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The stylish layout is a matter of importance for design studio site. Such effective website can underline your creativity, and drive more clients to your company. Meet Free Website Template for Design Studio that is perfectly tailored for design studio, firm, workshop, company websites. Its contemporary design is good for showing your nice works.

Black design looks stylish with acute attention on details made in red. Nice graphiс elements, neat typography, the rounded content blocks – each element of the design speaks for sophisticated style and your good taste. This design in contrasting colors looks inviting for the visitors, inspires them to learn more about your business, and see the works from your portfolio. The theme goes with the option for social media sharing that makes the visitors one step closer to your profiles and design ideas. Try this theme, but before you start don’t forget to see its free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Design Studio:

It often happens that you have to stop and make a break. You need this time to take a deep breath, regain strength and go on working with renewed energy. The same goes about your online activity and the sites you have. From time to time you need to upgrade them, bring some changes into their design or renovations into structure.

It’s a common practice, but you have to think how to make these changes a part of your website life, not its end. How to announce your audience that you will be back soon? How to make it stay with you? Under construction page is the right decision in this case. Using it, you can inform your visitors about the changes your site is undergoing, and the time you need to complete them.

How should this page look like? Of course, it should convey the main design of your website. Clean look is one more important point – there is no need to scary the visitor with the mind-blowing designs of this page. You just need to inform, so do it in clean and understandable way. Choose the neat typography to make this information visible and readable.

Here I would like to share with you Free Under Construction Page Templates. The key point that I want to focus your attention on, is their completely free-of-charge basis. For example, I often see the compilations of such “freebies” that turn out to be not of this kind when I follow the links and try to download them. So, here they are. You’re welcome to get them for free, or use as the inspirational items for your own designs of under construction pages. In the latter case, I will gladly feature your nice works in the nearest posts, just leave the notification about them in the comments below.


Creative Under Construction Template



Website Under Construction Template


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Meet the fresh goodie from the team of skillful designers who know a thing about the new trends on the web. Free WordPress Business Theme is a ready-made design that you’re welcome to use for starting up your website.

A good theme is more that just an attractive design. Each element plays its role and complements to the whole idea of the theme. And what’s the goal of the business design? To communicate your ideas effectively. This one will do it in the best possible way. The contrasting color scheme is ok for creating a warm welcome to your visitors. It’s also great for setting the positive tone to the design. Wise arrangement of the content part with the features blocks, jQuery slider in the header and widgetized sidebar is a good idea for content heavy sites. Using this theme you may be sure that all your business ideas will have an impact on the customers.

free template live demo

Free WordPress Business Theme:

This stylish theme is quite appealing due to its contrasting look, caused by optimal color combination of blue elements and dark background. This trending design in two colors speaks to the point and is good for presenting your business in the right way. Let your company get more attention with a website based on Free Joomla Business Theme.

This modern looking design is perfect for those who want to start business online. It speaks for the reliability of your company, and makes your clients trust in it. Its wide content area is enough for presenting all the information to the customers in clean and clear way. The animated featured blocks are placed above it and offer to learn more about certain services. The widgetized sidebar also features the set of social icons that can be linked to certain profiles for further communication with the target audience on the web. The theme goes with the responsive layouts for more comfortable usability. It is compatible with 2.5.0-2.5.6, 2.5.7 Joomla versions.

Feel free to use this template for business-to-business companies that deal with management, marketing, etc.

Free Joomla Business Theme:

WordPress themes have become real “chart-toppers” recently. The audience wants them, and the developers are glad to reinvent the huge amount of existing ones. And we want to share with you a bunch of cool themes of this kind that are completely free. If you’ve decided to start a travel website, you’ve hit the right spot – this compilation of Free Travel WordPress Themes will assist you in choosing the best skin for it. All the templates listed here are freebies without the compromising on their quality and attractive layouts. Minimal, clean, grunge and others – these are the design styles you can choose from.

Within the themes you’ll find the following characteristics:

- 1-2-3 column layout
- widgetized areas
- large background images
- attractive styles
- flexible layouts
- ability of changing layout and style, etc.

All of them are professionally coded and it means that regardless of your professional skills, you’re able to turn these themes into efficient sites. By clicking the images, you’ll see the themes in live action. Following the links above – move to the page where you can download them.

Ready to see them? Just do it!

NB: Of course, you know where to find more pre-made designs made by professionals. WordPress themes of premium quality with the emphasis on the visual impact and user-friendliness. Thought-out navigation and good search filters will help your customers find everything they need at your site. Their good execution means easy customization. You only need to choose the theme that fits your business.

P.S. After your brand new theme is installed on your website, why not think about getting some WordPress hosting from Rackspace?


Adventure WordPress Theme


Free Travel WordPress Themes


Round the World WordPress Theme


Free Travel WordPress Themes


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Can you get high quality for free? Definitely “yes!”, if you choose the goodies from TemplateMonster. Free Joomla Car Template is one of them – the ready-made theme created by professionals with your business needs in mind. Being well-coded, it offers you the quick way of starting a website without extra skills.

The contrasting color scheme with blue accents creates the stylish tone and at the same time arouses the feeling of safety. It speaks for the solidity of your company and high quality of its products. Such design tells the visitors that they can trust in this business, and it is worth their attention. The theme is compatible with Joomla 2.5.8, features 2 column layout, and pleases the eyes with HTML Plus JS animation. To get a fresh site, you will need to bring minor changes into the template. Whether you are a business owner, a site developer, or a design studio – it will be quite easy.

Free Joomla Car Template:

How should good health blogs look like? Of course, it is a trustworthy design that draws the visitors in and gains their favor. If you are looking for the one to build a solid health blog, have a look at Free WordPress Medical Theme that is ideal for portraying quality and stability of your site.

Blue color scheme is widely used in healthcare projects, ‘cause it is associated with protection and stability. That is the reason for its usage in this theme. This clean and crisp design speaks for the solidity of your ideas, and increases the trust of the visitors. Place large images in the slider, arrange all the texts in the well-organized content area, add the most important of them to the featured blocks, play with the typography, and you get a ready-to-use website. After all these minor changes, nobody will guess that your site is not a custom made. If you want to preview this theme before you start working with it, check out its free template live demo.

Free WordPress Medical Theme:

How to create good publicity for your hotel? Set up a site, and say warm welcome to your clients. Today’s well-crafted freebie will help you present your hotel services, and make the future clients interested in them. Please welcome Free WordPress Theme for Hotel, and feel free to download it.

The warm color scheme of this theme looks inviting and makes the visual aspect of the design suitable for promoting hotels online. Large images in the embedded slider will show your clients the diversity of apartments, and the featured blocks below with focus their attention on the hot offers and the latest events. Besides the main menu, there are links in the footer that will help your visitors navigate around the site. If you have a Flickr account with the effective photos of the hotel, you can put a link to it in the footer of your site. The Booking page will help them to book the desired room that suit their taste and needs. Free template live demo will guide you through all theme, and you’ll see it in live action.

Free WordPress Theme for Hotel:

Spreading the word about your law firm, you work for its good name and, what is more important, prestige. Profound site is a powerful tool to spread a good rumor about the law practice and gain interest of the clients. Free WordPress Theme for Law Firm – this is what will help you set up a site and become noticeable in this sphere of business.

This well-crafted design features the corporate style. The large background image, correctly chosen typography, though-out arrangement of text blocks – all this will help you place the content you have, and make it comprehensive and interesting for the visitors. jQuery slider that is embeded in the header of this theme will display your featured information in the attractive way. Being well-coded, it will not take you extra skills to customize this free theme. Check out its free template live demo to see the way your site based on it will look like. Download this goodie, and stay apart from your competitors online.

Free WordPress Theme for Law Firm:

Are there cat persons among you, dear readers? Today we have a goodie for the cat fans – Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Site. A collection of Cherry WordPress Themes was recently launched at TemplateMonster, and here is an opportunity to try a theme of this kind.

This freebie goes with Bootstrap functionality and is based on Cherry framework – the creation from TemplateMonster’s developers that will make it really easy to install sample data. Within this theme (and all the rest of this kind) you get:

  • Easy installation.
  • Framework + Child Theme.
  • Lifetime support for the framework.
  • LESS+MCSS – CSS blocks have been divided into modules and layers, thus simplifying editing and overall structure.
  • Responsive layout + Bootstrap functionalities.

Besides, you get clean and effective design that is ideally tailored for the feline-oriented site. It can be a cat club or any other site of this kind. To get you own customized site you just place the content you need, insert photos into the gallery section, change typography if you want, play with colors. And, of course, it is the cat power that plays a key role in the success of your future project.

Try this Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Site:

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