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Would you like to find one of those great solutions that make projects noticeable among others? Since it is Monday, it’s time to treat you to one of such goodies that can come handy in your work. Free Joomla Law Template from TemplateMonster is our gift for you that will come handy for the variety of web presences that deal with law business.

This theme features a kind of design that adds a stylish look to your project and highlights the main business ideas. Its simplicity helps underline the solidity of your company and put accents on the most crucial points of your business. Premium quality and good functionality will ease the future work with it. Thought-out design is a must-have point for good interaction with your clients, and you get the very within this free theme. Try free template live demo to see this theme in live action.

Hey guys! Here is the goodie that looks really cool and is a perfect fit for your web presences that deal with agriculture business. The combination of this Free Joomla Agriculture Template by TemplateMonster effective design and your creative ideas will certainly bring the success to your project.

We are glad to present this nice free theme to all of you who have a great taste in stylish designs. Its bright color scheme along with the catchy elements create undoubtedly effective layout that can help you communicate your business ideas in the memorable way. The powerful Joomla features that are implemented in this freebie make it a functional solution for your web presences. If you have a lack of time, this theme will come handy, ‘cause its customization will not take you a lot of it. You are welcome to download it and start your own projects with its help.

Free Joomla Agriculture Template:

I hope that there are big fans of freebies among you, guys. Then you and all the rest are welcome to get this fresh goodie from professional TemplateMonster team – Free Joomla Design Studio Template. Mix up your creativity with this cool theme, and get a powerful start-up for your online business!

You don’t need to pay to get this goodie. It is completely free as all the rest from this weekly series. Within this theme you get attractive design, thought-out structure and powerful set of Joomla features. Its clean and conservative style fits a variety of online projects that deal with design business. Being professionally done, it allows you to customize it with ease in no time. Add the fresh new look to your online business with powerful Joomla solution!

Free Joomla Design Studio Template:

People like great designs, and we’re not an exception. We’re big fans of creative design solutions, and are always glad to share the ones with you, guys. Free Joomla Business Theme from TemplateMonster is this Monday goodie that we are very glad to offer you. Feel free to find the link for downloading it in this post, and we’re waiting for your big designs on the basis of this nice theme.

The stylish design is timeless, and you can notice its effective use in this very theme. Its brown color scheme really helps give the feeling of solidity. All the elements of this free theme counteract each other to create a great and functional design. Along with the high-grade execution, all the mentioned above aspects make this theme a perfect fit for your business project. You can make sure of it while checking out its free template live demo. Feel free to get this business theme with Joomla power and extensive customization!

Free Joomla Business Template:

Hey guys! We know how to make your day better, and the easiest solution is to give you a good spoon of inspiration with cool goodies. The following Free Joomla Interior Template from TemplateMonster is our little present for you to start a week in a great mood, draw your designer’s inspiration out of its stylish design and, perhaps, start a new project for your business.

This theme is a perfect fit for web presences that deal with home decor, interior designs, and other related projects. Its design concept concentrates on the elegance and offers you the visually effective way of presenting your content. This versatile and flexible design provides you with everything you need to start the functional and efficient project. The array of Joomla features that are integrated in it speak for its premium quality. You can check out its free template live demo just following the link. Add visual distinctiveness and Joomla power to your website!

Free Joomla Interior Template:

Free Joomla Travel Template

If you want value for money and a good design, be ready to get it in our weekly series of goodies. Easy-to-use themes from our collection are exactly what you are searching for to start your own online project. Free Joomla Travel Template – this is what we offer you for your inspiration and use.

You can easily get your Joomla site in minutes with this nice goodie. With the set of out of the box features, it will bring your site great functionality and so important use-friendliness. Its stylish look is one more argument to use it as the basis of your web presence, or for the renewal of the existing one. Go to the template download page at to leave the e-mail address that you want whole free template ZIP package to be delivered to. Feel free to find the PSD source files you need in the mentioned above archive.

Get a fast site with this easily customizable free Joomla template!

Free Joomla Travel Template:

What are you waiting from this Monday? We can give you even more than you expect – the whole bunch of Summer 2012 Top Downloaded Free Website Templates. It is a good compilation of goodies that were produced during the summer period, and now you can find all of them in one place.

Within this collection there are themes that are perfectly tailored for various online projects. Being created with your business needs in mind, they are professionally designed in order to bring your business the unique and effective look. The blending of the stunning design solution with the intuitive interface makes these templates a profound background for your web presence that will certainly become distinct among others. Their professional execution facilitates their quick customization according to your business needs. In the following list of free website templates you will also find Joomla theme with rich set of features and good functionality. Browse all of them and choose any you like for your creative projects!

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Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club from


Free Website Templates

Click the image to go to download page

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Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Restaurant Business from


Free Website Templates

Click the image to go to download page

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Free Joomla Fashion Template

Good design is a powerful tool for presenting your content in the memorable and effective way. This theme features fashion oriented design perfectly tailored for clothing, accessories, apparel sites offering a wide variety of fashion related items. So, welcome Free Joomla Fashion Template from TemplateMonsterfor your creative projects.

Its visually effective design will please your customers with the stylish look and nice presentation of the content. Elegant and subtle, it makes the viewers interested in your ideas and gives you an opportunity to transform them in your clients in the nearest future. Professionally done and intuitive to use, this theme turns out to be a user-friendly solution for your online project. You can easily customize it according to your business needs and get the effective web presence.

Free Joomla Fashion Template:

Free Joomla Business Template

Can you guess what present is waiting for you? It is Free Joomla Business Template from professional TemplateMonster designers. This goodie is special among the list of weekly HTML5 themes series that we have featured before. Its power is what you need to start your successful online projects.

As other themes of this kind, this Joomla 2.5.6 template features great functionality and the ease of use for the developers of the site and the future visitors. This very theme gladdens the eyes with the simplicity and the effectiveness of its layout. Its thought-out execution helps to customize it in no time and then catch attention of your customers with your top-notch site. Go to the template download page at to leave the e-mail address that you want whole free template ZIP package to be delivered to. Feel free to find the PSD source files you need in the mentioned above archive.

Free Joomla Business Template:

Nice to meet you, guys. This Monday brings you the freely available goodie for your creative designs that deal with marine sport. Here is the cool theme we are talking about – Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club. We are glad to announce its launch and hope that you’ll find it useful for your designs.

This theme brings a perfect blend of style and good functionality. Its versatile layout is ideal for focusing the visitors’ attention on the most crucial ideas of your business. jQuery slider in its header is one more exciting feature that has a great visual impact on the viewers. Along with the though-out content structure it makes this template pleasant to eyes and easy to use. Its professional execution allows you to customize it in no time, and you can try it just now. Before you start, here is free template live demo to check out all the strong points of this template.

Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club:

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