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They are here! The compilation of fresh free website templates from spring 2013. If you’re looking for the red-hot items, browse collection of free themes created by skillful designers from TemplateMonster. They are completely free, and you’re welcome to use them in your designs, bringing your projects into life.

What can make you interested in these templates?

- You can start a project on their basis even having moderate design skills.
- It’s really easy to customize them, bringing any changes you want. The skillful designers have made them with all your needs in mind
- Themes are good for a variety of business projects including web design, law, food and drink, beauty, animals and pets, etc.
- All of them feature visual attractiveness (jQuery sliders, nicely decorated featured blocks, effective typography) that can draw the attention of potential visitors of the future site and thought-out navigation.

All these free themes are waiting for you. Check out this collection, and feel free to download each one you like.


Free Website Template from TemplateMonster


Free Joomla Business Theme from TemplateMonster

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We are back with a fresh goodie for you, guys. What’s that for today? Free Website Template from TemplateMonsterdone with your needs in mind by skillful designers. If you’re a professional, it will take you no time to redesign it into the needed project. If you begin working in this sphere, be sure, it will be quite easy to customize this theme. You just download this template, add few changes, and it will behave as you want. What projects is it good for? You can use it for animals & pets, animal shelter, pet adoption, pet club sites and a variety of others related to this theme.

This design catches attention with the contrasting layout where orange and green elements act as accents. It attracts views with large photos in the top slider and nice image blocks in the content part. All the information you have will be accurately placed within well-structured layout. The design creates a warm welcome to its visitors not only with its attractive look, but also with easy navigation facilitated with drop down menu and back-to-top button. Free template live demo will show you the look of your future site.

Theme is completely free, don’t hesitate to get it!

Free Website Template for Pet Site:

It’s time to show off a fresh goodie that will certainly come in handy for your design works. Hope, you’ll greet it with a smile on your face – Free Website Template for Law Firm from TemplateMonster. It can serve the needs of lawyer, attorney websites and any other that deal with the law sphere.

Try this expertly-crafted design to get the confidence-boosting tone of the site. It it good for gaining maximum potential of the law business. Well-structured layout and the set of subpages allows you to arrange all the information in easy-to-perceive manner. Large headlines focus attention on content blocks, revealing their main ideas. The top slider contains high resolution photos of company’s representatives, and its key business ideas. Easy on the eye, this design creates a feeling of strong and solid web presence. Free template live demo can show you how it will look like.

Free Website Template for Law Company:

Make people like what they see, and they will become interested in it. The visual appeal is of the key importance for restaurant sites that focus on inviting people to visit the real place. If you’re looking for a good attractive basis for a cafe and restaurant site, here is a nice freebie that will come in handy – Free Website Template from TemplateMonster.

Easy on the eye design in sappy colors creates a positive tone and attracts attention. Large jQuery slider images in the top show the delicious dishes from the menu and work up an appetite. The “best choice” section features the pleasant discounts and the hot offers. To place all the possible dishes the restaurant offers, use Menu page. Change the texts into the needed, change photos into the bright ones from the collection, add a bit of customization, and you’ll get an attractive website for a restaurant business. Free template live demo will show you how it will look like.

Free Website Template for Restaurant Site:

The beauty industry is one of the most powerful today. If you come in touch with it one or the other way, you’re a lucky person. Websites that deal with it should carry the elegant tone and stand apart the others. If such a site is a point of interest for you, consider this goodie for starting a beautiful web presence – Free Website Template for Spa Salon from TemplateMonster. Elegance and style are the key points in this theme designed specifically for all kinds on websites that deal with beauty industry.

This subtle design in delicate colors creates a pleasant look. The tine elements in light violet decorate the layout where the content part is placed against the full-sized background image. You can change it into any you like from your gallery, for example. Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contacts pages with a content wise structure will arrange all the information you have in the readable manner. The theme goes with a set of social icons that will facilitate your future communication with your clients. The overall design creates a warm welcome to the viewers, thus inviting them to visit your salon.

Here is free template live demo to get acquainted with the theme.

Free Website Template for Spa Salon:

Don’t hesitate to get it just now!

What mode do you prefer for viewing movies? We would dare to guess that full screen action accompanied by powerful sound effects is able to make the deepest impression and bring maximum pleasure. The same rule works well with websites when your aim is to present the artworks in the efficient manner and enhance user experience to the highest level.

It’s our strong belief that each and every photographer, designer, artist, videographer and photojournalist will agree that his/her artworks should be in the center of visitor’s attention. So, when people of these creative professions decide to launch a website, a full screen WordPress one can be the best choice.

Full screen WP websites are frequently used to showcase artistic works because of their powerful, browser- window- large background slideshows. What else can help the visitor make better assertion of author’s works than quality, high-resolution images? Such portfolio websites are often minimalistic, with hidden menus and complete absence of sidebars. The given structure is absolutely justified, as here, visual content is much more important than the rest of the design elements. Clean delicate navigation doesn’t distract the visitor. Huge, screen-wide photos touch users’ emotions and tune them to the needed mood. Some websites use incorporated audio players. As a rule, the relevant music intensifies the effect from viewing.

As a matter of fact, the quickest, easiest and cost-effective way to get your own web presentation is a pre-designed template. Below, we’ve collected 18 full screen WordPress themes. All of them are absolutely free to download. They don’t need any expert skills for customization and maintenance. We hope one of them will become a good start for gifted amateur or professional artist.

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Shuttershot Free Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

* * *

Widescreen Free Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

* * *

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The stylish layout is a matter of importance for design studio site. Such effective website can underline your creativity, and drive more clients to your company. Meet Free Website Template for Design Studio from TemplateMonster that is perfectly tailored for design studio, firm, workshop, company websites. Its contemporary design is good for showing your nice works.

Black design looks stylish with acute attention on details made in red. Nice graphiс elements, neat typography, the rounded content blocks – each element of the design speaks for sophisticated style and your good taste. This design in contrasting colors looks inviting for the visitors, inspires them to learn more about your business, and see the works from your portfolio. The theme goes with the option for social media sharing that makes the visitors one step closer to your profiles and design ideas. Try this theme, but before you start don’t forget to see its free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Design Studio:

It often happens that you have to stop and make a break. You need this time to take a deep breath, regain strength and go on working with renewed energy. The same goes about your online activity and the sites you have. From time to time you need to upgrade them, bring some changes into their design or renovations into structure.

It’s a common practice, but you have to think how to make these changes a part of your website life, not its end. How to announce your audience that you will be back soon? How to make it stay with you? Under construction page is the right decision in this case. Using it, you can inform your visitors about the changes your site is undergoing, and the time you need to complete them.

How should this page look like? Of course, it should convey the main design of your website. Clean look is one more important point – there is no need to scary the visitor with the mind-blowing designs of this page. You just need to inform, so do it in clean and understandable way. Choose the neat typography to make this information visible and readable.

Here I would like to share with you Free Under Construction Page Templates. The key point that I want to focus your attention on, is their completely free-of-charge basis. For example, I often see the compilations of such “freebies” that turn out to be not of this kind when I follow the links and try to download them. So, here they are. You’re welcome to get them for free, or use as the inspirational items for your own designs of under construction pages. In the latter case, I will gladly feature your nice works in the nearest posts, just leave the notification about them in the comments below.


Creative Under Construction Template



Website Under Construction Template


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Meet the fresh goodie from the team of skillful designers who know a thing about the new trends on the web. Free WordPress Business Theme from TemplateMonster is a ready-made design that you’re welcome to use for starting up your website.

A good theme is more that just an attractive design. Each element plays its role and complements to the whole idea of the theme. And what’s the goal of the business design? To communicate your ideas effectively. This one will do it in the best possible way. The contrasting color scheme is ok for creating a warm welcome to your visitors. It’s also great for setting the positive tone to the design. Wise arrangement of the content part with the features blocks, jQuery slider in the header and widgetized sidebar is a good idea for content heavy sites. Using this theme you may be sure that all your business ideas will have an impact on the customers.

free template live demo

Free WordPress Business Theme:

This stylish theme is quite appealing due to its contrasting look, caused by optimal color combination of blue elements and dark background. This trending design in two colors speaks to the point and is good for presenting your business in the right way. Let your company get more attention with a website based on Free Joomla Business Theme from TemplateMonster.

This modern looking design is perfect for those who want to start business online. It speaks for the reliability of your company, and makes your clients trust in it. Its wide content area is enough for presenting all the information to the customers in clean and clear way. The animated featured blocks are placed above it and offer to learn more about certain services. The widgetized sidebar also features the set of social icons that can be linked to certain profiles for further communication with the target audience on the web. The theme goes with the responsive layouts for more comfortable usability. It is compatible with 2.5.0-2.5.6, 2.5.7 Joomla versions.

Feel free to use this template for business-to-business companies that deal with management, marketing, etc.

Free Joomla Business Theme:

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