unique festive mood to your online project. Though most of the themes on the list are Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine or St. Patrick related, easy to edit source files allow adjusting every template to suit your business at its best.

How to get any of these holiday templates? All designs on the list were originally shared on TemplateMonster official web page. As of now, these guys offer you to choose from more than 140 pre-made holiday designs. Each of them comes loaded with multiple handy features and extended functionality, which allows managing templates the way you wish. Additionally, you’ll get a number of other benefits, like:

  • Seamless installation
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Extensive documentation
  • Multiple languages support
  • Valid code
  • Audio & video integration
  • Different gallery scripts to choose from
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Online store and blog support, etc.

To learn more about these templates, check them out in action and have a closer look at their technical filling, visit


Christmas Gifts Magento Theme


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Not a single week without a new compilation of stunning designs for your consideration. Last time we focused on 30 professionally built templates that can come in handy when designing an architecture-related web resource. This time let’s abstract from business templates and consider 30 awesome designs for sports projects. These stand out with their bright, energetic and captivating layouts. Just move further and see it for yourself.

In this collection you can find a template that can be adjusted to fit multiple purposes. Whether you need to build an official web page for football league club or a news portal – here you can find a design for any niche. The themes we showcase will delight you with the abundance of features for your website to look aesthetically pleasing and be functional at the same time. All content that you share will properly run on multiple handheld devices and adjust to any screen size. All of these are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. So, there is no need in checking out how your site runs on popular web browsers by yourself. TemplateMonster, the company launching these themes, has done the job for you.

What else will you get? All Sports website templates are built with valid HTML and CSS3 code, which providers for fast and easy web development. JS and Parallax animation are also here for better visualization. Unlimited color and font solutions, multiple theme options, customizable interface, and a bundle of other tasty bonuses have been added for seamless web development.

Browse, preview and download 30 responsive templates developed for sports websites. Enrich your collection with something new!


Cycling Responsive Website Template


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To engage more people in and be more noticeable on the web, construction websites need decent online presentation. This can be achieved with the help of professionally tailored website templates that come in either free or premium options. Freebies have always attracted the audience, and it’s clear why. When you can get a top-notch solution with functionality and features similar to the ones found in paid equivalents, it sounds like a very attractive offering. However, when choosing a premium design you will get a number of juicy bonuses together with a beautifully design template. Today, we’d like to focus your attention on 30 premium Joomla Architecture Templates developed by TemplateMonster.

What does it feel like being a happy owner of successful architecture website with wide client base? You can find it out by downloading any of the Architecture Joomla Templates listed below. All of these designs are the result of creative thinking, thorough coding and programming of TemplateMonster team of professionals. Do you prefer clean or unique design? Here you can find a vast array of solutions that are easy to use and customize.

By choosing any of these templates you will get tasty bonuses, like:

  • Free professional 24/7 support. If you have any questions on installation, theme management or any other kind of assistance, TemplateMonster reps are always ready to help either via chat or on the phone.
  • Every template is well-documented. Following these guides, even those of you that are not tech-savvy will be able to bring site live fast and easy by following step-by-step instructions.
  • Responsivity is the feature any modern website should boast. All themes on this list come with fully responsive layouts that will smoothly run on multiple devices.
  • Advanced navigation for better site usability. Joomla Architecture Templates come with responsive menus, multiple dropdown animations, and a number of other handy solutions.
  • Each theme comes loaded with additional extensions, like Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, an advanced Newsflash module, Google Map plugin, social sharing buttons and counters.

Premium web templates come with advanced theme options, unlimited font and color solutions, valid HTML5 and CSS3 code that provide for easier customization. Want to check out all of the aforementioned prerogatives? Then browse 30 Joomla Architecture Templates, view live demos and grab any the fit your niche.

Take your time and enjoy!


Modern Design Board Joomla Template


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A real estate website is more than just an ordinary page where people can learn about a company story, check out listings and look through recent projects. This is the face of your company, the representation of its professionalism and the quality of services it delivers. Modern buyers do a lot of research before venturing out to purchase a home, and visiting a real estate website is the first step in decision-making. So, the more powerful and attractive it looks, the more likely people will choose you for investing in real estate.

In the past, managing a site was a costly and complicated issue. However, the things are different now. For every realtor and real estate agency running a site is a must do. With so many ready-made designs developed specifically for real estate sites starting your own web resource has become much easier and more affordable. In our today’s compilation we’ll showcase designs for multiple purposes and of different styles. Do you need a ready-made solution for a real estate agency, land brokerage, mortgaging or home stating? Do you want it boast clean and minimalist design with main focus put on property on sale or you would better prefer making it content-rich, with breathtaking backgrounds, cool textures and a number of other awesome elements? No matter what goal you pursue and what style you’d like you site to be built with, below you will find a template to your liking beyond any doubts.

These real estate themes will make it a breeze to develop a stunning website without the need of hiring professionals. These come packed with all the necessary features, guides and instructions to help you attain the desired results. Google maps, various galleries, sliders, handy widgets and shortcodes, powerful search options, etc. – all these elements are here at your disposal. Each theme on the list is flexible and easy to customize, so you will find no difficulty with adjusting it in the most appropriate way.

Here comes the time of our collection of 30 best real estate website designs that you can pick by following the link or simply use as a source of inspiration. Take your time to browse through the entire showcase and if you have any thoughts on real estate templates, then feel free to join the conversation under the post. Remember that how you present your business on the web can significantly help in growing customer base, building trust and increasing sales.


Land Broker Flash CMS Template from TemplateMonster


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With the boost of Facebook and Instagram, photography has become one of the most popular forms of art. People capture everything they meet, do, and eat. We want to share our precious moments with the world and get feedback on our works. However, sometimes a common shot made with your smartphone and shared on Instagram is not enough. This is when the services of professional photographers come in handy.

Just like web designers, running a portfolio website is a must for any photographer who wants to reach wider audience, find new clients and simply sell talents. Here people can provide some biographical data about themselves, showcase works, and make it easier for users to get in touch with the artist in the most appropriate way. It’s no secret that internet has become the #1 spot for people to check out the necessary information, find new job, make purchases, and do plenty of other things. That’s why bringing your portfolio to the web you will never lose.

A couple of weeks ago we initiated a series of posts covering the most popular and useful themes for building a website with. We have already shared compilations of themes for business and fashion ecommerce sites. Now it’s high time to see what templates for photographer portfolio are trendy over there. All products on the chart come in premium versions, insuring that alongside with professionally tailored design you’ll also get 24/7 support.

Well, enough talking. Let’s get straight to the showcase. Found the theme to your liking. Then click the image to get redirected to the download page.


Photographer Portfolio Photo Gallery Template from TemplateMonster


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